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ICL20 - General | Season underway
We still might have teams bidding against each other, but I'd be fine if we resolve it more quickly, highest bid on the 2nd day wins and/or if only one team bids today on a rider he immediately signs.

Sorry for CCC with the Cav mess, somehow one of my bids wasn't registered.

Cio that post in the transfer thread is the funniest thing I've read in a while

Also I agree with Ripley that the last day or two could probably just be resolved more quickly since every team is kind of winding down with their bids and transfers now


cio93 wrote:
aminoxes wrote:

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Transfer update posted: https://pcmdaily....st_1381324

Next one will be the final one -> all riders with a bid will sign. Afterwards it is still possible to sign riders by FCFS if needed.
Couldn't we have had today's uncontested bids signed? I hope there isn't a nasty surprise tomorrow, I have a team presentation to write. Smile

There are only 5 riders with current bids on them, so I wouldn't be concerned by that. I'll check how many more riders are needed by each team but it shouldn't be much more than that.

Sevilla also appear to be on -10 budget, but that might be a mistake on my document.

EDIT: Riders still needing to be signed, by team
Alitalia - 0
Allianz - 1
Baku - 1
Bosch - 0
Brugse - 0
CCC - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Ceramica - 0
Credit Sui. - 0
Deutsche - 1
EF x Palace - 0
Equinor - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Filliers - 0
Gr. Argos - 0
Guinness - 0
ICBC - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Italo - 0
KBC Godiva - 0
Latvijas - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Liberty - 0
Magnum - 0
Millennium - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Pedal Afr. - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Polestar - 0
Santos - 0
Sevilla - 0 (have two more riders than required)
Shell - 0 (have one more rider than required)
Strava - 0
Suntory - 0
Team BP - 2
Team Cymru - 2
Tierra - 0
Trans - 0
Vegeta - 0 (have four more riders than required)
VIP - 0
VisitUkraine - 0 (have one more rider than required)
ÉC Peugeot - 0

All teams have signed enough U23 eligible riders.
Edited by OZrocker on 28-01-2021 05:16
Thanks, OZ! I've got 2 of the 5 running bids to complete my team, stay away from those riders, thank you! Smile

Ripley wrote:
Thanks, OZ! I've got 2 of the 5 running bids to complete my team, stay away from those riders, thank you! Smile

I think it should be pretty obvious who I bid on if you look at the 5, he's not likely to be picked by anyone else Wink
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Now that you say that I notice you need to change your signature. Smile

OZrocker wrote:

Sevilla also appear to be on -10 budget, but that might be a mistake on my document.

I was wondering which can be the reason, because it looks -10 to mee too
Shonak wrote:
Fabianski wrote:
Croatia14 wrote:
Shonak wrote:
Truly an exodus of scorers but look at that list of Pot7 talents. Once they mature, title winners for 5 straight years.

Unfortunately not with the current system, will be impossible to keep most of them.

Why this? Are renewal demands so high in ICL? At least that's something I've read several times now... So is it actually less expensive to sign new FAs every year than to renew your leaders?

As OZ explained, there are various factors behind bikex excel magic, but it adds a new dynamic. Renewals used to much less demanding for most riders and have recently been upgraded since the steal system has been dispatched. This way at least we can have a somewhat dynamic on the market.

I'm moving this to the general discussion. For a start, this was an unusual FA market after a lot of disbands including from some high profile teams. You shouldn't expect to see so many great FAs again. Bikex publishes a pre-renewals db so you'll see who's available.

As for Croatia, he might have taken it too far. His team is so full of amazing talents, they all develop tremendously every season and accordingly ask for higher wages. He can only push his budget so far with winning everything and cashing in on focus races, it just won't be enough to hold onto all of them. Which is fine by me. Smile

But also, as others have said, this season Bikex decided to increase the demands from riders which scored well. For the top stars this is only fair, they outscore the rest by a long way. I made a nice chart plotting AVG against points scored (on the last page of ICL 19 Previews&Stats).

Anyway, no, I don't think it is generally less expensive to sign new leaders rather than renew your own. The fewer teams disband, the fewer good riders make it to the FA market and trades will also be more expensive.

Vegeta - 0 (have four more riders than required)

I expected to be outbid lol. got oofed
Next update: https://pcmdaily....st_1381418

There will be another one tomorrow at 1pm until then you can still sign riders FCFS.
Good late move from Millenium - LATAM Airlines there, signing two of the last remaining riders we were interested in on the final day! Some of the others might still be picked up or assigned to Team Cymru or Allianz, but there are definitely a few who are very surprising to see unsigned.
U23 Selection

Download: https://www.media....xlsx/file

Please open the last db and sort the riders by their team, copy your entire team and paste it in cell A1 (the red one). Then open the table U23 selection. There you'll see all your riders listed, next to them there is a field either colored red, green or orange. If it's red the rider isn't eligible for your U23 team, if it's green or orange the rider is. The field will be orange if the rider has an average of over 71 or is already 23. These riders will also benefit from the U23 team but not as much as other riders.
Your U23 team needs 8-10 riders.

When done send me columns A-G of the U23 Selection table.

Download: https://www.media....xlsx/file

#1 Enter your team ID in C2 your remaining budget will show up in the Total cell
#2 Put in F2 the money you want to keep for scouting, for both scouting and research you'll get a 100 bonus for each. The 100 bonus for research is already included in the Total calculation.
#3 Put the money you want to use for training into the corresponding cell, the Other cell will calculate itself.


