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DSC #11 [Daily Song Contest]
Well I predicted the drop of my song correctly, still sad to see how drastically it was. Happy with that top 2 though.
I wouldn't rule Ireland out for the win, as I expect the NQ voting to be more poppy, and form the songs that high it is the most pop one.
Kirchen's second account according to Spilak23, 21-07-2016 17:16
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Posted on 18-01-2020 23:00
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The Results -- NQ Vote

Welcome back to the final part of the 9th Daily Song Contest. Soon we will say goodbye, Athens. But soon we will find out where we will be going to nest season for a special 10th edition. So, all that remains is the infamous NQ Vote. This round has decided almost every DSC ever since the semi-finals came into place at the 6th edition. This edition will be nothing else as our leaders are tied together at the top of the leaderboard...

1st The Netherlands 93pts
1st Wales 93pts
3rd Ireland 73pts

The NQ Vote then is made up of the non-qualifiers' votes. 10 countries have cast their votes along with the finalists, so this round will make up for around 30% of the total amount. I will first read out the names of the countries who finished in positions 16-11 in the NQ Vote. From there on until the winner of the NQ Vote, I will read every country's total amount and share of the vote one by one. So, let's start with the 16th to 11th favourite entries from the non-qualifiers...

16th 0.2% 1pts Greece

14th 3.3% 19pts Israel

14th 3.3% 19pts France

13th 3.8% 22pts Australia

12th 4.0% 23pts Slovenia

11th 4.3% 25pts Wales

Let's see what that does to the leaderboard now...

1st Wales 25pts 118pts
2nd The Netherlands 93pts
3rd Australia 22pts 85pts
4th Slovenia 23pts 80pts
5th France 19pts 80pts
6th Ireland 73pts
7th Israel 19pts 74pts
8th England 69pts
9th Germany 66pts
10th Estonia 53pts
11th Sweden 52pts
12th Finland 49pts
12th Spain 49pts
14th Belgium 34pts
15th Greece 1pt 32pts
16th United States 24pts

10 countries are left in the green room after the first set of votes in the NQ Vote, Wales are in the lead at the moment but can they be caught? This is going to be a nail biter!

Finishing in 10th place then, with a share of 5.0% of the total NQ vote which accumulates to 29 points is...

10th 5.0% 29pts


Congratulations, I hope you are proud of your performance tonight. Next up in 9th place with 35 points, or 6.0% of the vote is...

9th 6.0% 35pts


This getting tense- are you still with me Athens? 8 countries are left, let's give the results of one more. In 8th place, finishing with 39 points which is 6.7% of the vote is...

8th 6.7% 39pts


Let's see what that does to the leaderboard now...

1st Wales 25pts 118pts
2nd Ireland 39pts 117pts
3rd Germany 29pts 95pts
4th The Netherlands 93pts
5th Australia 22pts 85pts
6th Spain 35pts 84pts
7th Slovenia 23pts 81pts
8th France 19pts 80pts
9th Israel 19pts 74pts
10th England 69pts
11th Estonia 53pts
12th Sweden 52pts
13th Finland 49pts
14th Belgium 34pts
15th Greece 1pt 32pts
16th United States 24pts

The NQ Vote is giving us surprise after surprise and there's still 7 countries still to come. Some big hitters are still left, but 1 is sure to prevail as champion, unless Wales can hold onto their lead. In 7th place with the non-qualifiers with 7.2% of the vote, 42 points, is...

7th 7.2% 42pts


6th place with 46 points from the non-qualifiers, 7.4% of the total 580pts available in this NQ Vote. Let's see who is number 6, it is...

6th 7.4% 43pts


We have a top 5 for the non-qualifiers, it will be between these countries for the victory. We have: Sweden, The Netherlands, United States, Belgium and Estonia. There's a tie for 4th place, the first country to receive 48 points is...

4th 8.3% 48pts


Let's see what that does to the leaderboard now...

1st Wales 25pts 118pts
2nd Ireland 39pts 117pts
3rd England 42pts 114pts
4th Germany 29pts 95pts
5th The Netherlands 93pts
6th Finland 43pts 92pts
7th Australia 22pts 85pts
8th Spain 35pts 84pts
9th Belgium 48pts 82pts
10th Slovenia 23pts 81pts
11th France 19pts 80pts
12th Israel 19pts 74pts
13th Estonia 53pts
14th Sweden 52pts
15th Greece 1pt 32pts
16th United States 24pts

4 countries are still to receive their points from the non-qualifiers. As I previously said, this country was tied with Belgium for 4th but due to the amount of 12 points received, this is announced second. So, also finishing with 48 points, it is...

