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Help please (if possible) :
I really enjoy using Pcm12 and am enjoying my Team Novo Nordisk story but recently i have had to change to Windows10 and now i cannot get Pcm 12 to play.

As you can understand i find this really annoying Angry

So i am asking my fellow players if they have come up against this and if so, how have they overcome it (downloads etc) !!

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
If you have a cd/dvd version of the game (not sure if it was digital available) you could try to find a NOCD patch.
Forgive me for being a nooob but what is a NOCD patch ?
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Posted on 01-02-2023 23:01
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I can`t promise i would be at any help Sutty. Maybe nobody can at the end. I still use Windows 8.1 just because i like to play my games for years, and they don`t work With win 10. But i have bought games than should not work With win 8.1 either, but yet there are People out there who fix it. But pcm 12 it`s not a big enough game i`m afraid.
But i searched steam and u just have to try certain thing. If u read this link https://steamcomm...312604778/ maybe this also work With pcm 12??? Only way is to search and try thing u see, and cross Your fingers. If not Your pcm 12 days are over.
This might be helpful??? https://www.youtu...0ws1s8g9us

or this one https://www.youtu...xnoZK6Zdsc
Thanks hp, i will give them a try later Wink
sutty68 wrote:
Forgive me for being a nooob but what is a NOCD patch ?

It is a patch you can download that removes the requirement of CD/DVD. You can just search "pro cycling manager 2012 nodvd patch"
Thanks for your help guys, but unfortunately all the above has failed to work for me so i am back to square one Sad
What version of Windows did you have before you updated to Windows 10?

If it was 8 or lower, you need to download the protection patch https://forums.let...p;t=15946.

If you upgraded from 8.1 and haven't installed this, or don't know, it might be worth installing it just in case.

In case that doesn't solve your problems, try changing the compatability settings of PCM to Windows 8.1, or even Windows 7.

I have PCM 11 and it works on Windows 10, so there is no reason PCM 12 shouldn't work.
Marcovdw - I was using Windows 7 before updating, so i tried to download the protection patch you linked but it won't open.
That's weird, the link doesn't work from here but using Google I can access it.

Anyway, I've attached the zip to this post. Once you extract the zip, replace the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager 2012
There is no zip.
Yeah, attachment has failed because it's too big Rolling EyesEmbarassed

Third time's the charm they say, here's a direct link: https://www.mediaf...h.zip/file
Ok, download was successful, i now have four files, how do i go about the right way to implement them.
Place all of them in your main installation folder (which should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager 2012). These should overwrite the files which are already there.
Marcovdw - Thanks mate, its much appreciatedSmile, just one last thing before i go, are you having any problems making minimaillots, because when i do them it won't accept them Rolling Eyes
I have no experience in creating minimaillots, so I can't help you with that Frown
Update : I am not able to get a decent minimaillot to add for PCM12 any more so any help would be greatly received Rolling Eyes


Minimaillots for what teams and what seasons do you need? There are many databases for different PCM editions and I suppose you may use them adding them directly or converting for your version (changing the size, for example).

Or do you have another problem?
tomcat9 - Sorry for not replying sooner but i just cant get new shirts in my game with old style minimaillots ?
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