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[CT] SanCor :: 2017 Squad Presented!
Ian Butler

Welcome to the Headquarters of SanCor.

A New SanCor
After a tough season in the PCT, SanCor returns to its roots in the CT. With new management and a new mindset, SanCor hopes to rediscover its identity within the cycling world.

Main Sponsors


SanCor remains our biggest sponsor, obviously. Argentine, dairy products. Don't change a winning team. We hope to keep working together well.

Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires is a publicly owned, municipal commercial bank. The bank sponsors the team financially, but will also provide financial advice.

Aerolíneas Argentinas is Argentina's largest airline. There is no doubt the collaboration will include mutual benifits. With the increased globalisation, we'll be using their planes to get around the world faster, and safer.

Minor Sponsors

New this season are two minor sponsors. Not from Argentina, but both coming from Spain. They will fill up a part of the budget cuts from our other sponsors, while also contributing in their own particular way.

Beistegui Hermanos S.A. (BH) is a bicycle manufacterer from Spain. First hand knowledge about everything on two wheels.

Inverse Shop is also based in Spain, and sells all kinds of goods, including cycling gear.

The Jersey


Design by the_hoyle

A brand new jersey to symbolise our new start, yet keeping in line with our core values: sober, minimalistic design.


Edited by Ian Butler on 26-09-2017 20:10
Ian Butler

Daniel Ricardo Diaz€ 70 000AVG 74,87


Daniel was born for the mountains and he can't hide it. We're proud to have him at our team for the first time, coming from Red Bull. We look at him to deliver in the stage races. His climbing abilities, along with a good downhill and a decent time trial, should get him a good GC spot, especially in San Luis!

Daniel Juarez€ 70 000AVG 73,33


Daniel is our ultimate all-rounder. Yes, he lacks high skills. But he can deliver pretty much anywhere, albeit no high mountains or cobbled roads. Yet we expect a lot from him this season and let's see if he can step up his games.

Rafael Andriato€ 60 000AVG 73,08


Rafael is our only non-Argentine rider, but he feels like one of us completely. He's been with us since the start and he's given us so much already. It didn't feel right leaving him behind and so we are a 100% Argentine squad, with Rafael Andriato! He's been the lead-out man that you can count on, although this season he'll get much more chances of his own. He'll grab them with both hands, no doubt!

Lucas Manuel Gaday€ 100 000AVG 72,85


Lucas is our youngest lad, at 24 years old. He's known as the only Argentine able to ride cobbles. Nobody will expect him so he'll have the role of the underdog to his advantage. Winning races will he tough, but we see him contesting for top 10s on good days. He's always great to have on board, always with a smile!

Mauro Richeze€ 50 000AVG 72,75


Mauro has always been Max' little brother, but he's never complained. This season, we feel Mauro might actually be a little stronger than Max. His wage doesn't show it, but we might end up giving Mauro more and more chances to go for his own glory, rather than sacrifice him for his brother. His high recovery will be his big weapon in stage races.

Sergio Godoy€ 55 000AVG 72,45


Sergio loves climbing, short and longer climbs. We hope to see him in breakaways mostly, where he can play out his strengths better than against the top of the CT league. Winning a race is priority n°1 for Godoy, who's reaching his physical peak!

Walter Trillini€ 60 000AVG 72,32


Walter signifies the ultimate SanCor rider, or rather, the ultimate attacker. He's got the perfect skillset to break away, stay ahead and finish it off against remaining breakaway companions. Walter has won the National Road Race two years ago and will be looking to get the jersey back this season.

Gabriel Juarez€ 70 000AVG 71,86


Gabriel is a perfect domestique. He's selfless and a good friend in the group. He's perfect for hilly stages, where he can support the team leader up until the finale.

Enzo Moyano€ 50 000AVG 71,81


Enzo is a silent and calm man. He sets his targets and works very hard to achieve them. We're counting on him to get results, even though it'll be hard. Enzo is one who's gotten to where he is by sheer work. We couldn't appreciate him more for it.

Maximiliano Richeze€ 175 000AVG 71,79


Max has gone down as one of the most outrageous signings ever. His contract is the highest - by far - in the squad, yet he's aging and his skills no longer represent his wage. But he's SanCor history. He's an ex B-world champ, he's SanCor's first string of victories. He's family. He's Maximiliano Richeze.

Sebastian Tolosa€ 50 000AVG 71,53


Sebastian is another fast one. He can sprint well and is a perfect lead-out, or a finisher. He won't get that many chances so he'll have to grab them, which we're certain he will!

Laureano Rosas€ 50 000AVG 71,36


Laureano, also known as the only time trialist in Argentina. Laureano will look forward to some time trial chances, as well as leading the squad over team time trials. Besides racing against the clock, he proves to be an excellent domestique in sprint stages, with a good basic speed.

