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German National Championhips

Welcome to Germany for the National Championships! A hilly course will make pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Fl├╝gel the man to beat, especially with a strong team behind him, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/bgc.png Vogt and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme head off the field of competitors. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Puma climbers pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Herklotz look like interesting dark horses, so too pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Reimer as they have the good acceleration on them that is essential for a course like this, though as we all know, in a national championship race, anything can happen.


A couple amateurs head up the road as the race begins, as pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Hirschlein and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Mai are the main riders taking up pacemaking duties.


And actually that status quo is maintained until the final climb, mostly pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Kraftwerk and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Wiesenhof sharing the work, with the occasional turn from pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Puma. 5km to go now, one last ascent to decide the race.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Fl├╝gel takes up the pacing with still 3km to go, seems too early but maybe he wants to suffocate everybody with an intense pace? pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Mager, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Buchmann and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Keinath take up the prime positions behind him.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme takes up the first position with 2km left, but the climb flattens out for sprinters at the top and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Reimer is still in the first 10 wheels. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/bgc.png Schachmann are the ones finding position now as well as pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Mager and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Buchmann fall back.


The pace forced by pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme starts to let a little gap open up to the first 5 riders, where an alert pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Reimer sprints onto the back of pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Keinath's wheel and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Fl├╝gel start to move up next to the leader.

Behind, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Herklotz realises this group is dangerous and desperately tries to get himself back as he attacks the others.


Flamme Rouge, the winner will be out of these 5 riders! pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme leads pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Fl├╝gel, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Reimer sitting pretty as easily the best sprinter. Finally, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Keinath is looking pretty sore on the back. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Herklotz is definitely too far behind at this point, having left it too late.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Reimer aren't up to the task though! The climb must've been too much for them, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Fl├╝gel is coming up alongside pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme, but the Novatek rider is still fighting for it and holding the lead!



1 more metre and the result would've been entirely different, but pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/npn.png Klemme throws his arms up to celebrate becoming the new German Champion as pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Fl├╝gel smashes his bars! pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt 3rd and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Reimer 4th must feel like they missed a chance here, especially the latter as a great sprinter. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Keinath 5th clearly blew up as well while pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Herklotz messed up his tactics, still finishing a while ahead of the first rider in the peloton, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Thurau.

1Domenik KlemmeNovatek-Panarmenian.net2h11'04
2Aleksandar Fl├╝gelKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
3Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
4Martin ReimerSpotify - Hagl├Âfss.t.
5Nico KeinathVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
6Silvio HerklotzTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
7Bj├Ârn ThurauAegon - Lavazza+ 54
8David BartlBerg Cycless.t.
9Yuriy VasylivFestina - Dexias.t.
10Maximillian SchachmannBerg Cycless.t.
11Jan DieterenWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
12Mario VogtBerg Cycless.t.
13Emanuel BuchmannWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
14Stefan SchumacherCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
15Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
16John DegenkolbFablok - Bank BGZs.t.
17Dietmar Mehr-WenigeKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
18Nico DenzKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
19Florian ScheitKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
20Johannes HeiderTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
21Dominique NerzTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
22David RoschPendleton'ss.t.
23Thomas KoepAegon - Lavazzas.t.
24Jan OelerichFablok - Bank BGZs.t.
25Rick ZabelFablok - Bank BGZs.t.
26Linus GerdemannKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
27Christoph MaiWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
28Johannes FrohlingerBerg Cycless.t.
29Roger KlugeFablok - Bank BGZs.t.
30Ole HirschleinKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
31Mike Aaron EggerWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
32Sascha WeberTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
33Theo ReinhardtTeam UBSs.t.
34Ruben ZepuntkeWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
35Jacob FiedlerPorto - Prios.t.
36Gerald CiolekTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
37Philipp WalslebeneBuddys.t.
38Jan BrockhoffFablok - Bank BGZs.t.
39Andreas StauffWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
40Lucas Sch├ĄdlichWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
41Danilo KupfernagelBerg Cycless.t.
42Michael KurthKraftwerk Man Machine+ 1'57
43Nils PolittKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
44Max WalslebenKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
45Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continentals.t.
46Willi WillwohlWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
47Jasha S├╝tterlinTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
48Marcel KittelVesuvio - Accumalux+ 2'25
49Pascal AckermannKraftwerk Man Machine+ 2'44
50Thomas BontenackelsKraftwerk Man Machine+ 3'24
51Maximilian BeyerRepsol - Honda+ 3'40
52Kevin PredatschIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 4'42
53Phil BauhausAegon - Lavazzas.t.
54Ralf MatzkaPhilips - Continentals.t.
55Marcus BurghardtPodium Ambitions.t.
56Nils SchomberStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
57Marcel BarthAegon - Lavazzas.t.

