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Tour of Qatar - Discussion
Regarding bets. Feel free to PM me the names and odds you would go for, then I can try.

Regarding the stage. I don`t even am mad about being zabeled as I kind of expected this 1-2 pics before and was surprised he even celebrated then.

2nd is still fantastic and gives him a good chance on a decent GC performance. Might not be 2nd as last year but hopefully can fight to stay in the top5 or at least top10. The higher the better, so he hopefully is having a good form tomorrow.

1-3-5 were good
2-4 werent....so better 6 is going different now.

Having lost is absolutely fine as this move was impressive on those few meters. Kennaugh`s speed from another planet I`d say.
Kragh did good again to be in that front group, but all in all good for us that the gap was cancelled out. Now fingers crossed for some good legs in the epilogue!

Great report again, Fabianski!
Podium is decent but it would have been lovely with a win here.
Lets see what we can do in the ITT.

Another brilliant report!
Grosu a bit boxed there, no help whatsoever from the team this race. But it's good to still be on the podium and in a relative shot of the GC win, which will not happen as looking at last year's result even the podium spot isn't safe in front of someone like Kemboi.
Although we formed a Train today, I was not very satisfied. Silvestre should not have been the first rider on that train, because with 78fl he must have melted all the energy of KUpfernagel who later was unable to launch Swift.
This meant that Swift had to start his sprint too early and then lost several places. For this race it is indifferent because we cannot score but in PCT races it can make all the difference. The only positive aspect is the fact that the PCM can handle 3 80SP + sprinters to form a train.
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Kennaugh is difficult not to like. He’s often average - and then suddenly ends up winning stages he shouldn’t have s chance of winning.

And this time, he did it in quite a nice way too. Very enjoyable.
Well well well. Best positions Holloway has had into the final kilometre, and another Top 4 place - ahead of all closest rivals. And getting the race lead, for a day at least!

It could go any way between the Top 3 and Kemboi. Will be a tense one!
Great to see Kasperkiewicz show himself for the first time in my jersey with his attack! Now I'm anxiously awaiting the epilogue which is the stage we came here for!

Evonik very lucky here with the gap not being given.
Another chaotic stage. I feel like you have done a good job structuring the report as i felt like i knew what happened throughout the race despite a lot of action.

Tactical masterpiece by Evonik.
1. Dzamastagic apparently pulling so strong to force some sort of gap - sits up instead of following through with a gap.
2. Stoltz being too far behind and is lucky that no gaps are given
3. Dzamastagic starting the sprint as soon as the finish line is in sight is terrible when the finish straight has been expanded and especially terrible when a save top 5 is so much more worth than the upside of a possible win.

Without those bonus seconds, this race is a desaster for MVS and basically wasted RDs since he will now drop way too far down in GC. should have listened to my instinct and search for other races for him ^^
Now its up to Chavanne and Stoltz to save the race.

Is there anything in the stage files that we can change to stop those countless instances if not giving gaps that we see every year in Qatar for next season? Also i feel like the chance for echelons seems way too low when looking at the last seasons.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

knockout wrote:
Is there anything in the stage files that we can change to stop those countless instances if not giving gaps that we see every year in Qatar for next season? Also i feel like the chance for echelons seems way too low when looking at the last seasons.

Yeah the required time for a gap to be given can be set when creating the stage. In flat stages it's default at 20s (at least in older PCMs).
Wow, the consistency from Holloway is one of a kind here. Wide open for the epilogue too regarding the GC, I think. Feels like Kemboi should be too far off to challenge for the GC win. If so, it's anyone's in the top 3 to take. With his FL and RES, which at least I think is important for prologues, Holloway could well be the favourite. That would be quite an overall winner if it happens. I mean, a 79 SP for the GC in Qatar!
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knockout wrote:
Also i feel like the chance for echelons seems way too low when looking at the last seasons.

I agree that some more wind might make the stages more interesting, especially for teams that are as strong on the flat as yours. The maximum amount of wind I saw on these stages was around 20km/h, which is by far not enough for echelons - and way less than the 40km/h or so we had last year. But I guess that's a decision by the stage makers to really favor the sprinters. Last year, we had time gaps on one stage - and several people were unhappy about that - no way to make everyone happy Wink

By the way, last year Kemboi won 9" on Groenewegen, 11" on Bewley, 13" on Howard and 16" on Grosu in the epilogue that was 500m shorter. Coquard was 5" faster than the Kenyan. Iirc, these were the fastest sprinters in the closing ITT. What to expect for tomorrow?
Well let's see if this 4.8km epilogue can give us some points from this races. Btw I don't really enjoy this safe space kind of pcm; for next season please bring back the crashes, time differences, narrow roads and echelons! #mangamemadness2021
GC bet post stage 5

Too bad Coquard couldn't just get two decent results from 5 tries. That would have given him a fair shot at podium. Unfortunately now we have to be lucky to get 5th...

The only "good" thing is that Vlatos is still in contention of a top 15, while I can hope for a good day from Farantakis, Ioannidis and Zoidl to get a few extra points aswell... If Vlatos performs very well, Coquard doesn't dissapoint and one of those 3 get a good result then we could get a few points from Team GC aswell, but I wouldn't count on that tbh, as most teams come with 3 riders equal or better in PRL than my 3 best.

Remember writing in the Skype group some weeks ago that Kemboi looked good for winning Tour of Qatar in some years, but hadn't thought he would be the bookies favourite going into the last stage this year already! Will be interesting to see how the added length impacts the results. Looking at the result from previous years, it should be a close one!
Howard consistent as consistent can be. Won't be enough for a pleasant GC result though, so it kinda hurts that he sprinted to 6-7 all the time instead of failing in two stages and getting one podium on the other hand Wink
Just noticed the results don't fully fit into the report thread. Will put them in a separate post, but waiting for the moment for avoiding spoilers Wink
Top notch reports throughout the entire race!

Disappointed to see four riders in 1 second and Grosu getting the worst of it. First goal of the season failed.
This was an excellent TT report. Not only the GC fight but already way before with the early starters and stage fighters.

Obviously missing 2nd by 1s is not really nice but being 4th in such field is still brilliant. Groenewegen delivered again and also was close to a stage win

Congrats SN. Brilliant win.
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