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MG New Riders Suggestions [2019]
quadsas wrote:
Croatia14 wrote:
@quasdas: surely Venantas Lašinis is the most promising young Lithuanian, maybe work on him...

Lasinis is, but he's already in the database and he's dreadful

If he's a FA then you are allowed to suggest a stats update Wink
viking90 wrote:
I´m just throwing a name out here so anybody with better knowledge about him can make up some stats...?!

Hannes Bergström Frisk - 1995-06-07
Best result so far
5th in GC at Tour du Maroc (2.2) 2019
11th GC Tour of Qinghai Lake (2.HC) 2018

Haven't got time to make actual stats but he is a classic GC rider with very little punch but good RES. Good TT.

Would say his younger brother Erik so far looks like he will become better than Hannes (right now they are fairly equal)


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Jaako Hänninen should be added. Signed for AG2R as from 1st of August. In real life probably sort of a hilly all-rounder. Best youth in Coupe de France last year.
Looking at who whe beat when he won Tour de Gevaudin Occitaine last season he probably will be a good climber, as also suggested by his bronze medal at the U23 world's.
Have barely ridden any TT's on high level but former Finnish champion both U23 and junior so perhaps he could be more if a GC rider in the game as Finland lacks that but have a couple of punchers in development.
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Also some suggestions have already been made to the training possibilities in the 2019 suggestions thread.

I'm especially in favor of adding some ACC to the classics tab.
Vien wrote:
Also some suggestions have already been made to the training possibilities in the 2019 suggestions thread.

I'm especially in favor of adding some ACC to the classics tab.

And also to pure cobbles training.
With the importance on acc this surely is something to consider.

But keep in mind that the trainings sprinter and fighter give high acc and still have lots of similarities with cobbles/classics. So a combination of more trainings can lead to a good classic guy with good acceleration already. Must be checked to not overpower them too much when doing combined training and even more acc.
Giving a bit of ACC to cobblers wouldn’t hurt imo.

SotD wrote:
Giving a bit of ACC to cobblers wouldn’t hurt imo.

Im a big fan of giving cobblers a bit more acc too but i reckon a slow introduction might be best.

Add it to the level 1 training this year, level 2 next year etc. that way the changes dont impact longterm planning and previously added talents as much.

Perhaps reduce the SP for the cobbler part a bit to balance it with other training paths to counter the added acc bonus too if deemed necessary..
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Will definitely look into this!

That said, for the actual stat gains of the 2018 improvements, it won`t play a role. Changes would only be made for the 2019_stat gain file, which then comes into play at the end of the 2019 season.
Pier-Andrê Cote is one of the strongest prospects in Canada atm, he has done incredibly well on various parcours, mainly having a strong finishing punch or winning straight out bunch sprints. With Houle and Boivin declining soon, adding in a stronger Canadian talent for sprinting would be very nice for national focus reasons. Again a rider that can go both ways in term of getting stronger on hills or turn out a pure sprinter. Development shown here is just with sprint. Firstcycling page

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Non-Pcmgraphical request center:https://pcmdaily.c...ost_471564

NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite Manager
Ivan Sosa the young future Grand Tour rider from Team Ineos. Might be a bit overlooked considering his close friend Egan Bernal is several steps ahead of him. He captured the u25 classification at La Route d'Occitanie - La Dépêche du Midi. He rode respectable in Giro d'Italia. He captured the KOM jersey and 2nd overall and in the u25 classification at Colombia 2.1.

I feel like he should at least get his stats fixed. As allways, i might be a bit to aggressiv with the stats. But Ivan should get a hefty bump right?
IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
4.100 by Stage Race

Tadej Pogacar is one of the greatest talents in modern cycling, and i could not find him in the DB. He has so far this season won the NC ITT, the u25 at Tour of Slovenia, the overall aswell as the u25 at Amgen Tour of California, the u25 at Itzulia Basque Country and the u25 and overall at Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta. Aswell as a respectable 18th at Liège-Bastogne-Liège. This kid can climb the long mountains aswell as the shorter hills with a great neck for ITT.

