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[PT] Metinvest - Dacia | swan song
Avin Wargunnson
So i guess Tenorio is going to his home GT Pfft

Looking foward to their battle, i guess both will have to fear also Phinney and Madrazo, lets see how that long ITT during first days will set up the show, we will be all chasing Phinney i think (if he is in ofc).
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Also Machado will participate, now my Top3 goal looks much harder to achieve Smile
Manager of Polar in Man-Game
Avin Wargunnson
Leaders calendars revealed! 1st part

Aleksandr Pluchkin

Giro d Italia
Vuelta a Espana

The fact that Aleksandr the great will again ride only two GTs during the 2016 season is already well known, as we made it public few weeks ago. It looks like he will avoid the two other strongest stage racers in the world, Spilak and Schleck, so we hope he can have a chance to continue his quest for GT immortality, by winning these two.

"At least" one GT win and podium on the other one is absolute must to keep us in the fight for top5 PT ranking. We need to avoid crashes and then Pluchkin should deliver, with strong teams to support him.

Mikhail Ignatiev

Milan - San Remo
Chrono des Herbiers
Vuelta al Pais Vasco
Tour of California
Amstel Gold Race
Fleche Wallone
Liege - Bastogne - Liege
Tour de France
Praha - Karlovy Vary - Praha
GP Moscow
Copenhagen-Malmo TTT
Lisbon classic
Tour of Tasmania

Last year, our russian beast, Mikhail Ignatiev shocked fans and managers when he grabbed 1088 points during our first PT season. We were not shocked, we know that Mikhail is one of the worlds best riders and will try to gain the same amount again. It will be hard, but he is motivated and even have a bit more race days to achieve that. (recalculation of AVGs).

His schedule is again mixture of stage races with TTs or TTTs and flat or bumpy classics where he can surprise with unique combination of flat power, fighter spirit and decent finishing kick.

First group of mentioned races are likes of Tirreno Adriatico, Tour de France, Pais Vasco or Tasmania Tour, where he can fight for the team in TTTs or try to gain leader jersey for few days thanks to his TT ability against climbers.

Tour de France is his special goal this year, as it begins with flat stages, stage 5 is hilly with flat section ending, where he can possibly outsprint some other guys and followed by TTT in stage 7. So if things go our way, he can be very high in GC during the first week. He will do everything to hold the yellow jersey at least for one day!

Long flat or bumpy classics where he can sprint in reduced bunch sprint are his main strenght as we have identified in the past, so he will again try to shine in races like MSR, GP Moscow or Lisbon classic.

More schedules coming in next few days...
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Avin Wargunnson

I'll be back
Massive congrats on the Triple!
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Avin Wargunnson
Thanks mate!

You can expect the short Giro summary/post in few days.
I'll be back
Avin Wargunnson
Sorry for no (promised) writeup about the Giro and the Triple, but i struggle to find motivation to do a long HQ posts. If reason was not obvious so far, here are some hints:

Breaking news regarding the future of Metinvest cycling project!

Hello cycling fans around the world,

it has been a long time since we have brought you some news from the camp of your favourite cycling setup, Team Metinvest - Dacia, or as you know it "the eastern cycling passion project". From the depths of ancient D2 division the team has rised up to the heights of GT riding and beyond, to the domination there.


Slovnaft, Emirates, Dacia and almost another dozen of minor sponsors accompanied Metinvest on its way to PT glory and helped Ruslan Popov, the CEO of Metinvest and man behind the project, achieve his dreams.


The former goal that led to creation of Team Metinvest was to promote and improve the eastern european cycling. I think it is fair to say, that this goal was matched. Be it Popovych in last days of his glory, or newly found GT dominator Aleksandr Pluchkin, or emerging stars Grosu or Zmorka, all these efforts put eastern european cycling on the radar and promoted cycling in countries like Moldova or Romania. Metinvest followed the footsteps of pioneers and role model team around Mr. Tinkov.

Some of you probably wonder, why are having a history lesson filled with pathetics and phrases...it is not easy thing to say, but i am here today to bring you the confirmed news about future of team Metinvest - Dacia. What was whispered behind the scenes for several months now is true, whole Metinvest project folds after the season 2016.


Someone expected that, someone is likely surprised, but we cycling fans has to deal with the situation. I was informed last week by Ruslan Popov, that he has decided to quit the cycling world with whole team and it was no immediate decision, rather a well thought action. He promised that the press conference is about to be held in few weeks time, most likely during Tour de France, the biggest cycling event of the year. I was given a permission to write an article about the situation prior to that, so i am filling my sad role. We will hopefully hear more about the motivation behind the move later as promised, so until then...ride well!

