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2020 PCM Daily Velogames Championship
Welcome to the 2020 PCM Daily Velogames Championship

We are a week away from the start of the TDU so I figured I'd start up the thread for this season's championship. Rules are all detailed below.

Following comments from last year I have decided to run 3 separate championships throughout the season. The overall PCM Daily Champion will still be the player with the highest score throughout the season based on every single velogames game that takes place.

However, I will also record the results of the Men and Women's races separately so that at the end of the year there will also be a Men's Race Champion, and a Women's race champion. I will update the results of the Men and Women race periodically throughout the year, but will keep the Overall standings updated on this post as in previous years.

So good luck for the season. Let me know if you have any queries regarding anything on this thread.

A brief outline of how the PCM Velogames Championship works is outlined below. If you have any questions then please post them on this thread. Hopefully we can get another title chase going this year that will be talked about for years to come Smile

The format is simple. Simply enter the PCMDaily leagues set up for each of the games throughout the year (https://www.velog...). At the end of each game the top 25 teams will be awarded points from 25 to 1. Double points will be awarded for the 5 larger games of the year (Spring Classics, Giro, Tour, Vuelta & Autumn Classics). Any minigames, such as the Tour de France's "King of the Mountains" competiotion, will also count towards the overall totals. At the end of the year the member with the greatest number of points will be crowned the PCMDaily Velogames Champion 2016.
N.B. The Tour de France has not been included for the last two years due to licensing issues, however we live in hope that this may be sorted at some point (though don't hold your breath)

Only a few rules to note:

-Please ensure you use the same user name for each game. If you use different usernames then points will be allocated to that name only. I don't have time to reconcile different usernames to the same individual. I will be more strict with this rule this year. Please ensure you use the same user name throughout the competition if you wish for all of your points to be allocated to the correct person. If you make a slight spelling mistake then I am happy to review this, however usernames which are completely different will not be amended and your points will be split between the different usernames. You are free to change the name of your team as much as you want.

-Please note I do not take responsibility for setting up PCMDaily leagues for the various races. We are usually quite good at setting up leagues and I will try to ensure that the leagues are advertised in this thread so you know which leagues to enter. Hopefully once people become aware of this competition/thread they will automatically start putting the details of the league into this thread.

-If I become aware of more then 1 league for a race I will advise which one will be used to score points in this thread.

-You don't need to enter every game throughout the year. Obviously you will simply not earn any points for races you do not enter.

-Multiple Teams - I noticed that some players entered multiple teams in competitions last year. You may enter as many teams as you wish providing you use a different username for each team. Points will be allocated to each of your teams based upon their user name as per the normal rules. If however you use the same username for multiple teams you will not score any points for any of your teams.

- Bonus points will be allocated to players finishing in the top 100 of the overall Velogames league as follows (Double bonus points for the big 4 games):
Overall Winner = 25
Top 5 = 20
Top 10 = 15
Top 50 = 10
Top 100 = 5

I will try to provide an updated league table after each game but this will be very much dependant on free time at my end.

I think that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck


Current Overall Standings (Top 25 Only)

Clamel 342
ember 311
Banesi 297
Gargatouf 289
murfi 288
LaChouffe 262
Roturn 215
Wyman 202
Peadar O'Murchu 201
FreitasPCM 196
Tamijo 188
df_Trek 184
Knasen 179
Ringo182 179
alexkr00 178
Laco11 159
DaveTwoBob 155
Kalach 150
Marcovdw 150
Lord Di Lego 147
Omloop 135
Timo 120
rastuff 113
Johnys 111
Alari 100

Previous Overall Winners

2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - Ian Russell
2018 - Ember
2019 - Ember
2020 - Clamel

Previous Individual Game Winners

Tour Down Under
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - fjhoekie
2018 - Nathan
2019 - Lord Di Lego
2020 - Roturn

2016 - Strydz
2017 - Alex Wyman
2018 - Timo
2019 - Timo
2020 - Banesi

2016 - Ben
2017 - Clamel
2018 - Purepasd
2019 - Wyman
2020 - Gargatouf

Volta a Catalunya
2018 - Gargatouf
2019 - Ian Russell

Vuelta al Pais Vasco
2018 - Banesi
2019 - Gargatouf

Spring Classics
2016 - Smowz
2017 - Timo
2018 - Ian Russell
2019 - ember

Tour de Romandie
2016 - Roturn
2017 - Kid Bengala
2018 - Kalach
2019 - Kalach

Tour of California
2016 - Squire
2017 - Juan Carlos
2018 - Omloop
2019 - emre99

Giro d'Italia
2016 - Sergi Carbonell
2017 - emre99
2018 - Kembo Tony
2019 - Ian Russell
2020 - Laco11

Criterium Du Dauphine
2016 - Strydz
2017 - Strydz
2018 - Peter Murphy
2019 - Clamel
2020 - Clamel

OVO Energy Womens Tour
2017 - Clamel
2018 - Lord di Lego
2019 - ember

Tour De Suisse
2016 - Lobselej
2017 - Gargatouf
2018 - Timo
2019 - Banesi

Giro Rosa
2017 - Gargatouf
2018 - Ringo182
2019 - ember
2020 - Clamel

Tour de France - King of the Mountains
2017 - Ian Russell
2018 - N/A
2019 - N/A
2020 - Knasen

Tour de France
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - Gavin Marsden
2018 - N/A

Tour of Poland
2019 - Kalach
2020 - Kalach

BinckBanck Tour (Previously the Eneco Tour)
2016 - Clamel
2017 - Alexkr00
2018 - FreitasPCM
2019 - ember
2020 - FreitasPCM