And again... I might be to aggressive with the stats.
IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
4.100 by Stage Race

Riders like Marc Hirschi should be added and Stephen Williams should be bumped?
Bram Welten: Best of the Dutch class this season. Fast sprinter who can also hang onto the reduced bunch in easier cobbled and punchy stages.

Best results
Stage win - Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste ('17)
2nd Route Adélie de Vitré ('19)
2nd Grand Prix Criquielion ('17)
5th Grand Prix de Denain - Porte du Hainaut ('18)
4th Paris-Bourges ('18)
4th Cholet - Pays de la Loire ('19)
5th Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen ('18)
5th Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde ('18)
8th Danilith Nokere Koerse ('19)
8th Grand Prix de Denain - Porte du Hainaut ('19)

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
xWeltenBram69636658656768677069566659 NEDEU10290319976
xWeltenBram76646958727076727977566759 NEDEU4100290319976
xWeltenBram76636959687473677977566767 NEDEU4100290319976
xWeltenBram76636958737471767770576759 NEDEU4100290319976

Training - Sprinter, Track-Sprint, Cobbles (in that order, row-wise)

Pascal Eenkhoorn: A multi-faceted rider, comfortable on multiple terrains. Looks to eventually be heading towards becoming a climber. Strong in shorter TTs as well. Has ridden as domestique in both stage races and cobbles in the WT this season.

Best results
Stage win - Colorado Classic ('18)
Stage win - Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali ('18)
Stage win - Olympia's Tour ('17)
2x 2nd Stage Olympia's Tour ('17)
5th Stage The Larry H.Miller Tour of Utah ('18)
GC win - Olympia's Tour ('17)
2nd GC Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour ('17)
8th GC Tour de Normandie ('17)
10th GC Ovo Energy Tour of Britain ('18)
17th Paris - Tours Elite ('18)

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
xEenkhoornPascal69696764656768656468666670 NEDEU10080219975
xEenkhoornPascal70787565687175656475746771 NEDEU4100080219975
xEenkhoornPascal72787271727275656469676777 NEDEU4100080219975

Training - Climberv1, Stage Races (in that order, row-wise)

Arvid de Kleijn: Typical punchy sprinter who's not the fastest but loves it when the road is bumpy.

Best results
2x Stage Tour du Loir et Cher E Provost ('19, '17)
Stage Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques ('19)
Stage Tour de Normandie ('19)
Win - Sluitingsprijs Putte-Kapellen ('17)
Win - Antwerpse Havenpijl ('17)
Win - Midden-Brabant Poort Omloop ('19)
2nd GC Tour de Normandie ('19)
2nd Profronde van Noord-Holland ('17)
2nd GP Horsens Posten ('16)
4th Nationale Sluitingprijs - Putte - Kapellen ('16)

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
xde KleijnArvid69597160686974667372616367 NEDEU30210319943
xde KleijnArvid72597260717077687776616367 NEDEU4100210319943
xde KleijnArvid71597260697273657776616270 NEDEU4100210319943
xde KleijnArvid69617560717173657475646367 NEDEU4100210319943

Training - Sprinter, Track-Sprint, Hills (in that order, row-wise)

Bas van der Kooij: Similar to de Kleijn but more of a pure sprinter who is not scared of undulations.

