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Milano - Sanremo Discussion
A strong and varied startlist to a very unpredictable race. Hopefully Borges will again be part of that unpredictability. A top40 result would be alright for us, but we'd prefer another 4th place in San Remo.

It'd would be cool though to see a breakaway win for a change. However it unfolds there is bound to be a lot of people upset at the end of the race. Save some popcorn for the outrage Pfft

Thanks for the preview Aquarius!
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Not the most exciting race unfortunately, but we got our top 10, proving ourselves worthy of the wildcard (while beating big names like Ponzi and Bo hagen). Congrats Vesuvio!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
trekbmc wrote:
For some reason my gut says Vand der Lijke winning

Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Cool

Kind've a disappointing race though, credit to Reimer as the only attacker. Really disappointing to see team's like Evonik just not showing up though and getting a poor result. Lots of cool riders on all teams though disappointing a bit by not making something of it.

Thanks for the coverage though Aquarius, a really nice sense of occasion made there! Smile And of course congrats SN on winning (imo) the best race on the PT calendar, makes that training worth it. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Shit race Pfft Happy with being in the break and Wisniowski as a captain here was always a gamble, so the race for us was ok. Thought I saw Wisniowski near the front on Poggio, so had thought he would manage a top 20, but fine enough. A bit too easy race for him also.

Congrats to SN on the win. That training is certainly paying off! As Reimer actually tried something, it was kind of deserved too.

Thx for the report, Aquarius!
Not sure if i should laugh or cry out load now
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
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Avin Wargunnson
Pathetic race really, but who cares, Grosu third in MSR, ahead of Demare, eat that Cio. Banana Banana

Congrats SN, superb win against the legend of all legends.
I'll be back
Oh boy, did we fuck this up or what?

But, I stand by my earlier statement: I take this result. Pfft

At least Bewley didn't win...
I guess I should have brought Coquard anyway. This was the last race I decided to remove from his calender. Ohh well, the race was obviously hard enough for some sprinters, as Tzortzakis, Porsev, Kemboi, Kupfernagel, Gaviria, Bertilsson, Pelucchi and Kristoff couldn't really content it.

I guess we can't complain with 15, 19 and 20 here, though...

Well, I kind of got the scenario I had to hope for seeing the team I sent here, but still no energy left for Ciolek in the sprint, which is a pity. As others have said, that was definitely a missed opportunity for most teams, at least to make something happen during the race, with Evonik being the obvious one, having the pre-race favourite too.

Congratulations on the win, SN! Quite something to get it perfect like that in Bewley's slipstream, and then being able to execute it too.

And thank you for the report, Aquarius97, just unfortunate the AI didn't give you much to work with.
Congrats SN. Really great winner here.

Not sure about my own team. 18th and 22nd + 40th seems okay without a sprinter.
But when I was happy to see always 2-3 Aegon shirts in the first rows, I had expected to see at least something. Why not attack? Just staying in the bunch going for the spots behind the sprinters was stupid and couldn`t work.

In the end quite happy that I didn`t send Swift though. Doubt he could have challenged the hillier sprinters and then it would have been more frustrating to be 15th only. Pfft

Was a so so race for my team, but as expectations weren`t high, I don`t mind.

Thanks for the report! Nice Read.
Borges in 38th is ok, with this sort of race. I just regret not sending Avelino with this kind of unselective racing. Our rivals didn't fare bad either which kinda offsets what seemed to be a very good month for us.

Great win for van der Lijke! Makes up for the Gastauer blunder in your home race, SN. The win for Bewley would have been an important result for Roman, especially with Hugo Boss with competent finishers.

Thanks for the lively report Aquarius!
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Duolingo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png
for me who did not expect anything from this race, the result was great.
said before the race that i would be happy with a place in the top30, so to be able to finish with one rider in the top20 and another in the top30 is well more than I expected.

Contrate to SN and Thanks for the report
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/bgc.pngManager of Berg Cyclespcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/bgc.png
Extremly dull race this unfortunatly, but congratz SN, a nice winner here after being a project for some time now!

Ponzi saves the day again, but I'd rather see him try something and then get 30th or so, than to use his sprint stat to get 10th.
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.: Hugo Boss :.
Better than Badaling and Duche Grin well.. Maybe Morton appears at the Pro Hallstat Classic.

Thanks for the report!
This is a good day Smile

Edge of the seat reporting in the finish, thanks Aquarius, and then a perfect outcome.

Faultless from the team, with Reimer's move forcing an increase in pace if nothing else, to tire others and end the breakaway. Not an action-packed race, but evidently that worked in my favour.

Positioning so key at the end, and Bewley was the ideal wheel to follow, especially with him going long. And the recent training certainly helped him to be strong enough to actually make it through.

With the noted pace of Reimer, Ponzi and EBH at the end, I'm not convinced the pure sprinters would necesarily have fared too much better than Ciolek if here. Does look like Aker were the 3rd 'lead' team here though, rather than Evonik - hence no leadout/depth result for the latter.
A really dissapointing race from the reporting side. No one (except Reimer, but it was very far from finish) attacking, and Poggio climbed at such slow pace... really frustrating to report this race tbh.

From my team's perspective, it was awesome to see my rider Jacopo Mosca up there in the finish, and weirdly being Bewley's final leadout rider. Probably costed him the win with his obvious weak leadout, having to launch his sprint from so far that Van der Lijke outsprinted in the final metres. Then he holded to a Top50 result. Really looking forward what he'll be able to do in my team next year once he's maxed Grin
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Ha, so the training pays off! Congrats SN. Was pleasure to let Bewley lead-out your star for this win. Grin

It is a missed goal for my team, as I went here for the win, but 2nd place is surely a really nice result. The race was boring, but the result is always the most important thing. Only too bad my other riders could not finish higher than 39th, 41st, 43th and 50th. Especially in case of Sagan it feels a lot like a failure. But in any case I am really happy with the podium. Also really nice to see Polnicky being active in the break and Mosca being so visible in the front. Surely a happy sight for the reporter, thanks Aquarius!

Also Festina quietly having a really decent day, as well as PCT guests Lierse.
Manager of Moser - Sygic
Fantastic result by Grosu to achieve our first goal of the season Smile

Thanks for the report
Our best rider came in as 69th :lol: This was never going to be a succesful race for us, but the slow pace over the hills made it a very bad one.

I do like Van der Lijke as the winner though. Congrats SN!

And props to Aquarius for turning this borefest into a nice report.
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