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[PCT] Minions '20

The transfer season is now over, finito, done, dusted, in the history books. In the final day we managed to seal one more deal which saw one rider join the team and one rider leave. A full squad presentation will be given at a later date, but for now we'll introduce our 22nd and final rider.

Dusan Kalaba


A 24-year old sprinter from Serbia, Dusan Kalaba comes from ProTour team Isostar - Specialized and will earn 145.000 bananas. He will be our secondary sprinter beside Vesely but there are plenty of racedays for the two to be separated. A special mention for his prologue ability which is quite good, and he might be useful in a TTT as well.


A rider had to go in the opposite direction to make this move work. It is Jay Major who will ride for Isostar in the ProTour next season, and 550.000 bananas flew to Slovenia as well. As Jay is the first rider to complete the Minion academy from start to finish, it leaves us with tears in our eyes to see him go, but we wish him all the best at his new employer and in the remainder of his long career!

Manager of Minions

22 Minions are ready to tackle the 2020 season and win every race! Well, we might leave a few wins for other teams, but know you only won because we let you win. Who are these superstars? Please welcome them to the stage:

Rigoberto Uran


Still our undisputed leader despite his legs starting to go off, Rigoberto will still be a force to be reckoned with in the mountains. The competition in the division is strong but with some smart planning we try to squeeze every point out of him one more time.

Daniel Vesely


A new face, Daniel is our answer to our sprinting problems from the past few seasons. Vantomme and Drapac are gone, but we get someone in return who has shown to sprint at higher levels and is still relatively young, meaning we have someone we can build on for the next season.

Dimitri Claeys


Dimitri started off last season with two wins but then dropped off a bit. If he can perform the entire season like he did in the beginning, he'll bring in a lot of points. Time trials are his kryptonite, but our planner took this into account this season.

Ruben Zepuntke


Our cobbles leader returns for the third season. Ruben will ride as many cobblestone races as possible, excluding clashes, but this type of profile is getting rarer. He has to take the chances he has.

Dusan Kalaba


In exchange for Major, Dusan will co-lead the sprints with Vesely. He will mostly be used in stage races with a decent amount of flat stages, and in prologues. He is also eligible for the young rider classification, hopefully bringing some extra points.

Chad Haga


One of the three riders to have been with us since the beginning, Chad is someone on who we can count in the mountains, hills and time trials. His main battleground will be stage races which contain all three, and might be a GC underdog in some of them.

Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg


Despite interest from an African continental team, Reinhardt sticks with us for another season. As the deal with Coppel fell through, he is our best time trialist and we expect a lot from him. He is also the head of our improved team time trial squad.

Borislav Ivanov


Uran's main helper in the mountains, Borislav is also ready to get his head in the King of the Mountains fights. He will also be used in the hills as domestique due to a shortage of specialists there.

Bjorn Selander


Bjorn has been under contract for seven years now and raced for us in six of those. He is Claeys' main helper in the hills but also has a few opportunities for his own chances. We look forward to some nice attacks from him.

Bert-Jan Lindeman


The secondary cobblestone leader is Bert-Jan, who will help Zepuntke in his endeavors but also receives leadership in a select few C2 races. He is also part of the sprint train wherever applicable, a busy schedule for the Dutchman this year.

Chris Barton


Chris is one of those riders who has no problem helping the leaders, we will utilize his services in mountain races and (team) time trials. It is also his jubilee as this is his fifth season.

Leandro Marcos


Also entering his fifth season, Leandro is a valued member of the cobblestone squad, a valued domestique for hilly races and all around a nice fella.

Alvaro Hodeg


A talented youngster judging his Avenir stage win last season, Alvaro moves up to the final locomotive for either Vesely or Kalaba. Next season, he should be ready to take his own chances and become the second rider after Major to complete the full Minion academy.

Yasmani Martinez


Yasmani is no longer the team leader he once was, but we are glad he accepted a role as road captain. Still able to shine in his Cuban jersey, we will see him everywhere the road goes up or the clock is ticking.

Niels Albert


Also accepting the road captain position is Niels, but he will do so in the flat and cobblestone races. Last year he was able to pull off some surprising results, and nothing suggests he cannot do so this year as well.

Szymon Rekita


From Netia to us, the position of Szymon does not change. He is expected to reach his full potential in two years, but until then he is a valuable asset for team time trials and time trials in general.

Andzs Flaksis


Andzs likes cobblestones but not much else. That's fine, there are plenty of races where he is in his element.

