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Cofidis, Solutions Cyclistes
Just catched up a bit. The Giro wasn't what I hoped for, but 2 stage aren't that bad either. Dauphine and Suisse were again very good.
Will be great to see Laporte in his NC jersey at Le Tour Grin
@Croatia14: Honestly, of all the pleasant surprises this season so far, Haas at the TdS was possibly my favorite Grin so unexpected, too.

@VoetsT: Agree, Giro was a bit of a downer. But Laporte looks really good in that jersey:

Tour de France, Part One | 27.06. - 29.06.2020

Stage 1 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png

Geraint Thomas was one of the first favorites to take the road today. His time would land him fourth place.


Christophe Laporte was our best-placed rider. He did fine, but obviously nothing great.


Julian Alaphilippe surprisingly takes the lead as one of the last riders on the course.


Tom Dumoulin was the last rider who could possibly stop him, but he comes one second short - Julian Alaphilippe is the first stage winner of this year's Tour de France!

1. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step15'40
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 1
3. Kasper AsgreenDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 2
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 6
5. Nelson OliveiraMovistar Team+ 8
44. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 45

Stage 2 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Nicolas Edet made it to today's break of seven riders but wasn't able to snatch any mountain points.


Christophe Laporte was second from the peloton, taking seven points at the intermediate sprint.


Trying to set up our own train ...


... so close, yet so far!

1. Phil BauhausBahrain McLaren4h48'03
2. Caleb EwanLotto Soudals.t.
3. Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJs.t.
4. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5. Matteo TrentinCCC Teams.t.

Stage 3 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png

Today, Berhane represents us in the breakaway. Can't take the polkadots either, though.


Christophe Laporte wins the intermediate sprint from the peloton, adding 8 points to his total.


Despite the steep finish, Laporte feels he has a chance. Martin leads him ...


... but it's a day for the puncheurs, nothing to be done about that. Adam Yates wins it. But Laporte manages to finish in the Top 10 and collects a few more points!

1. Adam YatesMitchelton-Scott4h48'03
2. Enrico GasparottoNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
3. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
4. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiales.t.
5. Zdenek StybarDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
10. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

1. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step10h05'40
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 5
3. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 10
4. Nelson OliveiraMovistar Team+ 12
5. Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+ 20
28. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 49
1. Phil BauhausBahrain McLaren56
2. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step45
3. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits40
Wow, Laporte for the green jersey?
Also, what did Martin do on the openning TT stage?
LLDS wrote:
Wow, Laporte for the green jersey?

He's going to try, but it's going to take a lot. We'll see what's possible, stage wins remain the primary goal.

Martin was almost two minutes down, pretty dismal result. But he's not going to go for the GC here anyway, so that's not a big deal.
Tour de France, Part Two | 30.06. - 02.07.2020

Stage 4 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Laporte continues collecting points at the intermediate sprints.


He follows Groenewegen in the finale.


But he doesn't have the legs today.

1. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates4h47'23
2. Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
3. Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJs.t.
4. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5. Matteo TrentinCCC Teams.t.

Stage 5 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png

Guillaume feels great today, even attacking a few kilometers below the summit!


He gets overtaken by a few top riders ...


... but finishes strong in the first group. Dumoulin takes yellow on bonus seconds.

1. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale4h41'43
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
3. Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJs.t.
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineoss.t.
5. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 6 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Nicolas Edet joins the breakaway, but nothing much comes of it.


Laporte takes Groenewegen's wheel again, but he is held up by a dropping leadout ...

... which would have led to a very depressing picture if I hadn't forgotten to take a screenshot here. Maybe it's for the better ...

1. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates5h04'41
2. Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
3. Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohes.t.
4. Bryan CoquardB&B Hotels - Vital Concepts.t.
5. Daniel McLayTeam Arkéa - Samsics.t.
12. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

1. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma23h58'17
2. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 1
3. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 11
4. Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJ+ 30
5. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale+ 36
14. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 2'04
1. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates108
2. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits84
3. Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo-Visma82
Tour de France, Part Three | 03.07. - 05.07.2020

Stage 7 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Lafay is our man in the breakaway which lasts until the final 5kms, but is ultimately not successful.


After wheel hopping wasn’t successful in previous stages, we’re trying to set up our own train again.


