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[CT] Aramco DP: Sponsors Gone
Luis Leon Sanchez

Aramco DP: A Renewed Optimism

The team continues to be sponsored by oil giant Saudi Aramco and global logistics company DP World from the UAE. The team name will continue to be Aramco DP with the base located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where riders will be able to train at our world class sporting facilities. With contacts and business partners located worldwide, the team has become increasingly more international with riders from 13 different nations under contract in 2021.

After a disappointing 2020 in the PCT for the team, we see ourselves back in the Continental Tour where it all began in 2014.

We have been here twice before. In our debut season in 2014, some would say we fluked our way to 4th and an Automatic Promotion after two GC wins from breakaways. The second of these was in 2019 where Nibali led a successful campaign to finish 2nd and earn promotion to the CT once more.

The team this year is one of the strongest we've ever had with much of the team spending their entire professional cycling career with us. We have put a huge focus in talent and providing a pathway to the top for the younger generation and we will continue to do this for years to come.

We hope you all follow the team with much anticipation of a great season ahead!

Luis Leon Sanchez
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 17-04-2022 08:03
Luis Leon Sanchez

Stage 3Volta a CatalunyaTTT
Stage 4Volta a CatalunyaEnric Mas
PointsVolta a CatalunyaEnric Mas
KOMTour of SouthlandJaime Castrillo
PointsBarbados Cycling FestivalFabio Jakobsen
U25Barbados Cycling FestivalFabio Jakobsen
U25Circulo de JuarezFabio Jakobsen

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 13-01-2022 22:22
Luis Leon Sanchez
Current Squad

Enric Mas250,000
Fabio Jakobsen170,000
Benoit Cosnefroy160,000
Andres Paez140,000
Milos Borisavljevic100,000
Ruben Fernandez55,000
Benjamin Thomas50,000
Jaime Castrillo50,000
Alexandr Ovsyannikov50,000
Gerben Thijssen50,000
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil50,000
Jules Hesters50,000
Maher HasnaouiDraft
Julian CardonaDraft
Henry Alberto Sam10,000
Miori Kawasaki10,000
In on Loan
Jaume Sureda0 (50,000)
Carlo Noia0 (50,000)
Out on Loan
Nicola Conci0 (80,000)

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Luis Leon Sanchez
Race Calendar

Gisborne GPC2HC
Hong Kong ChallengeC1
Clasico San JoseC2
Gent - WevelgemC2HC
GP HerningC2
Volta a CatalunyaC2HC
Tour of SouthlandC1
Barbados Cycling FestivalHC
Badaling InternationalC2
Circulo de JuarezC1
Coppa PlacciC2
Tour of EritreaC1
Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneC1
Tour of CaliforniaC2
Baltic Chain TourC1
GP IzolaC2HC
Lincoln GPC2HC
USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2HC
Nakhon Ratchasima TrophyC1
Tour du FasoC2HC
Olympia's TourC1
Frankfurt EschbornC2
Hanko ClassicC1
Tour of VancouverC2HC
Ras TailteannC2
Giro del TrentinoC2
Monterrey TTTC2HC
Uppsala ClassicC2HC
Tour of the Middle EastC2HC
Celtic ChronoC1
Betonexpressz GPC2
Sakartvelo TrophyC2
Tour de LangkawiC2HC
Post Danmark RundtC1
GP KigaliC2
Arab TourHC
Euskal BizikletaC2
Lillestrom GPC2HC
Vilnius GPC1
Course de SolidarnoscC2HC
Herald Sun TourC2HC
Bayern RundfahrtC1
Zuri MetzgeteC2HC

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 14-10-2021 02:19
Luis Leon Sanchez
Jersey & Goals

We present our amazing Team jersey created by the_hoyle!

2021 Goals

Top 5 - USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Win - Monterrey TTT

Win - Herald Sun Tour

Top 5 - Course de Solidarnosc

Top 5 - CT Team Standings

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 14-10-2021 00:50
In other words for every point Nibali scored costed ~196 MG$. Which is a bargain and one of the steals of the 2019 transfer season.
Luis Leon Sanchez

This process was one of the more heartbreaking we've been through in a long time. A very successful season in the Continental Tour saw our promotion to the Pro Continental Tour for the upcoming season. A big reshuffle is required to put our team in a strong position moving forward.