Vojtech Hacecky


Vojtech didn't want to go to Africa so he is here. Time trials is his specialty, as many riders in this team he will try to ride as many of them as possible.

Laureano Rosas


Argentinian time trial champion Laureano is another time trialist on our payroll. He will also be used to carry bottles in other races to give him the race days we pay him for, and a breakaway here and there is always nice.

Tareq Esmaeli


What would this team be without the banana loving Qatari, the only rider to continuously ride in our colors since our first season in 2014. Tareq has realised that he is dead weight in important races, and has requested to only be selected in C2 races, his home race in Qatar and where race clashes force us.

Clement Champoussin


Clement is legally not ours but eBuddy's, but he is here as a guest. We will give him the true Minion experience which will advance him in his career, which will no doubt lead to great things.

Mikkel Bjerg


This talent is ours. Mikkel is a future time trial star but at this point in his career his is too inexperienced to find his way to the top of the timing sheets. We will send him to as much races as possible to let him gain experience, give him a few years and everyone will know his name!

* = not guaranteed to be actual stats

Manager of Minions

Our jersey has been the same for the past three seasons, hence we thought it was time for a little update. We listened to concerns from the riders and listened to color experts (what a shitty expertise to have). We have updated our main jersey but also gone for a new NC style.


In terms of style, the new jersey is almost identical to the previous one with the Minions only given an overall. Notice how the colors are slightly changed with the main color changing from "banana yellow" (#ffbc4f) to "Minion yellow" (#ffd55e). Yes, Minion yellow is an actual color in the Pantone catalog. As for the overall, to further add to our Pantone sponsorship, the color is changed from denim (#1e6a9f) to Pantone's Color of the Year 2020 (seriously): Classic Blue (#34558b).

One of the concerns from the riders is the fact most of their stomach was exposed in the previous jersey, this has been fixed by raising the front and back part of the overall to arm pit height. We also slightly changed the suspenders such that they fit over the shoulders better. Finally, we removed the logo of an old employer which has been lingering around for ages.





Czech Republic



South Africa

The jerseys for the national champions have received a major update. Previously, we had to apply bodypaint in the colors of their national flag while still maintaining the blue overalls. This was not only time consuming as it had to be reapplied each day, but in rainy days the paint would wash away and all that would be left was pale white. Something had to be done.

For this year we decided to paint the overalls in the colors of the national flags while maintaining the natural yellow color of the Minions. The exact flag is printed on the stomach and back of the riders, with the rest of the overall colored to match the flag. With seven riders receiving such a special jersey, we will be one of the most colorful teams in the peloton!

Manager of Minions
Interested to see how you do this season.

I think Vesely and Kalaba are a big improvement over Vantomme and Drapac, while the rest of the squad is as solid as ever Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogańćar

With the season close to starting, we thought it would be smart to reveal our calendar for the upcoming season so you can mark the races in the calendar. For our opponents, it is also clear which races cannot be won.

Down Under ClassicHC10
Tour Down UnderC114-19
Tour of East JavaPTHC28-29
Omloop Het NieuwsbladHC4
GP HerningC29
Tour of SouthlandC124-28
Barbados Cycling FestivalHC1-4
Roma MaximaC13
Vuelta al Pais VascoHC7-12
Circulo de JuarezC19-13
Vuelta a ColombiaPTHC14-19
Le SamynC118
Strade BiancheHC21
E3 PrijsPTHC28
Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneHC30
Tour of CaliforniaHC1-7
Baltic Chain TourC14-8
Corsica InternationalHC14-16
Tour of CyprusHC21-24
Tour of UkraineHC27-29
Veenendaal - VeenendaalHC28
Cheshire Cycling TourPTHC1-5
Windhoek ITTC14-5
Chrono d'ArenbergPTHC9-10
Malopolski WyscigC115
Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHC17-23
Olympia's TourC123-28
Hanko ClassicC12
Grands Prix CyclistesHC5-6
Riga - Jurmala GPPTHC8
Tour of South AfricaC118-23
Monterrey TTTC126
Tour of the Middle EastHC5-8
Celtic ChronoC110-11
Tour of SloveniePTHC26-30
Benelux ChallengeC11-6
Macskako KerekparversenyC14
Clasica San SebastianPTHC7
Tour d'AndorraC19-13
SAA Tour d'AfriquePTHC14-17
Arab TourHC17-21
Ronde van het IJsselmeerC121
Balkans InternationalPTHC4-11
Lillestrom GPC223
Rheden GPPTHC25
Tour of LithuaniaHC26-29
GP KigaliC21
Japan CupPTHC3
Bayern RundfahrtC112-15
Giro dell'EmeliaHC18


We also had to select five goals in which we can get bonuses from the MGUCI. These are the races where we will pull every trick in the book to succeed, including but not limited to throwing bananas on the road to make rivals crash, bribing the commentator to declare us winners, sending a squad of 22 riders to these races and of course hiding some rockets in our bikes.

