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[PT] Metinvest - Dacia | swan song
Avin Wargunnson
Thanks guys. I know that TT AI is "bugged", but still it is best chance to suceed for us and in some races like Herbiers, we have two options capable of achieving it (like last year Zmorka got great daily form and won, beating main leader Ignatiev who got 3rd).

NC +WC jerseys presentation

Like in every other season of team's existence, we have managed to grab few national jerseys and these riders will have a chance to honor their country by wearing the national colours in 2016. We were succesful in important countries for us, like Ukraine (double!), Romania, Russia (TT) or Macedonia.

On top of that, Aleksandr Pluchkin crowned his incredible season by the win in TT at World Championships, so he can wear the rainbow in all the tests against the clock in 2016.

We have already presented our main jersey and if you think that Aidan did a great work there, wait for these pieces, i think they are even more beautiful with all that colours. Thanks Aidan!

i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/MAC.png Macedonia - Stefan Petrovski (double)


Russia - Mikhail Ignatiev (TT)


Romania - Eduard Grosu (road race)


Ukraine - Volodymyr Dzhus (road race)
Ukraine - Marlen Zmorka (TT)


i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae328/JJagr/flags/WRL.png World Champion - Aleksandr Pluchkin (TT)


WC jersey for Pluchkin is simple, but that is how we like it, why experiment with tradition. Our absolute favourite is the Ukrainian NC jersey, that is probably no surprise. What do you fans and managers think?
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Black shorts for wc jersey is the only acceptable style. Romaniak kit is awesome but they all look great

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Those are some of the most brilliant NCs I've seen in quite a while <3
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Generali pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png
Sweet baby jesus and the orphans... What fantastic jerseys made by aidan!
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Yahoo! Great shirt and NCs!

Avin Wargunnson
First rider signed for 2016!

Hello fans, start of the transfer season was hectic as ever and after the short stop on FA market, we have settled several deals with managers of other teams. So please welcome new riders for 2016 campaign.

Dmitri Grabovski €60k 31y/o pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/met.png RBC Pro Cycling


Dmitri finally joins!
Many years we have chased the possibility of bringing in one of the best ukrainian TTists into our team and we have finally suceeded. Dmitri Grabovski is despite years in the pro cycling still great rider against the clock and top GT domestique for semi-hard stages. He will most likely follow the calendar of Aleksandr Pluchkin.

Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 14-06-2016 21:52
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What is your current TTT setup? It's probably going to be scary as fuck.
Avin Wargunnson
Golovash joins on loan!

Oleksandr Golovash is 25 years old TT specialist and we have agreed with our partners at VisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff, that he will spend next year riding for Metinvest on loan.

We can confirm, that he will be given a chance to ride at least one GT and many other important races, including big goal at TTT classic. He has also some sprinting abilities, making him an ideal guy for the breakaway in flat stages.


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Avin Wargunnson
DubbelDekker wrote:
What is your current TTT setup? It's probably going to be scary as fuck.

With Grabovski, Golovash and one more guy i should announce soon, it should be 82,80,79,77,77,76,76,75 + Pluchkin at 79 for some events. Smile
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Damn, that's almost criminal. Grin There's plenty of TTT's around I noticed, so might be worth the investment. Definitely will give Pluchkin the edge in a couple of tours.
Avin Wargunnson
@DD: Yeah, i like it a lot, always was fan of strong TT teams, but lets see what AI will have to say about that. Wink

Cross legend joins Metinvest!

In the same hectic fashion, we bring you another signing, basically a replacement for our french cobbles co-leader Michel Sibilla, more on departures later.

Niels Albert €95k 30y/o pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/met.png Bpost - Vlaanderen


Mud and stone!
Famous for his excellence in muddy cyclocross races and fighting spirit, belgian Niels Albert is the fresh addition to our roster. He will be the right hand of Frederik Nolf for all the cobbled races and superb flat force everywhere.

Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 14-06-2016 22:12
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Things are shaping up nicely for you here...

Im considering making a similar TTT setup just to piss you off Smile Have 83, 81, 78, 77, 77, 76 now aswell as some decent rouleurs who can do a bit of everything Smile

Avin Wargunnson
Last signing of the day

We end todays presentation with our yet most interesting signing of these transfers and that is another piece into our TTT puzzle and thanks to his solid all around abilities also GT rider.

Michael Hepburn €75k 25y/o pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/met.png Becherovka - Petrof


TT-Track talent joins Metinvest
Our latest signing of the day comes from Australia. Michael is talented cyclist and one of the worlds top track riders and time trialists. He will complete our TTT squad and should be important part of the team for years to come.

Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 14-06-2016 22:34
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Avin Wargunnson
First (and last) free agent signed!

The tempo furioso of transfer season slowed down a bit and we have finally managed to attract a free agent into Metinvest. We tried that with more riders ,but this year their demands were usually ridiculous. Maybe somebody want to give a nobody 100k in wages ,but not us!

With that said, we are very happy with negotiations outcome with agent of certain belarussian talent, who will join us for 2016.

[ Konstantin Klimiankou €55k 27y/o pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/met.png lvl 4.00 (6pot.)


Talented climber from Belarus signed
We are happy to found common ground with Kanstantin, talented belarussian climber, who still has some room to improvemement, according to our scouts. He will try to gain some PT experience this year, so the year after he can be the important domestique for GTs. Welcome Kanstantin!

I'll be back
Avin Wargunnson
Our knights got a Squire! For loan...

