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Noah - Szeklerland - Natalie Vote

Londonskaya Hotel, Odessa
Ukraine 24.5.2021

Odessa Grand Prix

An awful incidence occurred on the route today. A fan ran into the street and was hit by Mario Spengler coming fast round a slightly downhill curve, the spectator was taken to hospital with several fractures, the chocked Lotto - Kern Haus rider, broke a hand and got some bad scratches in the face, he won’t ride for at least a month.

The Race was won by Savva Novikov CCC Development Team in front of Sebastián Caro Equipo Continental Supergiros and Juan Valdomino Equipo Continental Supergiros

Stage winners:
Pawel Franczak Voster - ATS Team
Cameron Scott ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
Cameron Scott ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
Pawel Cieślik Voster - ATS Team
Adam Ťoupalík Elkov - Kasper

KoM: Dario Puccioni Biesse - Arvedi - Premac
Points: Cameron Scott ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
U23: Savva Novikov CCC Development Team

Team Lotto - Kern Haus:
Best in GC: Tobias Knaup 22nd
Best stage result Leslie LĂĽhrs 5th at stage five
No rider in KoM top 10
Leslie LĂĽhrs 7th in Points
Best in U25: Manuel Porzner 9th.
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Two top-10 finishes for Noah is pretty good! Paris - Roubaix was tough but he was one of the stronger riders out there.

And I hope Mario recovers well from that nasty accident!
MrUfo87 wrote:
Two top-10 finishes for Noah is pretty good! Paris - Roubaix was tough but he was one of the stronger riders out there.

And I hope Mario recovers well from that nasty accident!

Surprising how strong some of those U23 riders are, not as easy to preform well in those races as i expected. That said a good period for Noah, and his is still building form . He should peak in late July early August. Hoping for a little natural still gain coming soon Smile

Holiday Inn Express, Affoltern am Albis
Switzerland 26.5.2021

SwissEver GP Cham

The Race was won by Adrian Banaszek Voster - ATS Team in front of Federico Zurlo D'Amico - UM Tools and Boy Van Poppel Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel

Best from Team Lotto - Kern Haus Leslie LĂĽhrs 17th

Hotel Tamula, Võru Maakond
Estonia 29.5.2021

Tour of Estonia

The Race was won by Søren Waerenskjold Dukla Banská Bystrica Cycling Team in front of Gašper Katrašnik Dukla Banská Bystrica Cycling Team and Tom Van Asbroeck Israel Start-Up Nation

Stage winners:
Søren Waerenskjold Dukla Banská Bystrica Cycling Team
Korkut GĂĽl Tartu 2024 - Balticchaincycling.com

KoM: Emre Yavuz Salcano Sakarya Continental Team
Points: Søren Waerenskjold Dukla Banská Bystrica Cycling Team
U25: Søren Waerenskjold Dukla Banská Bystrica Cycling Team

Team Lotto - Kern Haus:
Best in GC: Leslie LĂĽhrs 12th
Best stage result Leslie LĂĽhrs 5th at stage two
No rider in KoM/Points top 10
Best in U25: Leslie LĂĽhrs 3rd

Hotell Svanen, Kalmar
Sweden 30.5.2021

Hansa Bygg Kalmar Grand Prix Road Race

Kalmar - Kalmar 188.8 km


Noah is not feeling good this morning and Sports Director Markus Felsing those to shift the race leadership to Christian Koch and Leslie Lührs, both feeling fine. Leslie the faster finisher if it comes to a large group sprint, Christian most likely the best cobbler if Noah can’t perform as expected.

11 riders get into the morning breakaway, but the pace is fast and they are reeled in by an almost united pack, about 25 km from the finish line.


The line-up is Noah – Leslie – Christian, but sharp curves and narrow sections makes it very hard for the teams to form solid pacelines. Noah deliver Leslie as close to the front as he can and the teams best sprinter opens from 2 km, Christian at this point in a lot of traffic and can’t get in the slipstream.

Noah in 2nd position and Leslie in 4th as he opens the sprint


Other top sprinter seemingly expected to see a later sprint due to the hard race and cobbled finish, Leslie get a nice gap before the reaction comes, and it is too late. Leslie first at the narrow and cobbled finish and no one comes close. The young Lotto - Kern Haus sprinter wins Hansa Bygg Kalmar Grand Prix.