Best results
Stage Win - Tour of Antalya ('19)
2nd Stage Tour of Qinghai Lake ('19)
2nd PWZ Zuidenveld Tour ('19)
3rd Fyen Rundt - Tour of Fyen ('18)
3rd GP Himmerland Rundt ('19)
3rd Antwerpse Havenpijl ('18)
3rd National Championships Netherlands - Road Race ('19)
4th Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic ('18)
4th GC A Travers les Hauts de France ('19)
4th Stage Tour of Qinghai Lake ('19)

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
xvan der KooijBas68626960727373637473626566 NEDEU30161119954
xvan der KooijBas72627060757476667877626666 NEDEU4100161119954
xvan der KooijBas72627061737675637877626670 NEDEU4100161119954

Training - Sprinter, Track-Sprint (in that order, row-wise)

Martijn Budding: Hugley improved rider this season with a couple of wins and multiple Top 10 results on mostly hilly profiles. He's no slouch in the sprint either.

Best results
Stage win - Ronde de l'Oise ('16)
Stage win - International Tour of Rhodes ('19)
Stage win - Tour de la Mirabelle ('19)
GC International Tour of Rhodes ('19)
10th GC Baloise Belgium Tour ('18)
6th Ronde van Limburg ('19)
7th Schaal Sels ('17)
7th Circuit de Wallonie ('19)
2nd Ronde van Overijssel ('19)
8th Classic Sud Ardèche - Souvenir Francis Delpech ('17)

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
xBuddingMartijn69667059686872686971696663 NEDEU20310819954
xBuddingMartijn72697760747175687075736764 NEDEU4100310819954
xBuddingMartijn70727659697176686977756763 NEDEU4100310819954
xBuddingMartijn75667159726976727677696763 NEDEU4100310819954

Training - Hills, Climberv1, Sprinter (in that order, row-wise)

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 23-07-2019 06:41
Yellow Jersey
So I did my research on Andorran riders, it was quite dificult in fact as they are very rare, but very specialized. I had the attributes quite high as Andorra is not only lacking top riders, it is literally missing riders that can do more than being domestiques at CT level, perhaps low-level PCT. I've brought out some possibilities, some of these riders have fun skillsets that can be played with, with the lower limits on the skills it's expected a more balanced field in the future and as Andorra now as a team harvesting in the talent, may it be high or low level, it's one of the countries that deserves some more depth in the database.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotTraining
xXandriJan68767573687472606272767471ANDEU410018319945Stage Race

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotTraining

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotTraining

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotTraining

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotTraining

These two riders are also available to be inserted into the Database, I won't be too pushy so I want them to come with random attributes, or ones decided by you. They are still young (relatively at least) and they would insert more depth in a way that they would completely be a part of MG.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotTraining

Mario Spengler SWI 22/08/1997

Younger Brother of Lukas Spengler, Mario seems to be the less talented of the 2 but is still has good potential in his own right judging by some of his results. He looks to be a good, if unspectacular sprinter with some decent prologue/ short TT results to his name.

From what I can see he is normally towards the front of his group when races are split up and in the 10-15 place range on flat stages that end in a sprint. I’d suggest adding him in as a leadout level sprinter with a decent Prologue stat and a limited ability to survive hills.

Maybe something like 77/78 SP/Acc, 75Pr, 70Hi when maxed? That would make him similar to (but slightly weaker than) Aregger who would be 1 year from starting his decline.

Second link includes some NE races, if anyone knows these races or knows if they have profiles anywhere it would be appreciated if you could share where to look so I can judge other riders better.


Gino Mäder SWI 04/01/1997 ID: 594

Currently a Free Agent in the MGDB, Gino is set to max out at 73 Cob right now but is showing a lot more potential than that. After a strong showing last season with IAM Excelsior he has been signed up to Dimension Data WT team for 2019, with his best result this season being completing the Tour de Suisse in 31st GC and 10th in a stage of the Vuelta San Juan at the very start of the season.

Last season however was a breakout year for him getting a total of 5 wins and finishing 3rd at the prestigious Tour de L’Avenir. From what I can gather he is at his best on Hilly or mountainous stages, which is where all his wins came and would probably be better suited to the profile of a Climber V1 kinda guy as compared to other Swiss riders he isn’t one of the nation’s elite TT riders but could still merit his place in a TTT if junior results are an indication.