... but we started too early. Super unfortunate as Gaviria was not in the mix today and we could have made a bigger jump in the points classification, which Sagan now leads.

1. Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe5h23’28
2. Matteo TrentinCCC Teams.t.
3. Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJs.t.
4. Kristoffer HalvorsenEF Pro Cyclings.t.
5. André GreipelIsrael Start-Up Nations.t.
7. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 8 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png

Guillaume Martin did not have his best day. I thought this could be a stage for him, but he wasn’t able to hang on to the best climbers on the long ascent towards the end.


With the stage win out of reach, he decided to sit up and enjoy the landscape, saving energy for the big stage tomorrow and deliberately losing a good amount of time, hopefully facilitating an appearance in the breakaway.


Alaphilippe takes a second stage win and takes back yellow, while Dumoulin makes a huge step towards a possible overall win, gaining almost two minutes on Geraint Thomas and most other favorites, and more than five minutes on Chris Froome.

1. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step4h42'05
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 38
3. Emanuel BuchmannBOTA - hansgrohes.t.
4. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiales.t.
5. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 2’34
29. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 8’37

Stage 9 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png

As planned, Guillaume tries to get into the breakaway in a bid for the polkadots and a stage win. Unfortunately, despite being 10 minutes down in the GC, he is not allowed to go. He does take the first two mountain sprints, though.


Luckily, only five riders were in the group of the day, so Guillaume took sixth over the first and, after one of them fell back, fifth over the second HC climb. In a heroic effort, Edet and Berhane cut the gap to the breakaway enough for Guillaume to bring them back in the final metres of the last HC climb and take the full points – and the jersey, for the time being.


Nairo Quintana unfortunately took the group by surprise with a late attack. Guillaume finished fourth in the ensuing hectic pursuit and sprint.

1. Nairo QuintanaTeam Arkéa - Samsic5h24’38
2. Simon YatesMitchelton-Scotts.t.
3. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiales.t.
4. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5. Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJs.t.

1. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step39h30'31
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 41
3. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale+ 1’40
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 2’54
5. Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe+ 3’27
18. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 10'50
1. Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe138
2. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates114
3. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits103
1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits40
2. Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates32
3. Esteban ChávesMitchelton-Scott31
Tour de France, Part Four | 07.07. - 09.07.2020

Stage 10 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Once more we set up our own train, but UAE is already a bit ahead of us.


Vanbilsen delivers Laporte almost next to Gaviria, this is our best shot yet!


But the Colombian is just too strong. Laporte has achieves his best result and the train seems to be doing better now - evidenced by three riders in the Top 5-, but this is still a bit frustrating.

1. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates4h11’03
2. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3. Bryan CoquardB&B Hotels - Vital Concepts.t.
4. Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits.t.

Stage 11 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png

Guillaume Martin deliberately lost a couple more minutes to hopefully ensure that he’ll be allowed in the breakaway tomorrow.


UAE and this time also Groupama prove to have stronger sprint trains than we do.


Which makes it a very clear duel for the win, without us there. Laporte makes the best of it finishing third.

1. Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJ4h51'25
2. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emiratess.t.
3. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
4. Timo RoosenTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
5. Lennard HofstedeTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.

Stage 12 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png

Both Guillaume and Christophe Laporte enter the breakaway today that would eventually cosist of 28 riders.


Laporte easily takes 20 points at the intermediate sprint, getting into striking distance of Gaviria in the green jersey competition despite only two stage podiums so far.


Guillaume took a lot of points along the way.


In the end, Mühlberger was just a tiny bit stronger than Guillaume, who missed out on the stage win but finished ahead of the chasing favorites. The oh so desired stage win still eludes us after the halfway point of the race …

1. Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohe5h24’38
2. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 34
3. Egan BernalTeam Ineoss.t.
4. Michael WoodsEF Pro Cycling+ 47
5. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 59

1. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step54h38’06
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 41
3. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale+ 1’40
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 2’54
5. Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe+ 3’27
28. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 27'14
1. Fernando GaviriaBahrain McLaren207
2. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits190
3. Peter SaganBORA – hansgrohe139
1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits78
2. Esteban ChávesMitchelton-Scott45
3. Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates42
Laporte is collecting points in a Sagan style.
The win is near and you are closing on it.
Great riding from Martin and Laporte, keep it going Smile
@LLDS: It's the only shot we have at the jersey, Gaviria is too strong in the sprints and Laporte too inconsistend. We still need that win, but yes, we are getting closer Wink

@sutty68: We're showing flashes, but we need to improve a bit still. Let's see if we can do it in this part:

Tour de France, Part Five | 10.07. - 12.07.2020

Stage 13 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png

Guillaume Martin makes huge steps towards the mountain jersey, taking second or first place over all three summits.