Additionally to the points a rider will naturaly gain you can add some through research. You can research on nine different training options. The result of research will be "packages" of stat gains. Researching for a specific rider type can bring you gains in all the stats that aren't 0 in the specific package type. One package will be used for only one rider. You can research a maximum of four packages of every type.
The numbers in cells C-O are the likeliness that you will get points for that specific stat.
To research on a rider type simply put the money you want to use next to it (columns P-S). You can spend money on as many rider types you like to. If you want to have several packages for one type of rider, so that you can spend it on several riders, also put numbers in the lines below "2,3,4".
The more you spend for one package the higher is the chance to get a lot of points. There is no minimum to be spent, but below 20 it can happen that there are no points at all awarded.
One gained point doesn't equal one stat point. The higher the stat, the more points have to be paid for the stat.
Rules for assigning statpacks:
There are limits in all the main stats, which currently may not be passed by a rider. The limits are 82(MO, SP, TT, CB) and 81(HI). For riders with an AVG 78,0 or more, a statpack that costed more than 100 can only be spent, if it fits the rider stats distribution. Meaning a climber package on a climber and so on and on an AVG 78+ climber can e.g. only a sprinter package which was max 100 paid for. The same counts for riders 76,0 or better with stat packs that costed more than 250.
However, I still reserve myself the right to intervene if a rider will become to strong to my liking.
A max of 3 packages can be used on one rider.

In other you have the option to use the research money in 6 different fields:
Will increase the potential of a rider according to the potential package you bought.
Can be used to lower wages during renewals. Makes it a good way to pass money into the next season.
Fitness Trainer
Makes it possible to increase a riders race days. These can not be combined, so only one Fitness Trainer per rider.
Potion of Youth
Increases the Age of Decline of a rider. If you want to increase the AoD by several years, you have to buy all the years in between.
Recalc can be useful if a rider obviously doesn't progress anymore and it might seem like a low reached avg for his potential. Using this the hidden maximum for the rider will be randomly recalculated. This could end up as a waste of money.

To buy one of these researches for one rider put a 1 into cell next to it. You can buy each package an unlimited amount of times, for that just put a higher number than 1 there.

AoD 31+
For sub-top riders you can from this year on buy AoD packages cheaper. This is only possible if the rider is already 31 or older (not developing anymore). If you want such a AoD package go to the "AoD 31+" table. Enter the AVG of the rider as well as the year you want to buy for him (1-4 with 1 being the first added year to the Age of Decline).

Once you are done go to "PM" and copy the grey area in a table and send it to me.
If you want to buy an AoD package from the AoD 31+ table, also send me the table from that tab in the PM.
A 78,5 avg rider count 78 or 79 at AoD 31+?
jaxika wrote:
A 78,5 avg rider count 78 or 79 at AoD 31+?

Race Selection Files:

Please download the Race selection file for the division your team is in and follow the following steps. Managers with also a development team will also have to download one for the U23 team. The calendar file is included in the selection files.

How does the file work?
#1 Put your team ID in L1. You find your team ID in table teams.
#2 Select the races you want to take part in by putting an "X" in column F next to the race.
#3 It is possible to finish with up to 5 more or less race days used than the required amount.
#4 Copy columns H, where it also says PM and send them to me in a PM.

WT Race Planner: https://www.dropb....xlsx?dl=0

WT teams have 225 race days of which they already spend 180 on WT races. The rest will be in CT. The teams have the option to ride up to 15 CT.2 racedays. Restrictions for riders riding in CT races can be read here: https://pcmdaily.c...st_1188170 at point #3.

CT Race Planner: https://www.dropb....xlsx?dl=0

CT teams have 175 race days which will majorly be used on CT.1 and CT.2 races. They are also allowed to apply for wildcards for WT races. But the WT races they apply for aren't allowed to have more than 50 racedays combined.

U23 Race Planner: https://www.dropb....xlsx?dl=0

U23 teams have 90 race days. They don't have to ride all U23 races. But at least 40 of their race days has to be filled up with U23 races. The rest of the races will be spent in CT. Mostly in CT.2 though, as they are not allowed to ride more than 20 CT.1 race days. They are also not allowed to take part in two clashing races. CT.2 races are already put on the calendar the way they don't clash with U23 races, but when assigning CT.1 races, you have to take care.

To those who missed it the race profiles can be found here: https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=49157

The World Cup information can be found here:

Palm ClassicSprint
Clasica di Tirreno - AdriaticoSprint
Milano - SanremoSprint
Vattenfall CyclassicsSprint
Paris - ToursSprint
Omloop Het NieuwsbladCobbles
Ronde van VlaanderenCobbles
Paris - RoubaixCobbles
Richmond CriteriumCobbles
Strade BiancheHills
Roma MaximaHills
Amstel Gold RaceHills
Liège - Bastogne - LiègeHills
Clasica Ciclista San SebastianHills
Bucaramanga ClassicHills
Il LombardiaHills
Trofeo CampaniaTimeTrial
GP LuxembourgTimeTrial
Chrono des NationsTimeTrial

Individual Rankings
There will be minor rankings for every terrain type. All combined will be the World Cup.
The top 20 will get these number of points:

Team World Cup

For the team rankings the top 10 teams will get points. For that the finishing positions of their top 3 riders counts, the lower the better, if two teams have the same number, the best finishing rider counts for the tie break. The best team will get 10 points until the 10th will get 1.

Budget Bonus


Important notice for everyone: Usually I want you to send me PMs in table format. This time please don't do that. Just copy the PM column and paste it without any formation into the Message Box. If you put it in table brackets the 0s will be removed meaning I won't get your race selections correctly.

Send to Croatia14
Thanks @Ripley for including the World Cup information in this post. In the past the World Cup was often unfortunately not really of interest for many managers. In case you have a strong classics rider you can profit very well by sending him to World Cup races also CT teams, so please consider. Smile
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