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Tirreno - Adriatico Discussion
Yes! Both Brändle and Gidich in the first group is great, only could've been better if they hadn't such poor TTs.
I feel like the next two stages it will be more difficult to stay with the top punchers as there is both times another hill shortly before the finish to make a difference but can't wait to read the next reports!
Viviani hold his lead in the KoM ranking but it looks like he'll need some more points to hold of the GC favorites in this ranking, hope he'll attack tomorrow!
Great to see Dennis in the lead now, makes me only regret my transfer decisions slightly. Grin

Congrats valverde on the stage win, always nice to see the fellow Asian teams doing well!
Zardini did fine there in the end. A bit of a loss is absolutely okay for an outsider.
First I was a bit more worried when he wasn`t part of that 37 rider group, which was clearly less than expected.
Being around the late top20 in the end, it`s good to see.

Van der Poel as usual in the late top30-50 spots, while Carboni surely isn`t going for any depth points here really.

Congrats Valv for that nice win. In the end this year I clearly made the mistake to go for Grand Duche with such route. But was worth a try clearly and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Thanks for the nice read. Looking forward on the next stages, hopefully with a bit more attacks by my riders.
What the fuck was my team doing this stage Sad
Rohan Dennis leading the GC and Bobridge on 2nd.. this could have been such a great race for us, if he hadn't refuse our offers...

Anyway, Bobridge still doing well. The profile was concerning and his position within the final kilometre didn't look too promising, but he came back with a nice acceleration. Missing the stage podium is kinda sad, but as mentioned before, I had expected much worse from this stage.. I wonder how long he can stay in the mix now. Usually, he always (even before his 2019 downfall) had at least one off-day.
Well that went exactly like planned! Boily as last man in the group jumps to 14th GC with all of Aidan, Ioannidis and Barta in the 3rd group. Obviously having one of them in group 2 would have been great.

Barta to 3rd U25 is perfect. I really hope to see him finish there overall, despite it being an overperformance.

Dennis you handsome son of a bitch!!! What a race for us so far I love that guy so much
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Well atleast there were gaps this time Pfft

Stage win is great. Gives me confidence that Kinoshita can be a real winner at this level, as he was 2nd the day before too. We will need gaps on the remaining 2 hill stages though, if Im going to get my Top 5 goal, but if Kinoshita keeps it up the points jersey would be a solid consolation.

I was definitely wrong about the lack of MO race tho, as Pluchkin and Kwiato both proved me wrong today.
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Kangert is doing excellent! Please keep this up Tanel Grin Also nice stage by Tratnik.
Promising with Kwiatkowski moving the right way considering the GC. 2nd place on the stage is very nice, as it gives hope he can be very competitive on the hills this season.

Curious to see how the final two hilly stages play out. On paper, this stage looked like the most difficult one pre-race, but then there's fatigue and recovery maybe playing a part for the final two hilly stages. At least I hope it does! Smile

Also thank you for another report, and also the consistent pace, Tamijo!
Bobridge Cool Y'all keep your fingers crossed for him to hold on to this GC position tomorrow! He deserves this so badly Wink

Former Oz rider and manager's favorite William Ford takes the stage and Bobridge gains valuable seconds on all other favorites, thus going past former Bennelong rider Rohan Dennis in the GC. It's been a long time since I said something like that in a race with Bobridge involved, but: quite a perfect stage (and race so far). Praying for a lame sixth stage now and not going to overhype Bobo.
Cool to see Bobridge finally doing well!

Kangert and Tratnik lost some time to the big guns this stage, but still as good a performance as I could have hoped for. Fingers crossed for the final hilly stage.
Great to see Lammertink trying to save face for the team here. Too bad he couldn't get the stage win, but winning the KoM jersey would be a great achievement.
KJH had a good chance to repair is awful start to this race by winning this stage but somehow he managed to loose to 4th but being much better puncher! (Without knowing the stats by the podium riders....)

We need overperformance not the other way around
Holy fuck, what a monumentally stupid decision to have Sütterlin attack out of that break instead of Declerq.

Jasha Sütterlin.
The weakest climber of our whole 22 man roster.
The weakest puncheur of our whole 22 man roster.

Tim Declerq.
A great allrounder.
Stronger uphill than THE ENTIRE TOP 3 OF THIS STAGE!
Skujins didnt look strong until the very end with bad positioning inside the peleton but still had a good final punch. in the end, good/solid result and finally bigger gaps too. The next stage will be the most crucial one though as it promises the largest gaps imo. Would like to get into the top 10 GC with Skujins but its still a long way to get there..
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Well done, Bobridge! Looks like the GC winner here if there's no meltdown on the penultimate stage.

For Kwiatkowski, that seemed to be some bad positioning going into the final climb. Kind of unfortunate, as 12 seconds better time would see him sit 4th in the GC. That GC is really, really close from 3rd and down to 13th. Fingers crossed Kwiatkowski have good legs on stage 6 and is able to take advantage of it. If so, this could be a great GC. If not, this can turn into a bad race. Exciting! Grin
Great stage from Boily and Aidan, but not good from Barta unfortunately!

We don’t get any sort of stagepoints so we need to get a GC similar to the current one or better...

It would be great to see Ioannidis or Barta join a break though.

Gotta hope for a quiet stage 6, but Dennis is doing his job brilliantly. I'm not getting my hopes up for a top 5 or so, but such a result would be massive. Fingers crossed!
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Okay stage from my team. It's nice to see Gidich active and following attacks but in the end a gap unfortunately opened just in front of him. Brändle also lost some time which was to be expected to be fair and Viviani lost the lead in the mountains classification and didn't try to defend it like I hoped but it seemed like he was used for the chase behind, so it's not totally unreasonable that he stayed with my two leaders that currently sit in the top 10 of the GC.
Well, this is pretty disappointing. EBH definitely underperforming here, perhaps the hills/mountains are just a bit too challenging for him.

Still in contention for, well, even the win, but it's not looking too well at this point.
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