He misses an attack on the descent though that splits the favorites’ group and he’s on the wrong side. Dan Martin takes the stage win.

1. Daniel MartinIsrael Start-Up Nation2h50’29
2. Adam YatesMitchelton-Scotts.t.
3. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
4. Ilnur ZakarinCCC Teams.t.
5. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineoss.t.
18. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédit+ 58

Stage 14 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png

Laporte once again joins the breakaway to take 20 points at the intermediate sprint - which is actually enough to take the green jersey!


Funnily enough, the breakaway actually succeeds. A very unexpected shot at a stage win, but there are a lot of strong puncheurs in this group and Laporte comes up just short once more. Still collects more valuable points at least.

1. Vincenzo NibaliTrek - Segafredo4h29'26
2. Alessandro De MarchiCCC Teams.t.
3. Michael ValgrenNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
4. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5. Damiano CarusoBahrain - McLaren+ 23

Stage 15 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png

With only three escapees ahead – one of them our own Nicolas Edet –, Laporte takes a lot of points as he comes fourth in the intermediate sprint. Gaviria is only three places behind, though.


Edet performed really well today and he was the last man standing (riding?) of the breakaway. For a moment, it even appeared like he had a chance to take the stage win.


But he was still eventually caught. Shortly after, Guillaume Martin used the final short but steep hill before the finish to attack!


And there it is! After two weeks of trying, we finally have our stage win! And who else but Guillaume in his beautiful polkadots jersey.

1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits5h23’44
2. Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
3. Gregor MĂĽhlbergerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
4. Patrick KonradBORA - hansgrohes.t.
5. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.

1. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step67h28’28
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 45
3. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale+ 1’44
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 2’58
5. Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe+ 3’31
27. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 28'06
1. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits240
2. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates216
3. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits151
1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits112
2. Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates66
3. Esteban ChávesMitchelton-Scott45
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Seems like you're taking over the jerseys and finally got your win!!
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Just caught up, really loving the TdF coverage! Amazing job finally getting that win, great tactics in the race too. KIU!
Tough TdF so far, but good that you have your stage win and 2 jersey's Grin
@Croatia14, VoetsT: I was very relieved when I got that win! As Laporte isn't super competitive in the sprints, I was worrying a bit, because breakaways and hilly finishes are always a bit of a gamble, so checking that box for the sponsor was big. And the jerseys are great as well (if I can keep them). At times it doesn't feel as satisfactory, for instance because the AI never sends sprinters in breakaways so I'm using a somewhat unfair advantage, but it's a thing that happens IRL, so I think it's okay Grin

@Timmsoski: Thanks for the kind words, always appreciated! Glad you like it!

Tour de France, Part Six | 14.07. - 16.07.2020

Stage 16 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Pierre-Luc Périchon takes part in today’s breakaway.


And they actually make it! Unfortunately, Périchon isn’t the savviest sprinter and couldn’t make it to the podium. What a win that would have been, and on Bastille Day, too!


Bauhaus wins the sprint from the peloton, Laporte finishes 10th - ahead of Gaviria, that’s the important part!

1. Krists NeilandsIsrael Start-Up Nation3h50'58
2. Kevin RezaB&B Hotels - Vital Concepts.t.
3. Joris NieuwenhuisTeam Sunwebs.t.
4. Enric MasMovistar Teams.t.
5. Pierre-Luc PérichonCofidis, Solutions Crédits.t.
10. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédit+ 2’32

Stage 17 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png

Guillaume Martin is in the breakaway to fortify his lead in the mountain classification, and it’s necessary because his main rival Conti is also present. But Martin manages to outdo him at every KoM sprint.


Descending from the final climb, Guillaume is alone with Nairo Quintana and Domenico Pozzovivo, with everyone else far enough behind.


And that’s an easy competition for him to outsprint! Polkadots - Check! Second stage win - Check!