Christian just inside top 10, Noah 15th.


Hansa Bygg Kalmar Grand Prix prize money 1650€

Earnings:Race ShareBonusTotal €
Leslie Lührs€ 1.165€ 230€ 1.395
Christian Koch€ 155€ 30€ 185
Noah Takaima€ 83€ 83
Hermann Keller€ 83€ 83
Kim Heiduk€ 83€ 83
Jan Kuhn€ 83€ 83

Noah after Hansa Bygg Kalmar


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Amagi Aria, Negombo
Sri Lanka 31.5.2021

Sri Lanka T-Cup

The Race was won by Mekseb Debesay Bike Aid in front of Rodrigo Riera Aviludo-Louletano and Hernán Aguirre EPM - Scott

Stage winners:
Tomas Trainini Team Colpack Ballan
Mekseb Debesay Bike Aid
Lars Van der Haar SEG Racing Academy

KoM: Sven Burger SEG Racing Academy
Points: Mekseb Debesay Bike Aid
U25: Rodrigo Riera Aviludo-Louletano

Team Lotto - Kern Haus:
Best in GC: Jonathan Dinkler 6th
Best stage result Jonathan Dinkler 6th on stage two
No rider in KoM/Points top 10
Best in U25: Manuel Porzner 17th

Lotto – Kern Haus headquaters, Weitersburg
Germany 2.6.2021


After everyone got a cold glass of rosé, a beer or coffee, Florian opens the meeting:
“Hallo everyone, the first half of the season is over, I’d say with mixed results and sadly also fluctuating performances, but all in all some fine results. In general, our sponsors are happy, although they are disappointed with the goal races where we have delivered way beyond par. Also, important to say we are on budget, no troubles with the bank.

“Congratulations to our best scoring riders, although we are all aware that every good result was a team effort. Those are the riders with more than 15 points in CQ rankings."





Florian: "Without going too far into transfer talk, that is way to early and a matter between the riders agent and the team, we can say that we got eyes on a few good talents, so keep up the good rides, to secure renewals”

The room turned a bit quiet after that remark.

Markus Felsing seemed not to notice, took the word and changed subject “Regarding the earnings split the management and the rider representatives have decided to continue with the current level for another year.”

The meeting continues with some food and some general information about upcoming races, new equipment and so on.

Noah really played an important role in that victory of Leslie, well done! Curious to possible new signings. And in his first year Noah is the fourth best perforing rider of the team, doing very well so far.
@MrUfo87 - Yes he is an important addition to the team.

Gasthof Post, Peilstein im MĂĽhlviertel
Austria 4.6.2021


Linz – Pelmberg 15.3 km


As everyone following cycling will know, former world tour rider Søren Krag Andersen transferred to Austrian Team Vorarlberg Santic as they promoted to Continental Pro for this season, seemingly not satisfied with the luxury domestic role he had at Sunweb. He will be a monster at 2.2 race level and is the clear favorite for this short time trail.

Søren Krag Andersen won the stage with 30” to Serghei Tvetcov Team Sapura Cycling and 42” to Mekseb Debesay Bike Aid

Top three Team Lotto - Kern Haus riders was:
Manuel Porzner 31st at 1’12”, Christian Koch 32th at 1’13" and Noah Takaima 49th at 1’34".

Manuel Porzner



Hotel Baumgartner Obernberg, Obernberg am Inn
Austria 5.6.2021


Wels - Obernberg am Inn 137.5 km


Five riders in the morning breakaway another two in pursuit joining the original breakaway after almost half of the race is over, but the pack to fast on this short route and they will never make it to the KoM.

The weather is horrible


Noah attacks and takes the cat. 1 KoM climb, opening a gap of 34” to the favorite group, with 20 km left.


Noah was reeled in with 14 km to the finish line, not able to counter the attack from Frederik Backaert Team Vorarlberg Santic and Stephan Rabitsch Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels.

Serghei Tvetcov Team Sapura Cycling close down the duo, also pulling race leader Søren Kragh Andersen Team Vorarlberg Santic and teammate Fabian Lienhard right up to the red kit.

Noah collapsed, fighting to hold on to the next group about 25” behind the stage leaders


Søren Kragh Andersen win the stage in front of Stephan Rabitsch, putting another 26” into his lead over Serghei Tvetcov.