Oleksandr Pitin, cycling freelance journalist
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Well that's a petty. Your team looked stunning for the future at this point. Great job in your man-game time.

Now I only have to promote and sign Grosu as PCT leader...
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Avin Wargunnson
Thanks Croatia for the compliments...good luck with your plans, i will certainly follow the team with Grosu with much detail, aswell as whole man-game. I am not going anywhere from Daily, just stepping down as the manager. Wink
I'll be back
Too bad! You remember the night in Budweis you told me how great MG was and the talents you wanted to snatch for long-term plans. But I understand that as a father you don't have the time anymore for such a (at times time-intense) hobby. Your contributions and love for the game were always great for the game, to a last amazing season of Metinvest. Smile

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Shocker... Sad

You've done amazingly well working your way up from the D2, and I really do love your approach of raising talents from our teams' region. Really loved having you as a sort of mentor/talk-to-person/rival in this game, and I do wish you well after this season with your personal life!

But damn, all pressure on my team now to keep Ukraine great...
Manager of Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff in the PCM.Daily Man-Game
Very sad to here this mate I've always had a lot of respect for the way you have run your team through the season and will miss talking transfers in the future all the best!
Avin Wargunnson
Thanks a lot guys for your nice words, we will stay in touch with majority of you here i hope, be it in man-game race discussion threads or another parts of forum, even after this season Smile

Happy to hear that Metinvest had a culture that was recognized, that was our goal.

@Shonak: yeah, remember that, good that it helped to bring you closer to the man game few months later. Smile
Btw. time issue is not a very important factor in my decision, rather a change of things for a while and some things that i have mentioned before, which led to lesser passion and bigger frustration.

@fjhoekie: Ukraine stronk! I was always happy to talk with you mate about the man-game and other things and to cooperate to promote man-game ukrainian cycling via loans or transfer talks/advices. I am not worried that you will continue what we have started, so good luck with you journey and during fights for some of our best talents.
Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 16-11-2016 13:02
I'll be back
Avin Wargunnson wrote:
Thanks Croatia for the compliments...good luck with your plans, i will certainly follow the team with Grosu with much detail, aswell as whole man-game. I am not going anywhere from Daily, just stepping down as the manager. Wink

So Ignatiev strikes again, killing two of my favourite managers; 3 years at rjc_43, now 3 years at Avin. I must resist signing him or else Tinkoff will be gone soon too Shock Shock Shock

Avin Wargunnson
OlegTinkov wrote:
So Ignatiev strikes again, killing two of my favourite managers; 3 years at rjc_43, now 3 years at Avin. I must resist signing him or else Tinkoff will be gone soon too Shock Shock Shock

And i have wondered why Rich traded him so cheap, he was just passing the curse. Shock

You had him already Oleg, so watch out! Grin
I'll be back
Avin Wargunnson wrote:
OlegTinkov wrote:
So Ignatiev strikes again, killing two of my favourite managers; 3 years at rjc_43, now 3 years at Avin. I must resist signing him or else Tinkoff will be gone soon too Shock Shock Shock

And i have wondered why Rich traded him so cheap, he was just passing the curse. Shock

You had him already Oleg, so watch out! Grin

Only on loan for one year (2012) but indeed scary stuff!
Did not expect this, but you'll definitely be remembered (even if it's just for that triple Pfft ). Sorry to see you go!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Quite sad to see one of the clearly All-Time-Best teams and manager leaving the game.

You weren`t in as long as many others but reached a whole lot more and this from coming from the extra added D2 addition with low chance of creating a great team from scratch in year 1.

Getting Pluchkin clearly worked out seeing the amount of points he delivered for you. Add a lot of luck with startlists in the GTs (in especially Tour de France) as it`s not always easy to participate in 4 GT`s and never meet Schleck once!

You clearly improved cycling in MG Ukraine/Eastern Europe and are always welcome to participate in discussions (or more).

Thanks for your time in the game, Avin!
Very sad day for the MG indeed.

Back in my first transfer season you were one of the first managers to interact with because of some clashing target talents & we found a good solution for both. From then on, I always enjoyed when we had contact and your team quickly became one of my favourite higher division teams with all those intriguing talents from Eastern Europe.

It would be cool to see you sticking around In the MG race discussions and perhaps reading the usual pcm rant from time to time. Wink
Thanks for being a part in this great game! Grin
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

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