Ariel Sivori€ 50 000AVG 70,74


Ariel has a great sense of humor. On the bike he's very serious, though. He's an attacker and hopes to get up in the rankings by winning from breakaways. We hope to help him to that this season.

Julian Gaday€ 50 000AVG 70,37


Julian is another rider who can sprint well enough in a small group. No pure sprinter, but not slow either. His high flat stat gives him a place in a lead-out train more often than not.

Lucas Sebastian Haedo€ 50 000AVG 68,73


Lucas has Max' age, and has the same specialty. He's a loveable fellow and is appreciated by team mates, staff and fans alike.

Lionel Biondo€ 85 000AVG 68,43


Dubbed by the fans as Lionel Messi. Our monster, our ace in the hole. Lionel hasn't got the most talent, and he might not be the most hard-working professional cyclist. Lionel is a joker, he likes to fool around and make everyone smile even on the off-days. Invaluable to the squad. So when he won against a very strong field in Dunkerque last season, it was the victory of a lifetime. Everyone was so happy for him, rivals and friends. The fans have been singing his name ever since, and we'll never part of him. Lionel is what makes the SanCor heart beat.

Juan José Haedo€ 50 000AVG 66,72


Juan could've retired two years ago, and nobody would've blamed him. He's been in cycling forever and he's had a nice career. Aged 36, he's really the oldest in the squad. But we don't want him to retire, we want him on the front line. There's no man with more experience and wisdom than Juan. We're counting on him to lead our troops to victory. He's in the fall of his career and hopefully he can enjoy another season at SanCor, at home.
Edited by Ian Butler on 26-09-2017 20:09
Ian Butler
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Señor Aguirre's Blog:
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SanCor's Top 5 Victories
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Ian Butler
Final res Smile
Another beauty by the_hoyle!
Good Luck
Liking the jersey Wink
Ian I am so happy to see you back! Last time in CT was wonderful, hopefully this time will be too.
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Great to see you back!

After a turbulent season in the PCT, SanCor will be coming back to the Continental League. New management, new goals, a new mindset.

Can we expect quite a few changes in the philosopy or will the team look similar to past seasons?
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Ian <3
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Awesome! Banana
Great to see our good friends at Sancor managed to 'save' the team at the 11th hour. Will be good to have you around in both MG and the CT Ian Smile.
Manager of ISA - Hexacta in the MG
Ian Butler
First Post updated with sponsors and jersey!

Tamijo wrote:
Another beauty by the_hoyle!
Good Luck

Couldn't agree more. Thanks!

sutty68 wrote:
Liking the jersey Wink

Me, too! Hopefully we can have some successes with it!

Croatia14 wrote:
Ian I am so happy to see you back! Last time in CT was wonderful, hopefully this time will be too.

Thanks! In a way we're happy to be back in CT. Let's make a great season of it, too!

knockout wrote:
Great to see you back!

After a turbulent season in the PCT, SanCor will be coming back to the Continental League. New management, new goals, a new mindset.

Can we expect quite a few changes in the philosopy or will the team look similar to past seasons?

Can't leak too much information as of now, but the transfer season is near and all will become clear Smile

Much appreciated, mate Cool
And now we're in CT and Strava's in PT, we can support you 100%, no conflicts whatsoever!

hillis91 wrote:
Awesome! Banana

Cheers! Wink

Scorchio wrote:
Great to see our good friends at Sancor managed to 'save' the team at the 11th hour. Will be good to have you around in both MG and the CT Ian Smile.

I'm happy we saved the team. Hope we can make this our finest season yet Smile
Ian Butler
INTERVIEW with SanCor Manager

Señor Aguirre, you are SanCor newest manager. What is your first impression with the team?
It's a great bunch of riders. They ride their heart out. Last year we had a tough season in the PCT but I can't blame the lads, really. They did what they could. This season I expect no less.

You've been with the team for a few months now, yet this is your first talk with the press. People are starting to become suspicious, can you understand that?
I've not been brought into the team for talking, but for working with the riders and to get SanCor results. I am a man who enjoys his private and I have no interest in wasting my time and energy with the press. This interview is a personal favor to a friend of mine with your gazette.

The transfer season has just started, what activity can we expect from SanCor?
Well I guess it's pointless to keep it a secret. We have a new battleplan for the upcoming season. SanCor is going to go 100% Argentine. That means we'll be aiming for the Argentine market exclusively. We want the top riders of the country in our ranks.