Noah finish 22nd losing 1’28 on the stage, but he will ride in the King of Mountain jersey tomorrow.



Bauernhof Stockinger, Peilstein im MĂĽhlviertel
Austria 6.6.2021


Eferding - Aigen-Schlägl 173.3 km


Realizing there is little hope for a good GC result, Noah is aiming for the KoM and enter the morning breakaway, allowed to get away without much reaction from the pack.


Thomas Umhaller Maloja Pushbikers, Noah and Immanuel Stark P&S Metalltechnik all more or less equally strong punchers and they also share the KoM points, with respectively 15 – 10 – 9 points. Even though Umhaller takes the most, enough for Noah to lead with 11 points overnight.

Noah takes the cat.3 but none of the cat. 4 climbs


After the last categorized climb, the pack is still at 2’35 with 18 km left, Noah sense some weakness in his breakaway companions, they fought hard for the KoM, while Noah was saving, now aiming for the stage.

Noah attacks on the last slightly uphill sector before the downhill towards the finish.


The trio in pursuit works hard to close the 15” gap Noah got from the attack, but they never get any closer.

Noah Takaima takes his first win of the season.

Immanuel Stark P&S Metalltechnik 2nd and Thomas Umhaller Maloja Pushbikers 3rd they lose 19”, the pack loses 51”.


Woah a great victory for Noah! Finally his first win of the season, very well deserved! And he has a good lead in the KoM jersey as well. Austria is going pretty good so far.
Ya, fingers crossed
Congratulations! Lots of good races, many top 10s, setting up team mates very nicely and now a precious victory!

@Ripley: Thanks - very god period resently

Gasthof Koglerhof, Ternberg
Austria 7.6.2021


Traun – Ternberg 165.9 km


Noah is part of five riders in the morning breakaway, but the pack won’t let them get a gap and we see a high-speed pursuit over more than 50 km, until the breakaway was forced to give it up.

To help Noah hold the KoM, Joshua Huppertz counter attack and initiate what was to become the 2nd breakaway. Joshua Huppertz claim the first cat.2 of the day, before they reach the 2nd KoM, also this breakaway was reeled in.

Joshua Huppertz


Noah has regained most of the energy he lost earlier and hammers up the last KoM climb to be absolutely sure. Coming 1st over the top there is no doubt he will take the King of Mountains in Oberösterreich


Still no rider able to challenge the superior Søren Kragh Andersen taking another clear stage victory and the GC. Serghei Tvetcov 2nd on the stage and in the GC and Mekseb Debesay also 3rd at the stage as well as in the GC.

Noah comes in 9th at the stage to finish 12th in the GC, 3rd in U25, 4th in Points and as mentioned 1st in KoM.


Oberösterreichrundfahrt prize money 2.280€

Earnings:Race ShareBonusTotal €
Noah Takaima€ 1.710€ 125€ 1.835
Christian Koch€ 114€ 114
Jonathan Dinkler€ 114€ 114
Sven Zurawski€ 114€ 114
Joshua Huppertz€ 114€ 114
Manuel Porzner€ 114€ 114

Noah after Oberösterreichrundfahrt



ibis Styles Nowy Sacz, Nowy SÄ…cz
Poland 5.6.2021

Tour de Malopolska - Małopolski Wyścig Górski

The Race was won by Tobias Foss Aviludo-Louletano in front of Albin Klosinski Mazowsze Serce Polski and Jan Barta Elkov - Kasper

Stage winners:
Albin Klosinski Mazowsze Serce Polski
Tobias Foss Aviludo-Louletano
Tobias Foss Aviludo-Louletano

KoM: Adrian Honkisz Voster - ATS Team
Points: Tobias Foss Aviludo-Louletano
U25: Tobias Foss Aviludo-Louletano

Team Lotto - Kern Haus:
Best in GC: Leon Eduard Brescher 29th
Best stage result Simon Laib 27th at stage two
No rider in KoM/Points top 10
Best in U25: Leon Eduard Brescher 13th
Great race in Austria! Also great to see Joshua helping Noah in taking away KoM points, kinda returning the favour after Noah helped his teammates plenty of times this season. Really deserved!
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