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PCM.daily Stat Discussion
Vali wrote:
Hm I'm not really too sure about Carthy being 81 while Tao and Hindley are 79 and for example Almeida is 78. I know that the Giro was extremely weak, but it's not like Hindley and Tao were just there or therabouts, they were by far the strongest climbers in last 10 days or so (also much better than Almeida with 78, who presumably has a much higher FL, so not sure if they will actually be stronger in-game). So maybe 80 for them, if the stat matrix got raised in general?

Carthy is a tough case, as his backups are probably not too strong, I don't think 80 would be too wrong here though. This is a strange season and shape is a bit of a question mark, so I think in a PCM career mode he could easily get 3rd with 80 MO (I think).

But in total the gap between Carthy and Tao and Hindley should be max 1 Point I would say

Good points and Carthy could be 80 and build his backups instead, Martinez possibly 79 and you make a good point with Almeida being better at 77 as his rec wasn't bad in the end and he has good TT. But looking at Almeida his hill is only 76 so 78/76 may well work.
Quintana has shown nothing for several years, Pinot always has a day where he loses it all and Dumoulin have not looked too good for a few years either.

Quintana 79, Pinot low rec and Dumoulin 79.
Edited by Arberg on 09-11-2020 06:24
AiZaK wrote:
Arberg wrote:
AiZaK wrote:
But this year Bernal was not good... Last year Froome 82 and now he is 76 for me

In 1 year it happens many things
Have you seen Pinot? :lol:

I think Pinot was ill in Tour de France
And Bernal had back pain.
Yes Arberg finally I agree with you, Bernal can be 82, I told yesterday 81, because in career mode he is 82 in 2 months in the game, but it's ok. Bernal is a amazing climber, he showed in many races, mainly in Tour de France 2019
What I'm actually going to do as I have the time for a few days this week, is to re-do the climbing stats between 82-77 as there are some very different opinions between members and even the DB team for these riders and will put the decided stats here.

But while that is happening continue with suggestions and comments here.
Groenewegen 83/81
Ewan 82/83
Bennett 82/82
Ackermann 82/81
Viviani 81/82
Jakobsen 81/82
Gaviria 81/81
Demare 81/79
Nizzolo 80/81
Kristoff 80/77
Bol 80/76
Pedersen 80/76
Merlier 79/81
Sagan 79/80
WVA 79/77
Coquard 78/79
Alaphilippe 76/83
Hirschi 75/82
Fuglsang 78/81
Schachmann 74/81
Ulissi 74/81
Cosnefroy 72/81
Bennett 77/80
Mollema 77/80
Woods 77/80
Formolo 76/80
Kwiatkowski 74/80
Valverde 78/79
VDP 68/79
WVA 75/78
83- Pogacar
82- Roglic, Pinot, Bernal, Lopez
81- Landa, Porte, S.Yates, Buchmann, Carapaz, Kuss, Kruijswijk
80- Uran, Bardet, Mas, A.Yates, Thomas, G.Martin, Carthy
79- Dumoulin, D.Martin, Gaudu, Tao, Hindley, Nibali, Bilbao, Remco, Sivakov, Majka, Sosa, Quintana, Martinez, Vlasov
78- Froome, Kelderman, Caruso, Fuglsang, Poels, Almeida, Valverde
I agree in 95% of stats with Arberg. I would change:
Valverde 80 in hills
Demare 81/80 or 81/81
Gaviria 80/81
Arberg's stats are very close to what they will be anyway and interesting that 83 has been used which I think is a step forward in mtn and hill.
Ive sorted the drivers into groups. Behind them the back-up stats I guess (didn't look up, was just out of experience/feeling). That was easier for me. There might be some missing and the order might not be exact but I rank the riders roughly like this.

