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[PCT] Podium Ambition
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Posted on 26-01-2022 10:42
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The Great Big "Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Mans Chest" Post

Yep, we're sticking with ridiculous title concept! Another day of transfers in the bag, and we seal up the first of the battle FA's. Significantly more expensive that we hoped for, however as a future investment we are happy. And yes it's fairly clear we're not looking at PCT survival, this is a full on re-build that will probably end in relegation.

Anyway, onto the next batch of new faces!

Joshua Gayral 24 71HL 70CBTTSP 65k JG

JG signed up to become Bridges 2.0. Had to work to confirm his signature but the all-round coverage can be very useful. A long career ahead on the team for sure.

Akil Campbell 25 73TT 70CB 50k Ak

Ak is the next signing, nice and straight forward this time. A tough rider with multiple strengths and options, will be making use of the Fabian training scheme. Nice niche going forwards on the classics and TT units.

Critian Perez 22 71TT 71PL 100k Perez

El Cubano! Boy this was fight to sign, but we were ultimately successful. A future 78TT, with 75FL makes him a good TT option and lead-out train man, but also with 76FTR as an attacking option. Perez has some potential for training into a fun and hard riding racer.

Jacob Morales Ortega 22 68HL 67MO 55k JMO

A climber? I said this was a full rebuild! Jacob breaks our mantra of "No climbing" from the past two years. He's got the potential to become an aggressive little pocket climber with 76MO 76HL 75AC and 76FTR.

We welcome yet more new faces to the squad. Already we're close to fielding our own Avenir team for the first time in 3+ years. There are still more signings to come in the coming days, and there's a real buzz around the HQ as everyone celebrates the new found focus and enjoyment in the MG.


The Great Big "Pirates of the Caribbean, At Worlds End" Post

Onto update #3, and like the film series this one is a little underwhelming but certainly answers some lingering questions.

Firstly we say aurevoir to Ramon Domene, yes we know he's Spanish and not French, who joins up with CC Crabbe-Chevigny on a one-year Loan deal. It's cheaper than sacking him.

On with the one new confirmed signing of the day;

Alexandre Mayer 23 74HL 71SP 100k Mayer

Alex Mayer was another fight to sign! But with a solid HL stat backed up with SP & TT skills we really wanted the Mauritian. We're thinking of a focus on the hill skills as he develops as a strong pairing with other new signing Lagane and existing rider Le Court.

We're not quite finished with transfers yet, despite having made 9 Free Agent signings. We are hoping to tag one more and some stagieres to round out the new wave of Caribbean cyclists.


Live scenes of the new signings arriving at Podium Ambition HQ:


.: Manager of :.
.: My Awards :.
@hoyle - How else do you build teamwork?

The Great Big "Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides" Post

Update #4, and again like the film series it's getting less and less relevant to the general public. Although unlike the film series at number 4, these riders are quality and have a bright future!

Jonathan Croes 24 71HL 70TT 50k JCroe

The games first pro level Aruban rider! Not a world beater but we know he can make a servicable stage race support rider. Or given this teams history, he'll be our undisputed GC leader!

Nathan Alexander 23 71HL 70MO 10k Nate

Nate comes as a Stagiere trying to earn a long term deal. He's surprisingly strong for this role but has limited potential. But alongside riders such as Croes he can play a part as we build a well-rounded Caribbean power house squad.

Jacob Kelly 22 68TT 68SP 10k Kelly

Jacob will have some big shoes to fill, as the obvious replacement to the team legend Matthews. Not quite as strong but we see opportunities and a useful role in the team with abilities in a fast finish, up a short hill, in a time trial, or over cobbles.

Dylan Redy 22 69HL 68SP 10k Red

Dylan was part of the now defunct Azteca team. He has a surprisingly bright future, as Mauritius continues to turn out punchy sprinters. He won't be as strong as Mayer or Lagane but he'll be close.

Kemp Orosco 22 70MO 68HL 10K Kemp

The final signing! Another climber, we've clearly gone mad. Kemp will have to work hard to bag that long term contract but he's got a good starting point.

With 23 full time riders and 4 Stagaires we have a sizable squad for the season. It's also very young, with 10 riders 23 or younger, and 16 25 or under. 16 Unmaxed riders gives us plenty of room to grow.
This does come with a lack of clear scoring depth, putting a huge weight on the shoulders of Ewan, Altur and Cataford. But a full presentation will come at the weeked, so stick around!


Love it! A lot of youth and a plethora of Caribbean riders are just my things. I'll follow with interest how these young Caribbean are developing.
@DarkWolf - Luckly below you can see our Dev plans & we'll continue to scout more of them for future season.

The Great Big "Pirates of the Caribbean, Salazars Revenge" Post

This post title plan was ridiculous! But we're at the end now and can go back to better ones. Below here is the full introduction to our 2021 MG team!