Vuelta a Colombia - Win


Uran's home race, so he will have a home bonus regardless of our antics. The only goal race not containing a time trial, and also the only one at PTHC level. Achieving this will be difficult but with a little belief and very "ethical" tactics we will complete this one.

Tour of California - Top 5


A race we never participated in, mostly because our former sponsors convinced the US President to ban us from entering the country. With that ban being lifted in exchange for supporting his re-election campaign, we expect some help from him to achieve this goal. Not that Uran needs it.

Corsica International - Top 5


Last year's winner is Uran. This year's winner will be Uran. What we tweeted was a factual description of events. No need to speculate on this.

Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - Top 5


Another mountainous HC race with a time trial where we have to achieve a top five. Uran finished runner-up here last season, so all we have to do is put something in Pluchkin's drink and we are in prime position to win.

PCT Team Standings - Top 5

In all of our six seasons we went for a top ten goal. The last three years this didn't quite work out, so we have to try something different. Top five also equates automatic promotion to the ProTour which has been the end goal all along.

Manager of Minions
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Down Under Classic


Race details:Squad:
Country: Daniel Vesely
Australia Niels Albert
Division: Mikkel Bjerg
HC Clement Champoussin
Terrain: Alvaro Hodeg
Flat Bert-Jan Lindeman
Date: Szymon Rekita
January 10 Laureano Rosas

Tour Down Under


Race details:Squad:
Country: Dimitri Claeys
Australia Daniel Vesely
Division: Mikkel Bjerg
C1 Clement Champoussin
Terrain: Bert-Jan Lindeman
Hill/Flat Laureano Rosas
Date: Bjorn Selander
January 14-19 Ruben Zepuntke

Tour of East Java


Race details:Squad:
Country: Rigoberto Uran
Indonesia Daniel Vesely
Division: Mikkel Bjerg
PTHC Clement Champoussin
Terrain: Alvaro Hodeg
Mountain/Flat Borislav Ivanov
Date: Yasmani Martinez
January 28-29 Szymon Rekita

Manager of Minions

Down Under Classic


Race details:Result:
Country: Daniel Vesely (6th)
Australia Bert-Jan Lindeman (12th)
Division: Alvaro Hodeg (16th)
HC Niels Albert (104th)
Terrain: Szymon Rekita (126th)
Flat Laureano Rosas (141th)
Date: Clement Champoussin (145th)
January 10 Mikkel Bjerg (151th)

P6 for Vesely

Rating: BananaBananaBananaBanana
Great start of the season, with Vesely we finally have a sprinter who sprints!

Tour Down Under


Race details:Results: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Country: Dimitri Claeys (12th)
Australia Bjorn Selander (20th)
Division: Daniel Vesely (44th)
C1 Bert-Jan Lindeman (87th)
Terrain: Ruben Zepuntke (88th)
Hill/Flat Laureano Rosas (118th)
Date: Mikkel Bjerg (121st)
January 14-19 Clement Champoussin (134th)

Claeys finishing with the favorites on Willunga Hill

Rating: BananaBanana
While Claeys and Selander did well enough for two GC top twenties, Vesely quickly learned the Minion-way of sprinting: not sprinting

Tour of East Java


Race details:Results: 1 2
Country: Rigoberto Uran (38th)
Indonesia Borislav Ivanov (81st)
Division: Yasmani Martinez (88th)
PTHC Daniel Vesely (99th)
Terrain: Clement Champoussin (140th)
Mountain/Flat Mikkel Bjerg (171st)
Date: Szymon Rekita (175th)
January 28-29 Alvaro Hodeg (188th)

Vesely finishing just outside the points on the opening stage

Rating: Banana
Uran thinks this is a training ride and stops for a banana, and as Vesely couldn't impress on stage one, this whole trip turned out to be a disappointment.

Manager of Minions
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