Rui Costa: He wasn't getting any younger and wouldn't accept a wage as a domestique so unfortunately we have parted ways.
Moreno Moser: A great servant for the Euskaltel team but he struggled as a leader last time round in the PCT and he was requesting too much after having a fairly good CT season. We wish him well in the future.
Vincenzo Nibali: Age and decline have hit Nibbles hard. He was an outstanding rider for the team in the CT and it is with a heavy heart that we let him go but we thank him for the part he played in getting us promoted.
Zahiri & Ganjkhanlou: Both released after filling in as domestiques in a few races this season.

First NameSurname2019 Wage2020 WageDifference
Mohamad Izzat HilmiAbdul Halil60,00050,000-10,000
MohammedAl Murrawi050,000+50,000

18 Riders. Wage Bill of 1,080,000.

We have money to play with, riders to get, and a lot of riders to loan out to the PT.

Transfer season? Let's smash it!
Loads of money to work with given how many riders you have under contract, but as you mention you have to loan out a bunch of riders to ensure that you have a roster that will challenge for promotion next year. Should be a very interesting window to follow for sure!
A lovely young core for the years to come. Think you'll have many PT teams knocking on your door when the window opens!
Interesting to see Moser leave the team but when it comes down to demands, there is nothing you can do really... good luck in transfers
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I can't say I'm a fan of your new sponsor, but obviously I've always been a fan of the team behind it!
I knew you had a fast track back to PCT and you've proven me right, now for the next step when your talents leave that status to form a world class base to aim for the ProTour. It'll be interesting to find out who you target with that cap space.

I do wonder if the absence of a European main sponsor will see you consider a good offer for one of the French or Spanish talents more than you have in the past, in particular those who need to ride at PT level this season anyway. We might at least give it a shot at some point!
Luis Leon Sanchez

Rider NameMain StatsWageAvailabilityLevel
Fabio Jakobsen78SPR 78ACC 79REC95,000PT LOAN4.00
David Gaudu76HIL70,000PT LOAN4.02
Benoit Cosnefroy76TT, 80FTR, 75FLA65,000PT LOAN4.01
Andres Paez75HIL, 73SPR, 75FTR60,000PT LOAN4.04
Enric Mas76MO, 75HIL, 75ACC55,000PT LOAN4.00
Hugo Hofstetter75SPR, 76ACC, 72COB50,000PT LOAN4.22
Benjamin Thomas76TT, 73SPR, 78ACC50,000PT LOAN4.09
Jaime Castrillo74TT, 74PRO, 75FLA50,000PT LOAN4.04
Leo Vincent75HIL, 77STA50,000PT LOAN4.23
Milos Borisavljevic95,000NOMax
Jonathan McEvoy70,000NOMax
Armindo Fonseca60,000NOMax
Ruben Fernandez55,000NOMax
Stelly Robert55,000NOMax
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh50,000NOMax
Mohammed Al Murrawi50,000NOMax
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil76SPR, 75ACC50,000NO3.11
Nicola Conci73MO, 71HIL, 73TT50,000NO3.61

Yes we have 9 riders that need to go out on loan to the Pro Tour. We will be willing to negotiate who pays how much of the wage on a rider-by-rider basis.

Once the window begins, my DMs are open.
That`s quite a few quality riders needing a PT loan.

Quite likely you will have some PT managers being happy to take some of those while the bigger problem could be the loan cap.
With our good ties from former transfers I can see us finding one or two loan deals Smile
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The french riders would be most welcome at Festina indeed... We have discussed several of these riders in the past, and honestly - I'm not sure I'm done trying to sign a couple of these on a more permanent basis Smile

You'll definitely be an interesting team to follow in transfers, with that juggling act of PT loans and strengthening to ensure PCT survival. Good luck for piecing that puzzle together!
Luis Leon Sanchez

Joining us for a fairly hefty transfer fee, we've secured ourselves yet another Italian Cycling Legend. Ulissi comes to the PCT for one last hurrah off the back of a solid season at Generali in the PT. A rider we expect a lot from and will need a lot from if we are to survive this season in the PCT. He is definitely the kind of rider who will be able to compete with the best and we will be providing the strongest support possible to aid him in his fight!


There must be a mistake... he is maxed already?
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

knockout wrote:
There must be a mistake... he is maxed already?

Yeah what's up with that?
Luis Leon Sanchez
@knockout & @whitejersey: We try our best to sign riders either at the start of their career or near the end (e.g. Nibali last season, Jurgen VdB the season before). Hope this clears up the confusion!
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