Niels Merckx BEL 13/09/1994

All of his results have been in small Belgian races where I haven’t found profiles so I don’t know his speciality and he probably isn’t good enough to get in based on his results considering how many Belgian riders are in the DB already however I couldn’t resist suggesting him just for the easter egg of having a Merckx in the DB Pfft

I’ll be Honest, I just guessed at stats for him as I have no idea on the races profiles but as a rider that would mainly be included because of his name I only wanted to create a Versatile CT domestique out of him and nothing particularly special unless anyone knows any different.


Muhsin Misbah MAS 23/07/1997

Results suggest he is a strong Climber, as most of his best results come in mountains/ tough hill stages. He won both the under 23 and Senior national TT titles in Malaysia this year so I think he must have some ability there even if it isn’t his main strength.

I know his results don’t fit strong stats as they are only in Asian races and not against elite competition, but considering in the DB currently 4 of the top 6 Malaysian riders are 30 or over based on OVL, including the standout rider in Anuar Aziz I don’t think adding him with PCT leader potential to replace Anuar Aziz, albeit on a different terrain, would be a problem.

I could see him ending with a stat line of 79MO, 76HI, 74TT being a reasonable replacement whilst sticking to where he has already shown his real life strengths lie, especially as Anuar Aziz hits his first year of decline this season.


Nur Aiman Zariff MAS 01/10/1997 ID:212

Currently a very versatile level 1 free agent, however his best option right now turns him into a 70 Sprint rider, Stage Race, TT or Cobbles training options all get his main stat to 69 or 68 so not even worth it as a CT domestique. Best I could currently make him is a 74 Prologue rider.

Considering he profiles as a sprinter and all of the current top 5 Malaysian sprinters are 30 or 32 there is soon to be a lack of Malaysian options there, so giving him a specialisation and a chance to max at stats similar to Salleh so he would be a leading CT sprinter wouldn’t be a problem considering by the time he maxes he will be the best Malaysian sprinter and all the current ones will be either 33 or 35 so no longer as good, Salleh himself would be second year of decline so part of a leadout train for him the first year he maxes as a passing of the torch kinda moment if I manage to pick up Zariff, and if not then hopefully there is a flat WC they can have that moment in before Salleh declines too much.


I'm fairly shit at stats so only giving suggestions for maxed stats.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
212ZariffNur Aiman70606060716777608080606770MASAS410011019975

I'm not suggesting Hirschi because he is 1998 and I think he would likely be held back to be one of the top additions next season judging by his WT results so far this year. Also if anyone knows these riders better feel free to correct me.
Sykkel_Freak wrote:
I'll start with three suggestions, more might follow later. These riders are pretty well known, but I can't say I've followed them closely or seen a lot of them, so feel free to let me know if my stat suggestions are way off Pfft

Jasper Philipsen: First and foremost a sprinter of course, with a range of top 5's this year from small and big races. Won Paris - Tours Espoirs in 2017. Six out of seven Belgian MG rider with 80+ sprint is 30 years or older, so 80 potential in sprints shouldn't be a problem. In addition, he's a pretty good cobbler, achieved top 5's in both Paris - Roubaix Espoirs and Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften. Also delivered good TT's as a junior, x2 national champion and 6th in the WC time trial in Richmond. Training examples below: sprint, cobbles, track-sprint and fabian.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Bjorg Lambrecht: His most impressive performances as a pro has been in the hills, with a 6th place in Amstel and 4th in Flèche Wallonne this year. In the mountains, he's been very consistent and won the white jersey in Dauphine for example. He finished 2nd behind Bernal in l'Avenir 2017 and been top 10 in Valle d'Aosta twice, with a second place as best. Was also second in the WC U23 road race in Innsbruck. Usually well placed in the peloton, thus warranting a decent flat stat, but does not seem to favor TT's or long races. Training examples below: stage race, climberv1, climberv2, hills.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Tim Merlier: Cyclocrosser who's proven himself to be a very fast sprinter. Won the Belgian NC and Elstedenronde this year, and two stages in Danmark Rundt last year. Also done well in the Tour of Belgium sprints the past couple of years, beating Philipsen and Jakobsen on several occasions. Unfortunately he's not been riding the biggest of races, so hard to say how fast he really is, around 76 is probably fair, but perhaps also a bit conservative. Training examples below: sprint, cobbles, classics.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