Nat.NameAgeKey StatsWageNickname
Caleb Ewan2783SP 71HL600kPocket Rocket
Marcos Altur2882CB 70HL300kAltoro
Alex Cataford2879TT 72MO175kAC
Jon Aberasturi3279SP 75PL110kJon
Logan Owen2678CB 71AC95kWolverine
Julian Alaphilippe2977SP 73HL80kAla
Jay Major2677SP 70CB50kJay
Alexander Edmondson2877SP 74CB70kEdmo
Darren Matthews3076SP 75CB50kDarren
Alexandre Mayer2374HL 71SP100kMayer
Jyme Bridges3272HL 71CB60kJyme
Kim Le Court2576HL 76FT60kQueen
Christopher Lagane2373SP 72HL50kLagane
Joshua Gayral2471HL 70CB65kJosh
Bram Welten2474SP 69CB50kBram
Hennis Hasani2472SP 71TT50kHennis
Akil Campbell2573TT 70CB50kAK
Nathan Alexander2371HL 70MO10kNate
Kristin Vanderpool2675TT 76PL50kKristin
Andrew Norbert2370SP 69TT50kAndy
Jacob Kelly2268SP 68HL10kJaco
Jonathan Croes2471HL 70TT50kJcroe
Dylan Redy2269HL 68SP10kRedy
Cristian Perez2271TT 69CB100kPerez
David Dekker2371SP 68CB75kDouble D
Jacob Morales Ortega2268HL 67MO55kJMO
Kemp Orosco2270MO 68HL10kKemp

With an Average Age of just 25 this is a new look much younger team! After a few slightly lost years in terms of a focus we have now found that long term view which is crucial to success. The downside is we are weak this season, and avoiding relegation is going to be incredibly tough.

The Big 3 of Ewan, Altur & AC will have to carry a huge weight on their shoulders. But with the way the transfer period has worked out we are quietly confident all three can improve their scoring on last season. And we have a wide range of breakaway options that could surprise. Time will tell, but again even if we relegate the future is bright.

As this is a team in development working to improve as our riders go we thought we should detail what that will look like going forwards. With 15 unmaxed riders there's a lot to consider!

Bram Welten76646958727082727977566759
David Dekker77626660817776727877656461
Chris Lagane70707766707164657577706365
Hasani Hennis69677076727371697576696976
Andrew Norbert75676976787765557472707076
Alexandre Mayer68687770657271617277766071
Joshua Gayral74657170707172707172766370
Cristian Perez75636878747573696668766978
Akil Campbell74636876686867746872666675
Jacob Morales Ortega66767661717275556375767362
Dylan Redy71707667727171657074736669
Jacob Kelly74636970687362677577746675
Nathan Alexander72747372727173606167666872
Jon Croes65757474737172566265656974
Kemp Orosco69767271746873606365686368

That's a look at the brand new look Podium Ambition for 2021, and a glance at beyond. Still to come are Goals & Calendar confirmations, so check back with us soon.


Luis Leon Sanchez
Always liked your team and your approach to team building but you’re right, it’ll be a tough season although Ewan could score very very well and so could Altur so all hope is most definitely not lost.

Huge investment in the future which, as I know, is always a risk but I respect and appreciate it nonetheless!
After seeing all these flags beside your new additions, your bids on Cannister make a lot more sense. At the time, I had to talk down De Maar. He was about ready to declare war on your team. Pfft

It's a very noble enterprise to sacrifice this much performance for regional talents. Then again, little risk involved as Ewan and Altur should keep you far away from relegation by themselves, unless PCM 20 is even more cruel to them than PCM 18.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Sold Major with pain in my heart last year, never using him fully maxed. Nice to see he ends up in the Caribbean team, from being a Minion to being a pirate Pfft
Manager of Minions
So, last year's fluke staying in made you go even more crazy this year? Pfft

Love the approach, but if Ewan and Altur struggle, I don't see a way you stay in.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Ewan continuing as PCT's best leadout or turning into a serial winner will probably make or break your season. Somewhat surprised to see you holding onto Altur after a... history making season, as you called it Wink If he's in form on the cobbles, he can contribute big time on saving the team, that's for sure.

AC obviously another star, and I expect him to score quite a lot from TT-heavy stage races. And he has to, actually, if you want to stay up.

You already mentioned that it might be asking too much to stay safe this time again, but the future looks bright indeed Smile Love the regional signings, and some of them really are great pickups for the future!
A great spread of countries there! I was looking at Cristian Perez as my second choice for a rider to train the Fabian way - was happy I didn't have to try to outbid you on one of your targets though, after watching the Cannister thread.
@LLS - It was a re-build this year or next, so might as well do it now with a PCT budget and see if we can perform a small miracle.