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Fiedler has a pretty good claim to the win before we even start this TT today. Though pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Kittel, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png S├╝tterlin and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Sch├Ądlich will dream of spoiling his party on a good day.


The first of these 4 contenders on course is pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Sch├Ądlich, who chases the leading time which is set by pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kmm.png Politt when he starts.

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Sch├Ądlich easily sets the fastest time on course, 1h06'26" puts him 1'44 ahead of the next best rider.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png S├╝tterlin starts immedietly after and doesn't seem quite as fast, 42 seconds down on the end are his jersey hopes dashed.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Kittel fares a little better, losing 18 seconds over the first half of the course, then holding it to finish still 18 seconds behind, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Sch├Ądlich still sitting pretty in the lead with just one rider left on course.


Of course, that rider is pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Fiedler and he's not having a bad day today, 1st at the first check, 1st and the second, 1st and the third and...1st at the last. Though not as dominant as might expect, with only a 13 second margin of victory over pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Sch├Ądlich, who had a really good day. Still, it's pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Jacob Fiedler who'll be the one wearing the German stripes!

1Jacob FiedlerPorto - Prio1h06'12
2Lucas Sch├ĄdlichWiesenhof-Andritz+ 13
3Marcel KittelVesuvio - Accumalux+ 32
4Jasha S├╝tterlinTeam Puma - SAP+ 56
5Marcel BarthAegon - Lavazza+ 1'58
6Nils PolittKraftwerk Man Machine+ 2'15
7Thomas BontenackelsKraftwerk Man Machine+ 2'32
8Kevin PredatschIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 2'51
9Dominique NerzTeam Puma - SAP+ 2'53
10Thomas KoepAegon - Lavazza+ 2'59
11Nico KeinathVesuvio - Accumalux+ 3'11
12Roger KlugeFablok - Bank BGZs.t.
13Philipp WalslebeneBuddy+ 3'13
14David BartlBerg Cycles+ 3'45
15Ole HirschleinKraftwerk Man Machine+ 3'46
16Silvio HerklotzTeam Puma - SAP+ 3'56
17Yuriy VasylivFestina - Dexia+ 4'13
18Mario VogtBerg Cycles+ 4'46
19John DegenkolbFablok - Bank BGZ+ 4'48
20Johannes HeiderTeam Puma - SAP+ 4'56
21Nico DenzKraftwerk Man Machine+ 4'57
22Linus GerdemannKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
23Max WalslebenKraftwerk Man Machine+ 4'58
24Stefan SchumacherCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 5'10
25Michael KurthKraftwerk Man Machine+ 5'39
26Jan OelerichFablok - Bank BGZ+ 5'40
27Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAP+ 5'44
28Aleksandar Fl├╝gelKraftwerk Man Machine+ 5'45
29Pascal AckermannKraftwerk Man Machine+ 5'50
30Martin ReimerSpotify - Hagl├Âfs+ 5'55
31Ruben ZepuntkeWiesenhof-Andritz+ 5'57
32Theo ReinhardtTeam UBSs.t.
33Jan BrockhoffFablok - Bank BGZ+ 6'02
34Danilo KupfernagelBerg Cycles+ 6'04
35David RoschPendleton's+ 6'05
36Domenik KlemmeNovatek-Panarmenian.net+ 6'06
37Emanuel BuchmannWiesenhof-Andritz+ 6'13
38Johannes FrohlingerBerg Cycles+ 6'19
39Gerald CiolekTeam Puma - SAP+ 6'20
40Marcus BurghardtPodium Ambition+ 6'21
41Maximilian BeyerRepsol - Honda+ 6'35
42Nils SchomberStatoil Pro Cycling+ 6'42
43Dietmar Mehr-WenigeKraftwerk Man Machine+ 6'46
44Sascha WeberTeam Puma - SAP+ 6'50
45Christoph MaiWiesenhof-Andritz+ 6'51
46Andreas StauffWiesenhof-Andritz+ 7'05
47Jan DieterenWiesenhof-Andritz+ 7'16
48Mike Aaron EggerWiesenhof-Andritz+ 7'18
49Bj├Ârn ThurauAegon - Lavazza+ 7'32
50Willi WillwohlWiesenhof-Andritz+ 7'44
51Maximillian SchachmannBerg Cycles+ 7'46
52Rick ZabelFablok - Bank BGZ+ 8'16
53Florian ScheitKraftwerk Man Machine+ 8'22
54Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP+ 8'28
55Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continental+ 8'36
56Ralf MatzkaPhilips - Continental+ 8'55
57Phil BauhausAegon - Lavazza+ 9'26

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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