3 very nice riders I was going to suggest myself, well done! Just going to add a few more comments. Philipsen will become a sprinter I think, he's good on cobbles but he's not world class. I think he'd do best in munchy sprints, so I'd up his hill a bit as well. In my opinion, he should be a slightly better version of the current Tom Van Asbroeck. And sign for my team Wink

Lambrecht is more of a puncheur then a climber in my opinion, Dan Martin / Dani Moreno type. Add 1 to his base hill stat and it's fine I think, also a huge talent so starting of with 71 hill should be fine in my opinion. Lastly, he should also sign for my team.

Merlier has been the fastest Belgian sprinter for a few years now, so looking at the numbers other sprinters get, I think he could be a little higher than what you suggest. You can have this one then.

Back from holyday, will do some more catching up tomorrow.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Thanks for the suggestions so far and I really appreciate that many of you add more than one training option to the maxed stats as this helps a lot.

In Lambrecht`s case above actually it shows pretty good that it`s important to be careful with the start stats. If he is supposed to end up as a puncheur, the start stats most likely won`t work as most managers most likely would go for the climberV1 training, which then results in the 79mo/78hi/75acc. Or maybe as some mix into the stage racer category with less acc/hi and higher TT.

While the actual plan was maybe more the bottom stat line with 74 mo 79 hi 76 acc to really make him a puncheur. At least this would have been my main idea of adding a rider like him, that did well in the Ardennes and shorter hill races.

Slovenia is having a brilliant class this year. As mentioned a couple of years ago, the year of 1998 is a golden generation in Slovenian cycling, with some rather strong riders. Frontrunner of course is Tadej Pogačar, who won Avenir last year and moved on to impressively beat the world class in races like California and Algarve. Winning a WT races as a late 98er is already strong, being the 2nd best scorer at UAE Abu Dhabi at the age of 20 is on another level. I suggest him as the replacement of Simon Spilak, who'll decline after this season. Pogacar could take over his Rein as the front runner in Slovenian Stage Racing once Spilak is retired.

His stats are modelled in a manner that it excludes the possibility of the Miguel Angel Lopez training path that puts hill as the main stat of a rider intended to be a stage racer. With this style of stats I'm confident that, as intended, stage racer is the best way to train him. First path is stage racer, second path is climber v1


The second big hope of Slovenia of this year is Žiga Jerman, who rides for Groupama-FDJ u23. He is a strongman that does very well in sprints but also really enjoys the cobbles. I'm convinced he'll promote to the main team with classics results like his at young age. I modelled him as a high flat guy with a strong sprint and decent cobbles, as this fills the needs of Slovenia more than pure sprinter or cobbler. I kept his flaws, which are any sort of time trial or uphill riding alongside average acceleration, to make sure he won't be of more than domestique use on hybrid terrains or mixed stage races. Potential 7 has been used just for modelling reasons, as otherwise cobbled training could've been a useful option instead. He could replace the sprint/half-classic side of Marko Kump as Slovenian in the long term, as he'll be declined when Jerman has become a useful rider.


More Slovenian riders on the list are there to provide needs in the current Slovenian cycling state in mg. With 2 teams having a quite national-biased approach on Slovenia accumulating the riders and also developing lower-level talent (Isostar & Swisslion) with more teams looking towards that market, I feel like there is a need and space for a couple of more good domestiques/free riders. Slovenia also is an emerging market irl with the presence of Roglic, Mohoric and Pogacar especially, so it should be similar in MG with the interest into Slovenian riders.