@BBL - If it was any other team apart from yours i'd have kept going on Cannister! You never know, maybe we'll swap him with Ewan next season Wink

@Marco - Arrghh, he'll fit right in as part of the crew! And the Caribbean does produce some bananas so not a total shock to the system for him.

@Ollfardh - The fluke last year was not challenging promotion. But if we relegate we relegate, and i can sell Ewan/Atlur/AC to become the single richest CT team in history!

@Fabianski - We invested far too much last season with his training to bail on Altur. And i think the PCT cobbles landscape is a little kinder to him this year. Or if not we have a ready made person to blame for everything #nopressure

@SN - 16 Countries, which i think is a game high this season for diversity. By the time i get this team back to the PT i'd want to represent about 20 Pfft Perez i'm more likely to go pure TT, but that may depend on which new riders i can get added next year.
Your Carribean youngsters all look incredible value for mostly underrated OVLs once maxed, plenty of dual threats among them!

And I guess that even if your leaders fail you even more horribly than last season, it's quite convenient there are exactly 15 unmaxed riders in that squad. Wink
Quite a big turnover of riders this year. I like all the regional additions, very colorful when looking at all the flags Smile

Not much depth behind the big 3 leaders, but they are proven quality to keep you in PCT I think Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar
@Cio - All part of the longer term game plans to try and tackle inflation. Drop the main stats, but riders can do more things.
Not a perfect 15 as we'll have some Lvl 4's to Loan out. But yes there's a clear CT team here already we can work from.

@red - Just wait until next year when we get all those NC Jerseys, then we'll be colourful (i feel sorry for the_hoyle who'll have a lot of work to do).
You're more confident on our PCT survival than i am! But going in with zero expectations i can't be disappointed this year.

The Great Big "Giving Wolverine Some Claws" Post

Just a small note that will be missed by most unless we point it out. Logan "Wolverine" Owen has gotten some off-season training! He moves from 77 to 78 Cobble. The 26yo is becoming something of a personal project for the team, as basically the last survivor of our old PNW-Bulgarian team of the first years in the game!

From Bremerton, WA, Wolverine joined up as a neo-pro and we've grown him into a nice little classics rider. He showed some strong flashes last season, making us seriously consider moving on from Altur and backing the American. We're kind of doing both but keeping Altur but still training him up.

He won't become a Summerhill level rider, but if we can stay PCT and keep a healthy enough budget we're hoping to end up with a good little scorer. Maybe not into the 80's for Cobble but we have desires to round out his skillset a little more as we wait the Caribbean's to become training eligible.

Certainly watch him if we do relegate, as he'll be almost our only eligible rider in the CT and all that money from selling Ewan/Altur/AC Wink


Nice collection of flags you got there, looking forward to seeing your TTT squad in the coming seasons, all dressed in another outfit.

For personal reasons I would accept another year as Ewan being the division's best lead-out.
I would have liked to see Zambezi Richardson on your team too. But I say this because with every new edition of Football Manager or Pro Cycling Manager I have a team based in Anguilla. And of course because I love his name!
@Nemo - A lack of available info means TT skills tend to dominate Caribbean suggestions. But now we've shown the MGUCI we are committed, next season we can branch out a touch more for a better all-round team.
If only i could charge Ewan's wage to all the other PCT sprint teams :lol:

@DarkWolf - Zambezi was a possible Stagaire signing, but ultimately he lacks the skills to be useful vs other options. Henis Hasani is here to represent Anguilla though!
The Great Big "Still Going Big, And Going Home Empty Handed" Post

Goals! We are possible the team worst team in the MG when it comes to Goals. Our hit rate is so low the Titanic looks down upon us. And yet every year we rock up, shoot for the moon, and remain insanely positive. This year is not a single bit different!

Barbados Cycling Festival - Top 5
Tour of the Battenkill - Win
Down Under Classic - Win
Chrono d'Arenberg - Win
Team Standings - Win

Major different this year is we only want a Top5 on home roads in Barbados. This is because we can still only ask for 23points total, and made sense to give us good coverage in a race we fail to do well in year-on-year.
Ewan also spearheading the charge right at the start of the year in the Down Under Classic, so we'll get a very early indication on how our season will go.
Marcos Altur gets a change to prove he's finally worth the training. He did almost win here last year btw! And in Arenberg he has an outside change, but former winner Cataford is obviously the hope we might actually pass a Goal for the first time in years.
We are required a Standings Goals. In a year we know we'll relegate. So ignore this one.

We will probably fail all 5 again. But if we succeed in them, suddenly we could be a promotion contender! Really is "Go Big, or Go Home" this year. We'll go down to the CT swinging hard.


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