1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits4h29'26
2. Nairo QuintanaTeam Arkéa - Samsics.t.
3. Domenico PozzovivoNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
4. Michael WoodsEF Pro Cycling+ 1’25
5. Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates+ 1’58

Stage 18 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png

Laporte uses another breakaway to extend his lead in the points classification.


Romain Bardet takes a great stage win and claims the yellow jersey - but with only two flat stages and a time trial, it looks like this is still Dumoulin’s race to lose.


Martin finishes on a strong sixth place ahead of Alaphilippe, whose quest to bring yellow to Paris ends today, unless he pulls an upset in the time trial.

1. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale4h57’32
2. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 31
3. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 1’01
4. Egan BernalTeam Ineos+ 1’12
5. Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohe+ 1’21
6. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

1. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale81h51’58
2. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 1
3. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 8
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 1’49
5. Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe+ 3’48
20. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 24’32
1. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits276
2. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates223
3. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits203
1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits181
2. Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates98
3. Esteban ChávesMitchelton-Scott63
Man, I am following your coverage like I sit in front of the TV. Well done! You managed to keep the suspense.
Happy to hear that Smile

Tour de France, Part Seven | 17.07. - 19.07.2020

Stage 19 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Périchon gets another day in the breakaway, and again it’s going to be successful, getting up to 17 minutes of advance on the peloton. Has he learned from his previous attempt?


Yes! He identified the decisive move initiated by Tim Wellens and sprinted early enough to prove that he was the strongest of the four sprinters! What a second half of the Tour we are having!


Laporte had a mediocre day, which is good because today was the best day to have one.

1. Pierre-Luc PérichonCofidis, Solutions Crédit5h33’39
2. Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
3. Ian StannardTeam Ineoss.t.
4. Tim WellensLotto Soudals.t.
5. Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
14. Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Crédit+ 10’59

Stage 20 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png

Geraint Thomas will end up the best of an ultimately disappointing Ineos squad. He wins the stage but only finishes fourth overall.


Dumoulin misses the stage win by fractions of a second but takes the yellow jersey ...


… from Romain Bardet in what is, if nothing extraordinary happens tomorrow, the smalles win margin in the history of the Tour de France! The Frenchman trails Dumoulin by only five seconds, with Julian Alaphilippe only another nine seconds behind Bardet!

1. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos28’15
2. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
3. Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+ 2
4. Bob JungelsDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 10
5. Egan BernalTeam Ineos+ 11
79. Pierre-Luc PérichonCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1’30

Stage 21 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png

Two Cofidis riders in the front row on the final day - what a picture.


We showed our colors as a sprint train as well, certain that the green jersey could not be taken from Laporte.


The happiness was just a little soured by an absolutely heartbreaking photo finish that saw Coquard take what would have been the ultimate stage win for Laporte on the Champs Elysees.

1. Bryan CoquardB&B Hotels – Vital Concept2h45’34
2. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
4. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emiratess.t.
5. Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJs.t.

1. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma90h51'29
2. Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale+ 5
3. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 14
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 1’41
5. Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe+ 3’53
6. Egan BernalTeam Ineos+ 5’18
7. Simon YatesMitchelton-Scott+ 7’58
8. Daniel MartinIsrael Start-Up Nation+ 8’02
9. Adam YatesMitchelton-Scott+ 8’12
10. Mikel LandaBahrain - McLaren+ 9’52
20. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 24’32
1. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits324
2. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates247
3. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits223
1. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits181
2. Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates98
3. Esteban ChávesMitchelton-Scott63
Phew. Thus end three exciting, taxing, exhilarating, tough weeks. After a mediocre first two weeks, the final seven days held three stage wins and two classification jerseys for us - everything we could have asked for at the beginning of the race. A stage win for Laporte on the Champs Elysees would have been the cherry on top, and our sprinter missing out on a stage win remains the only downer - but he'll just have to return next year, then with better support. And who knows, maybe we can tackle the GC then as well?
Edited by cunego59 on 26-02-2020 20:06
Congrats with the jerseys! Couldn't have been a much better tour for you - except that cherry missing on the top Wink
Amazing TDF for Cofidis and amazing coverage from your part, congrats!
In the final standings you have Bardet two times in the TOP 10. It is allowed to compete with your clone alongside?
Amazing to have the aggressive racing rewarded with long-awaited stage wins and jerseys in the end. Smile
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