Matic Grošelj really is an allrounder, excelling at his pace on the flat. For making use of him in MG, I took away his uphill strength for creating a two-trick flat powerhouse that favors the race against the clock.

Ziga Rucigaj is already in the db as an allrounder, which kind of matches his real strengths. I'd like him as a flat powerhouse as well, that could just push the pace on the flat which no Slovenian in the db atm can't do really well on a higher level.

Tilen Finkšt is another versatile guy that can do a lot of damage on several terrains. With his frame I could see him riding the best at the tougher cobbled races with some hilly obstacles.

Kristjan Hočevar comes from CX and came out of nowhere into the scene just this year. He uses his flashy acceleration and downhill abilities to be a dangerous climber in the mountains. While his sprint and energy stats as well as his lackluster time trial will be kept far below par, he'd be a very handy PCT opportunity climber with maxed stats.

Luka Pajek is a heavy metal sprinter with strong legs. He can take on tough flat days with his projected max stats, but with his awful energy stats he surely is meant to be a leadout guy instead of a man that can go for himself, especially with no significant hill/cobbled/tt skill for any hybrid terrain.

Jure Rupnik has some great power in his legs for flat stages, while adding a punch for any sort of speedbumps. He's drawn up to be a domestique in classics races.

Matic Veber shares the same qualities, though yet on a lower level. His stats are mainly fantasy based, so that you could develop him into a cool multi-trick domestique. Note that with him also cobbles and classics training would be interesting, but I'd prefer hills.


Also I'm going to repeat the suggestions for Gorazd Per and Jon Bozic from last year, as the sadly turned out to be pretty useless in the shape they were added.

Gorazd Per: First of all it would be freakin awesome to have the Per brothers together on cobbles. Then he has some great technigue with some power in his legs. And he's surprisingly punchy also on hills for a man with his statue.
Jon Bozic: A powerhouse that can go very fast over short term efforts. Huge energy potential, but especially awful over hills.


For Estonia, they finally have a very promising rider in Siim Kiskonen. He does a lot of things very well, but I see him the most as a classics man. Steven Kalf rides overseas in the US and seems to develop into a very nice powerhouse over there. Kristjan Johanson doesn't have any result to justify his proposal, but coming from MTB as well his stats seems to be quite fun without any back-ups, so he could be an interesting mg rider and add some flair to Estonia. Peter Pruus is an old allrounder that could take his final years as an all terrain domestique. Aksel Nommela however is a strong rider that sprints very well after some hills or cobbles. He did great in his CX attempts in the Belgian winter as well, so his stats reflect the identity of his numerous years of riding in the Benelux countries mainly.


Also I took care of a couple of regions nobody really likes to promote atm, but I felt like they could use a push. For internationals I took on the star talents Aliaksandr Riabushenko (classics leadout for Kristoff, also strong puncheur e.g. Lugano when riding for himself) and Dusan Rajovic. While Riabushenko should be added to become a puncheur with a great sprint, I like Rajovic with a certain flair. He wouldn't be a consistent rider with his stats, and only useful in flat sprints, but similar to Theo Reinhardt could have some flashy results here and there. Both have placeholder stats in the db.

Ognjen Ilić is the first of a bunch of domestique level balcan riders I'd like to throw into the ring. While he is a TT-first guy and competing well on national level for several years despite his young age, Dragan Nikolcevic is THE rider from the Kosovo. He is just the guy with the most power there, winning road and tt races en masse. He's a flat only no climb no hills no cobbles races in the proposal. Ivan Širić is the coolest Bosnian talent I could find. He'd make a handy classics sprinter for any team, being a leadout or a captain on lower level.


