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Race Manager - Ultimate Racing League
Hey everyone,

The first attempt to start a race manager man-game story kind of failed, due to losing motivation, lack of activity among participators and a bit of a 'boring' classification. Now we're back with a new race manager game. It has slightly changed to make it more active and exciting.

The things that have changed:
- Every car is the same. This means all cars will drive (almost) the same lap times and the ranking will be different every race. Your driver can go from hero to zero very easily.
- No more driver characteristics and character are needed because all cars are equal.
- A more exciting championship and a chance on victory every race!

A new race league has appeared and you can participate. There are drivers who want to race in this league, and they all need a manager. And that manager could be you. You have to negotiate with teams to get your driver in a good seat and you have to follow him during the season. How can you participate?

First you need to ‘create’ your driver of whom you are the manager. I need this information about your driver.

First Name:
Last Name:
Birth Date:
Short Biography:

I’d prefer to see the ages of the drivers between 18 and 40. When you choose for an older driver it’s possible he’ll retire within a few seasons. You don’t have influence on his retiring age. When he’ll retire you can ‘create’ a new driver of course.

What's your task as a manager? After you've created your driver you have to talk about contract negotiations. It's your task to keep the story up to date with information about your driver. Once you've signed a contract you have to officially announce it here. After every qualification or race it'd be nice to see a post-session reaction from your driver and/or his manager (you). It's not required to do it after every session, but try to do it once in a while (and it doesn't need to be very long).

It's also possible to influence the story in which way you want. F.e. when you see a seat is free for next season you're allowed to create transfer rumours yourself, when you didn't finish a race you're allowed to blame another driver. And you can react on other's press releases as well. It'll make the story more interesting and fun.

There are 22 spaces, so we need 22 managers of 22 drivers. There are 11 different teams. I will simulate the races with the game Grand Prix 4. I know, it’s a bit an old game, but I can simulate it without driving a car, which can’t at f.e. F1 2013.

After we got 22 drivers the managers will get messages from teams who are interested in the driver. When the negotiations happen the race calendar will be announced as well. There is a chance that there are races with reservation so the calendar could change a few times. The points which are available each race will be announced then as well.

If you want to quit as a manager then it’s possible as well. Your driver will continue the season without you. When there’s a driver available other members could apply to become the manager of that driver. Manager switches preferably happen at the end of the season.

So, if there are any questions I’d like to hear! I hope you like the new set-up. Feel free to share your ideas. Well, let’s see who’ll become the first champion!
Before signing up I'd like to know if there's any interest in this. I just continued with the Race Masters Evolved and keeping both up-to-date might be a bit too much work, especially after I've already lost my motivation for the RME once.
Very interested in this!

Hmm, would like the idea of a few characteristics, or strengths/weaknesses like CX-ish.

First Name: Benjamin (Benji)
Last Name: Costello
Birth Date: 8/6/96
Short Bio: Benji grew up on a farm in the Waikato (his father’s father’s father… had been one of the first Irish settlers) and learnt how to drive at an early age. He loved to go fast and took to go-karting at age 9 like a duck to water. Growing up meant bigger cars. Eventually he was winning national races and eventually some overseas. He was living the dream and living it well.

He’s a modest and quiet boy who’s been hyped up enough to make a jump to a division he’s not quite ready for. Funny but thoughtful with a love of the outdoors, I’m his manager, Freddy Lovecraft, and I can’t wait to see how he gets on.
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