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Game keeps crashing at the same change of date.
I still haven't figured out why my games keeps crashing, and all possible solution I know of didn't change a thing. So I'm hoping someone else can help me out here.

- Game keeps crashing when advancing to June 15th - later I can't even load my save anymore.

- I can't see anything wrong with the stages planned on June 15th.

- The two latest weekly saves crash at the exact same point.

- I can skip to June 16th but then the game crashes again when the first race starts to simulate.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
I've never been in such a desperate situation, so this is just guesswork. If it crashes on a date change we can assume it has nothing to do with the races(?). Mid-June, what I'd mostly associate with that is sponsors. Is any team trying to change their sponsor? Maybe the new sponsor is faulty somehow? Very unlikely, but I don't have any other ideas.

Checked dyn_sponsor and dyn_team's future sponsor column, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

I think things went wrong when I tried to move the first TDF rest day to earlier in the race, changing the date of every stage, while the race had already begun. But now it's back at June 15th, the day that first rest day was planned to begin with.
Your Tour de France is running in June, not July? Either way, don't you have a weekly save before you started (and started editing) the Tour?

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Wow, can't believe I actually referred to June twice. Rolling Eyes

I do, yet these crash when I want to open the calender or try to simulate a stage.
Are you sure you haven't done any earlier editing? Because if not, as much as I'd like your meddling with the TdF to be the culprit, it can't be. What else does that leave? I simulated a weekly save to the 15th of July (a TdF rest day in PCM14, too) and the two things that cropped up were the calendar confirmation request and one rider I had been waiting on for weeks told me he was ready to sign.

I don't see how that calendar confirmation could be a problem. And a "faulty" transfer? I wouldn't know where to start. Did you make any budget changes? Smile But I feel it has to be something fairly unique tied to that day, otherwise, why crash, repeatably, on that day and no other?

When you skip a day you only skip a rest day, right? Or did you only try that with your changed rest day? Might be worth another try with a weekly save. Because skipping a rest day seems safe enough and if the game then crashes on the next stage it might be something to do with stage 11 after all. You could try substituting in a different stage. All this is grasping at straws, obviously. So... some problem with that TdF, possibly unrelated to you changing the rest day. Or some transfer problem, though I have never heard of such a thing. Sorry, not very helpful, I know.

I certainly appreciate you writing down your thoughts on this.

I did skip a rest day yes. The stage on July 14th works fine, then when I advance a day the game crashes, I can't load the save, and skipping to July 16th only leads to a new crash when I simulate the first stage on that day.

I'm pretty sure I edited some budgets. What could be the issue with that regard?


A clean install allowed me to load a save on July 15th, I'm going to add a few things now to see how that turns out.

Edited by Kiserlovski01 on 10-08-2019 20:06
Sounds promising, good luck. I wonder why it could help, if you had a fully modded Skyrim and it kept crashing a clean install would be my no. 1 recommendation, but PCM?

Well, team budgets was another unlikely guess, but since there are rider decisions on that date I was thinking that maybe it could make the game crash if an edited budget is too low to afford the riders (or just different from what the game expected).

I didn't really think it would change a thing either, fingers crossed it stays that way now. Smile
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