Keep in mind that some of these stats (for Estonians and Internationals more as for the Slovenians) are obviously long shots, but in my opinion they'd add to some flair into the game. Also it's just a lot of fun to fine-tune those. As it took several hours to create these riders and to model them to useful mg paths, I am quite convinced that I made sure to have laid out the best possible training paths. If any questions arise, I'd obviously discuss and share thoughts on this.
Would you like to hear about our Lord and Savior Lennard Kämna now? Pfft
I hope I am allowed to discuss this matter, and I have tried my hardest to remain unbiased.

Kämna has shown prowess as a leadout rider, a climber (just recently), a decent puncheur, and of course as a TTer. He's not awfully slow in a small sprint either.
So my basic guideline for his stats was to make him a versatile superdomestique with a potential to reach leader status in sub-GT races with a couple of years of training. Nothing overpowered, but a good addition to any team.

They have been roughly modeled to have Kämna be somewhat of a Nico Keinath replacement, who will be well into his decline by the time Kämna would max out, while also slightly taking into account that Germany's top TTers Fiedler, Kittel and Schädlich will decline soon too.
Taking this and real life into consideration, I have gone for slightly higher TT for a former junior world champion compared to Keinath, but reduced MO in return to keep his overall profile balanced, and because Herklotz has been so overpowered in that regard.
I think this keeps his abilities well within the realm of what he can achieve IRL in a few years.

Interestingly these stats are also not far off what SotD suggested last season, even though I only looked them up while finishing up this post. Wink

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

I think it is fair to have a 1996 rider start on level 2, in particular one who has three years of WT experience.
This will make him maxed out as a 26 year old if given perfect xp opportunities.
In return, I have decided to put him on a lower potential with pot4. There are several reasons for this that I deem sensible.

1) It makes him more useful on lower xp levels, which again can be explained with his experience.

2) It reduces the variance of his final stats in regard to different training plans.
As you can see, both hilly training and pure TT training make sense to a degree if a team has specific needs on those positions, and maybe some training funds further down the road.

A puncheur path with a little bit of training could result in an Izagirre type, the TT routes in something resembling Ignatiev minus the sprint/acceleration. Pot 4 helps in both cases compared to pot 5 as it omits the sprint gain for the puncheur route that might make him too versatile, and doesn't make his TT routes too strong.
Because of the RP element of my team that's likely to unfold in 2019, would be nice to have a Georgian youngster that is not completely useless.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsYearPot

If you wanna make him better I'd be fine with that Grin

Sadly what seems to be the best Georgian rider is 17 at the moment, and everyone else sucks, gotta clutch at the straws here
Edited by quadsas on 24-07-2019 19:08
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
knockout also sent me suggested stats for Rojus Adomaitis, so I'll just post them here (with a little bit embelishment Grin, cause by the time he will be maxed, Kruopis will be in steep decline)

SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsYearPot
AdomaitisRojus68596666636764577071606368 LTUEU0019985

edit: Adomaitis was born in 1998, I didn't notice that KO missed that. Also, he could be made into a very strong baroudeur, since he could keep up with Navardauskas during NC and some tours he raced with him last year, but he is a track sprinter IRL so these stats would make more sense I guess

Lithuania hasn't had a stage racer since Dopendas Rumsas, why not throw us a bone. In his current state he will definitely be fired and never signed again.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsYearPot
1153LasinisVenantas63666466626662565962626357LTU EU2x19975Current
1153LasinisVenantas65706870646665565966656664LTU EU2x19975Improved
1153LasinisVenantas68777276707071565967666770LTU EU410019975Stage Race

I like Gembeckas, I wish I had signed him full time instead of Lasinis, but just a slight buff to acceleration and potential upgrade from 3 to 4 would be great

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsYearPot
3040GembeckasTomas71616765676564606667696665LTU EU1019973Current
3040GembeckasTomas78616865716865616972746765LTU EU410019973Fighter
3040GembeckasTomas71616765676564606670696665LTU EU1019974Slight Buff
3040GembeckasTomas79616865726967616975766965LTU EU410019974Fighter

Edited by quadsas on 25-07-2019 00:49
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
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