What can the team achieve this season? Promotion to PCT?
We've been there once before. Our goals will become clear later on. But let us say we mostly aim to remain an aggressive team, as we've always been. You can always expect SanCor in a breakaway and scoring wins where you wouldn't expect us to. It is our identity and we want to bring in riders who can help us keep up that reputation.

Thanks for your time, señor. Good luck this season.
Gracias. Be safe.
Ian Butler
Señor Aguirre's BLOG

Do I really have to work with this? Half the staff is so incompetent I'm even surprised SanCor is still a cycling team.


Yes, I'm going public with this. No good has ever come of secrecy. It's time to end my silence ever since being appointed to save this team from damnation and it's not an easy task. First of all, let me tell you there are some wonderful people here and a good bunch of riders. All of them friendly, most of them competent, some of them talented.

But let's face it, the team is rotten to the core. I'm talking about management, the decisions being made by people who don't seem to know anything about cycling.
And this is what I have to work with. Jesus.

Okay so against my advice some of the riders were resigned on monster-contracts,
overpay much? "Publicity value" gets mentioned a lot, but even Richeze has a limit of being worth advertisement. The guy's practically retired and he shot that shampoo commercial two months ago. I mean, everything has a proper price.
He gets paid more than I do.

Too many discussions here on the SanCor floor. I'm not getting my way. But they don't know Señor Aguirre well if they think this is the end. On the contrary, I will take a devilish pride in redeeming this team, bringing it up from its ashes.

Let me gather my men...

Edited by Ian Butler on 08-09-2017 18:28
Pretty excited to see what you're up to in the transfer season!
Hopefully it doesn't turn out too well and you beat us out this season, but good luck no less!
This sounds like Sancor has reached the first level of Kinski mania.

Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Ian Butler
Thanks boys Smile
Transfer update coming soon. There's been some major activity for SanCor!
Ian Butler
Señor Aguirre's BLOG
What some people are doing, it's madness...

Well, transfer season is always a crazy time, and there sure are some crazies at the market here. There's drama, comedy and tragedy, but we at SanCor keep a cool head.

We have some news, though. Three quality signings with Daniel Ricardo Diaz,
a fantastic climber and probably the strongest rider in the country at the moment,
Sergio Godoy, a good puncher joining our ranks and lastly Sebastian Tolosa, who had initially left the team but we managed to come to an agreement after all. Three men I expect a lot of this season.

On the other side, we have said out goodbyes to three riders. Julian Rodas, Moreno Hernandez and Carlos Barredo won't make their re-entry in SanCor's new jersey.

A drastic clean-up, and why? Well, because we're going 100% Argentina!

We have decided to grow even more closer to our roots as the one and only Argentine team by making it a 100% Argentine squad. However, this is a transitional year. Why is that? Simple.

Rafael Andriato.

The sprinter from Brazil was scheduled to leave the team, but we owe Rafael so much it felt wrong to take him out the team simply because he is not of Argentine birth. He wouldn't consider a dual-citizenship and so we have come to an agreement that Rafael will be riding one last season with us. At least.

So we're not exactly 100% there, but we'd rather be 90% there with Rafael, than 100% without him.
Ian Butler
Is This SanCor's New Policy?


Marquez, one of the best riders in SanCor history, was released from the team earlier this year. No single negotiation from SanCor's new manager, Aguirre. Only the simple message: thank you, don't come again.

SanCor has a troubled history, with bad deals, shady characters and incompetent managers. But the team has always had heart. Its identity is unique in the cycling landscape. The riders are proud to show their colors and defend the team to the death.

All the more reason to regret the sudden decision to abandon all reason and only resign Argentine riders. Like some sort of madness, SanCor sacked several riders, who could've been helpful in their struggle not to finish last in the CT.

Aguirre is a mystery man, and we highly doubt he's capable of pulling SanCor out of the abyss. On the contrary.

Bon voyage, Marquez.

- Excerpt from L'Équipe
Ian Butler
Señor Aguirre's BLOG
Sometimes you need a little luck. Other times things fall into place with hard work only.

So, that's it. Our transfer season is over. Yes, we had a short burst of activity and it was plenty. Preparing for a season at the CT, we had to play by the less-is-more principle. We let three riders to and hired three riders.
That's it. I mean, there's still budget left, but we want to be comfortable during the season and make sure we arrive at every race with our gear. Maybe let our fellas get a taste of the good life by 1st class flying.

The wage cap is almost reached and so we decided to pull the plug out of the transfer season. That means no Argentine National Champion in our squad this season, which is no disaster. Our new jersey is breathtakingly beautiful so it'll be nice to have everyone enjoying that jersey optimally.

You could say the hard part's over. But you'd be lying.

Oh, I also saw Cunego is now part of the CT. It'll be great seeing him race. Let's hope he doesn't find his good legs too often.
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