Volta a Portugal
2016 - Spilak23
2017 - Sano
2018 - Banesi
2019 - Gustavovskiy
2020 - rastuff

Women's Tour of Norway
2019 - Clamel

Boels Ladies Tour
2019 - Clamel

Vuelta Espana
2016 - Luis
2017 - Lord Di Lego
2018 - Squire
2019 - JotaCe
2020 - Laco11

Tour of Britain
2016 - Gargatouf
2017 - Dominox
2018 - LaChouffe
2019 - Lord di Lego

Autumn Classics
2018 - Purepasd
2019 - ember

Women's Classics
2020 - Clamel

2020 - ember

Number of Victories

9 Wins - Clamel
6 Wins - Ian Russell, Gargatouf, ember
4 Wins - Timo, Lord Di Lego, Banesi, Kalach
3 Wins - Strydz
2 Wins - Squire, emre99, Roturn, FreitasPCM, Laco11
1 Win - 26 Players
Edited by ringo182 on 17-11-2020 16:04
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Thanks for setting this up again.

Has an agreement been reached about which games we be playing? (with or without transfer limits)
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
I guess we can do a vote again in the run up to the Spring Classics. Last year we voted to use the new system (Without Limits) but this year people might prefer the old system. https://pcmdaily....d_id=53317

I guess it'll also be dependant upon how George at Velogames actually sets it up this year. He might not give us an option.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Thanks again for running this ringo.

I would vote for limited Spring Classics and unlimited Autumn Classics.

Now I just need to make sure I have a section of wall ready to bang my head against when I ruin my team with last minute changes Smile
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Thanks for running this again. Was following them as well already trying to find out about the TdU game.

Guess being that much in the middle of the ranking despite almost never missing any event, is not very successful. Pfft

Will try to get this improved in 2020.
Time for another year then. Getting more complicated with three formats this year. To be on the race for the big one both Men and Women needs to be top notch.
With what I think very many more races and decisions to make I would sruely vote for the new setup with no limits in both Spring and Autumn. The time and effort it takes to plan ahead in the limited system is almost wrecking it.

You get behind in the points after some 3-4 races you are totally out of it but with no limits you can still muster a great comeback and score high in some races. It really kills you if a cyclist gets injured that was expensive to buy and the whole startegy of your thinking got crushed.
I agree that the limit-formula is thrilling but I for one do have a life outside of this and many more with me surely.
I have noticed some that really gone bad at the start have then just lost interrest and makes no changes at all when the final races come along. That gives a hint that once feeling out of the overall race you just toss in the towel. If you could make massive changes to those final races and set up a proper strategy for the race at hand it make things much more thrilling.

That's my 2 cent regarding the matter at hand.

Anyway I wish each and everyone the very best of luck (and skill) for the upcoming season.
AND a BIG thanks to Ringo seting it up even more complicated yet another year.

So lets get started. Banana

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
Well I would definitely vote in favor of limited transfers, it makes the game more challenging.

Alternatively, just count both of them?
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
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Posted on 17-04-2021 21:07
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Like I said, we can have a vote nearer to the time. George might not even give us a choice this year. He might just go with whichever was the most popular last year.

I don't think running two separate comps is the answer. The reason most people vote for unlimited transfers is to reduce the time taken to keep on top of their team. Running two comps and increasing the time required may simply put people off entering at all.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
PCM.Daily League Code: 341552526

Off for a good season.
Thanks for organising it again this year Ringo. I've joined the PCM league and looking forward to another year of Velogames!!
Thanks Roturn. Got my team entered. As usual the TDU is impossible to call. So little racing to judge form by that you end up just picking 9 names you recognise and hope for the best.

I'll be looking to follow up my top 10 overall finish last year and try to break into the top 5. No doubt last year was the exception rather than the rule and I'll slide back into obscurity this season Smile
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
I'm in again aswell, let's get the year of cycling started!
Thanks for keeping score once again, Ringo.
Joined as well, for the first time. Let's see how this goes!
Here we go then!
Hi again to all Smile

Thanks @ringo for setting this up once again. I think that these two separate championships will be good.

I am looking forward to this Velogames once again. Even though I do not think that I will be able to exceed my previous top 5 overall result. But I am definitely interested for 3rd win in Tour de Romandie in a row :lol:Banana Cheers to everybody.
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
PCM Velogames Championship - Top Results

* 1st Tour de Romandie ('19, '18)
* 1st Tour de Pologne ('20, '19)
* 2nd Tour of California ('19)
* 2nd Tour de Suisse ('18)
* 3rd Autumn Classics ('19, '18)
* 9th Spring Classics ('18)
Stage 1 spoiler:

Rohan Dennis better performs well...did a last minute change yesterday due to the double uphill finish and added him basically by cutting Bennett, which seeing stage 1 was a shit decision.
Also replaced Baska with Dainese after the criterium as Bora looked to ride for Laas. 2nd shit decision.
Stage 1 done, already pulling my hair out Rolling Eyes:lol:

Why did I go for Viviani over Bennett?!?!?!

Got to hope my GC 3 of Porte, Dennis and Yates can do something, although I'd bet that practically everyone has at least 2 of those riders in their team. It's all about the differentials in Australia.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Snuck up on me, is it late January already? Just about entered a team in time.

Tour Down Under - as much about guessing who is interested in racing and who's just there for some sunny training time as any team or route analysis...

Here's hoping that the extra lumps or wind don't mean less sprints, that Porte only shows up on Willunga and that Dennis is remotely interested!

Thanks for organising again Ringo.
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