Roglic 83 high
Pogacar 83 high
Pinot 83 low
Bernal 83 mid
Porte 82 low
Carapaz 82 mid
Kruijswijk 82 mid
Landa 82 mid
López 82 low
S. Yates 82 low
Thomas 81 high
Buchmann 81 mid
Kuss 81 low
Quintana 81 low
Mas 81 mid
Bardet 80 mid
Ur√°n 80 mid
Dumoulin 80 high
G. Martin 80 mid
Carthy 80 mid
Nibali 79 high
A. Yates 80 low
Majka 79 mid
Pozzovivo 79 low
Mollema 79 high
Vlasov 79 mid
Bilbao 79 low
Evenepoel 79 high
D. Martin 79 mid
Martínez 79 mid
Bennett 79 mid
Poels 79 mid
Fuglsang 78 high
Valverde 78 high
Froome 78 mid
Barguil 78 mid
Ch√°ves 79 low
Gaudu 79 low
Sivakov 79 mid
De Plus 78 low
Higuita 78 low
Soler 78 mid
Geo Hart 78 mid
De la Cruz 78 low
Hindley 78 mid
Sosa 78 low
Caruso 78 low
Nieve 78 low
Kelderman 78 mid

edit: maybe Tao and Hindley 79 with low/mid back-ups and a TIER higher, but im reserved because of the circumstances.

(Sorry for the long text)
Edited by hansw on 09-11-2020 15:02
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Thanks Hans and it seems that the use of 83 is getting more attention here and if we want a greater variation in the stats then imo as well more 83 needs to be used. But I do think that if 83 is used then 79's will at least be expected for both Tao and Hindley.
Yes, I've just decided to do it with 83 as the limit, so that you can stretch the riders strengths more. Yes, that's right, Hindley and Tao would then have to have 79 MTN. But I think 82 would be ok as limit too.
A question about the development of the riders at PCM 2020: I always hear that the riders are developing so quickly. I still play PCM 2006 and take your stats for it and keep updating it. In PCM 2006 was experience in 4 levels, but I set all riders to level 4 because the riders always developed so quickly because of the levels and were then at the limit at 85. The "normal" development is easily enough at PCM 2006, a young rider does in one year at least 1 point in all categories. How is that in PCM 2020? Is there still the experience in 4 levels? If so, would it be a possibility to set all riders there to level 4 too and to play with only the "normal" development or is that not enough? For me personally, this developent (at PCM 2006) is sufficient. But I'm not familiar with PCM 2019 or 2020.
Edited by hansw on 11-11-2020 08:28
Why is Roglic thought of this amazing, devastating monster climber who should have 83 in mountain?

He was never a pure climber who just motored away from everybody else halfway up a mountain never to be seen again, like a 83 mountain can.
Like Bernal did last year and Quintana did at the start of this year (though somehow his domination in the early French races, his car accident during the lockdown and his subsequent decline has been completely overlooked in this thread as if they never existed).

If you take a attentive look at his last 3 years, it's the other way. He was fine when he had to navigate short & steep, or long and steady climbs, especially at low altitude and when his team could keep it together.
But he has not only not won on the monster climbs, he almost always struggled and lost time on them, especially at altitude. Covatilla, Angrilu, Loze, Cortals d'Encamp, Javalambre, the Passo Manghen-Passo Rolle combo, Mortirolo, etc.

In my book he has about 80 mountain, 79 resistance and 78 hill. So on shorter mountains better than Carapaz (~82, 77, 76), especially with his acceleration and sprint. But the longer, steeper and higher a mountain gets, the mountain skill gets more important, resistance less so and hill disappears. That's the only reasoning I can give why Carapaz beat him on almost all of those climbs and even less talented climbers like Carthy, Mas, Vlasov or López beat him.
@Tafiolmo When is coming the update?
Do you guys also take in account the track results or only the road ones?
I have no new information just yet for the update as most of the team is really busy with real life but the WT stats are done and most of the PCT too. We will keep all informed and it will most likely just be a stats update at this stage of the year and hopefully come very soon, as I'm keen to do another playthrough of a number of races with the newer stats.

Hans- I can't answer that question as I never play career or any related development game options but the other members of the team do, so hopefully one of them can answer that question.

KR- Very rarely and now that you have mentioned this, it's something that we can look at for next season.
Thanks for the info Tafiolmo
Thank you for the answer.
Any news about the new update?
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