Robbie Squire is 26 years old talented climber from United States of America and we have come to an agreement with his team Azteca, that he can join us on a loan for a year.

We see it as the good oportunity for both sides, as Robbie can help us as a squire (sorry, cant stop these puns) for our climbing leaders Pluchkin and Karnulin. By learning from these two, he will gain some valuable experience that he can bring to his team in 2017.

Loan deals with our friends at Azteca are nothing new, last year we got on loan young climber Salinas, who was very important rider for Pluchkin in mountains of Spain and France. So we hope that Robbie will follow in his footsteps.


I'll be back
God dayuuum those NCs are gorgeous. (Macedonia is my fav)

Quite the TT setup you have now, and I like that you've still got an Eastern European focus to the team.
Avin Wargunnson
Thanks Valv! Aidan is our master designer, always looking forward to his annual work for us! Grin

We will always try to stay mainly focused on rider from Eastern Europe, i like how Metinvest is relying on Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Russia regarding the leaders.

Improving the level of cyling in these areas is the founding stone of the team and if we should change it, we could basically shut the door and disband. Smile

Last two additions to complete the roster!

Hello again fans of cycling and team Metinvest. We are happy to present you the final pieces into the 2016 roster puzzle. These are not earth shattering signings, rather the completion of the roster and few picks for the future, so welcome these guys:

Maxim Rusnac €50k 24y/o pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/met.png FA - lvl 3.00


We like Moldova, like it too!
One of our definite goals for this transfer season was to sign a cyclist from Moldova, as our plan is to discover next Pluchkin or Tanovitchii there and also to please our new minor sponsor Moldovagaz. After loosing the first option in free agency, in form of Cristian Raileanu, who has signed with Becherovka - Petrof, we have turned our attention to another moldovan climbing talent, Maxim Rusnac. He is talented young guy, who can help us in GTs in the future, but for now, he will mainly train and take part in minor races for 2016. He will get better, we are sure about that!

Ukrainian Stagiare signed!

Iliya Klepikov is 22 years old talent from Ukraine, who we have signed as stagiare for the 2016 season. He will be allowed to take part in PT races from August onwards, but we can test him in continental HC events prior to that.

We see Iliya as one of the better hilly talents in the country and he is thrilled to be given the chance to show his skills in one of the best cycling teams based in Eastern Europe. Lets see if he can show his true potential, we will evaluate what he can bring to the team after the season.

lvl 1.00

I'll be back
I can't wait to see how your team will fare this season. Pluchkin is likely going to have some worse competition in the GT(s) he will ride this season, so it can't be expected that he does as well as last season. Similarly it can't be expected that Ignatiev can perform equally well as last season, and unfortunately he can't be trained. But instead you have Zmorka and Grosu who should both do even better, and you managed to create a very strong TTT setup - Unfortunately also a stronger one than me Smile

Guardini could be a nice sprinter with some training to give you that extra aspect that you lacked last season, and in a seasons time he and Grosu could be an amazing duo.

It is going to be a very exciting season, and you could end up various places in the PT rankings. My bet is that you will end up somewhere between 5th and 10th depending on Pluchkin. If he performs like last season you will be a podium team, but if he is a little bit more human, then you will probably lack a little bit of top level elsewhere to be a top 3 PT team.

Avin Wargunnson
Thanks for your words and observations SotD, i agree with them almost in all points.

Pluchkin + Ignatiev carried incredible percentage of our points last year, but with much improved depth in roster, we should not need that so much this year. Grosu and Karnulin will definitely score more and other improved guys can also bring points from minor places, that was our problem last year, when only leaders scored.

Lets see what Pluchkin can do, i agree he wont likely score that much, but who knows, maybe he will again find some abandoned race to shine. Pfft

TTT should be our important strengt in both in and off the GTs, so i hope that AI will be somewhat on our side in these.

Btw. stay tuned for shocking info, coming in few minutes!
I'll be back
Avin Wargunnson
Will Aleksandr the Great defend Tour de France title?

With transfer season already over, here comes the time of planning the race calendar for whole team, with some new faces and with majority of old faces. It is not just simple job of decision who will ride which race, we also need to think about logistics, training camps and all other stuff that makes the team ready for targeted races.

Metinvest management is 99% ready with planning the key objectives for every rider and especially bunch of leaders. Among them, one stands above, as the reigning double GT champion and ITT World champion. Yeah, we are speaking about Aleksandr Pluchkin, who brought us and our fans so much stage racing joy, topping it with rainbow jersey.


You probably think that there is no doubt about his key objective for 2016. Title defense in France right? Well, what about a no no? We have decided, after the very pleasant visit and dinner in his residence in Chișinău, that we will together pursue another goals in upcoming season!

Aleksandr always dreamed about the yellow jersey on his shoulders in Paris and this dream came through last year. Now he told us, that he has more dreams than that and would like to live them again in 2016. We are absolutely confident that he knows what races will suit him the best, so we have decided to support him in this decision, even when it may seem a bit shocking.

We have also had some fun during dinner about some internet speculations (by famous cycling pundit Shonak), that Aleksandr would be a coward if he wont try to defend hiis title. This is not about bravery, not about heart, but about reason and cold thinking of the prime GT contender and team around him. Cycling is passion, but you cant win without reason.

What goals are there to pursuit if not Tour de France? Other two GTs, or one GT + some other PT stage races? Or only stage races + classics, without a GT? That will, for now, remain a mystery to all people bar Aleksandr and our core management and key riders. We are sure that this announcement will raise a lot of speculations, but we are not ready to publish his racing programme until few weeks time.
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