4th 8.3% 48pts

United States

Daniel Levi, Kensington and For BDK are left in the green room waiting for the all-important news. Who will win the 9th DSC? Kensington won the Finalists' Vote tied with Wales, Sweden came 11th and Estonia came 10th in the Finalists' ranking, but who is the first one to fall. In 3rd place with 9.8% of the vote and 57 poits, it is...

3rd 9.8% 57pts


Let's see what that does to the leaderboard now...

1st Wales 25pts 118pts
2nd Ireland 39pts 117pts
3rd England 42pts 114pts
4th Estonia 57pts 110pts
5th Germany 29pts 95pts
6th The Netherlands 93pts
7th Finland 43pts 92pts
8th Australia 22pts 85pts
9th Spain 35pts 84pts
10th Belgium 48pts 82pts
11th Slovenia 23pts 81pts
12th France 19pts 80pts
13th Israel 19pts 74pts
14th United States 48pts 72pts
15th Sweden 52pts
16th Greece 1pt 32pts

The tension inside this arena is absolutely crazy right now, this next set of points is sure to decide who wins the 9th edition of the Daily Song Contest! If Sweden are 2nd, The Netherlands are guarenteed the victory, if The Netherlands are 2nd it all depends on how much Sweden would win by. With only 130pts left on the table, all is to play for...let's see who is in 2nd place...

2nd 10.3% 60pts


Let's see what that does to the leaderboard now...

1st Wales 25pts 118pts
2nd Ireland 39pts 117pts
3rd Sweden 60pts 112pts
4th England 42pts 114pts
5th Estonia 57pts 110pts
6th Germany 29pts 95pts
7th The Netherlands 93pts
8th Finland 43pts 92pts
9th Australia 22pts 85pts
10th Spain 35pts 84pts
11th Belgium 48pts 82pts
12th Slovenia 23pts 81pts
13th France 19pts 80pts
14th Israel 19pts 74pts
15th United States 48pts 72pts
16th Greece 1pt 32pts

That can only mean 1 thing...

1st 12.1% 70pts The Netherlands

Is it over the amount needed to win...yes, it is! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion of the Daily Song Contest and it is THE NETHERLANDS! They have finally won the contest! We are going to The Netherlands this summer for the 10th DSC! Kensington are the winners with the song 'Do I Ever'! Let's speak to them...

Click to see the winner's interview and final performance. Plus, the final results...

The Netherlands have also broken the record! They are now the act with the most points ever in the Daily Song Contest. That record has stood since the first edition! This is fjhoekie's highest ever placing in the DSC, last time he came last with the Faroe Islands, but this time he will take the trophy back to The Netherlands for the anniversary edition of the contest! Whilst we wait for Kensington to come on stage, let's have a look at the final top 3:

1st The Netherlands 163pts
2nd Wales 118pts
3rd Ireland 116pts

It's the first time ever in the DSC where the top 3 has stayed the same from the finalists' to the final result. The Netherlands is also the first country to ever win both the NQ Vote and the Finalists' Vote as well as taking the largest ever winning margin of 45 points. Anyway, here they are - it's your winners Kensington!

Wooooow! What a way to win the contest! We've had close narrow victories and now we have a clean sweep to remember as well, please tell us how you feel.
There's a lot of relief, I can tell you that! We have tried so hard over the past week to get everything right, every note, every camera angle, every single detail of our performance in order to get the best result we could and look what's happened, it couldn't get any better!
Now, this is your second time in the contest for The Netherlands, do you think you have benefited from being in the DSC bubble before?
Everything that time was such a blur, but now we can remember this. We tried our best then with Armin van Buuren, but now we can celebrate a victory! We really take inspiration from K'NAAN who did the same in the 5th edition. Nothing compares to this feeling right now.
What's the first thing you're going to do when you get off stage?
Party! We have to celebrate this together - what do you think about that one?
Am I invited?
Sure thing.
Haha. Is there anything you want to say before you perform your song again?
Thank you Greece, Europe, DSC, The Netherlands! We welcome you to the land of love this June!
Thank you Casper, Eloi, Niles and Jan! I'll let you get ready, but first hand over the trophy! Congratulations!

That's a wrap for another edition of the Daily Song Contest! I don't know about you, but I am exhausted! What an amazing couple of weeks it has been here in Athens, I want to thank you, the crowd! You, the viewers! You, the artists! And most importantly you, Kensington! Thank you to everyone for the music and we will see you in The Netherlands for a very special edition of the Daily Song Contest this June. Thank for watching this season's edition, but before I let you go, here is our wining song, The Netherlands' Kensington with 'Do I Ever'!

YouTube Video


1st The Netherlands 163pts
2nd Wales 118pts
3rd Ireland 117pts
4th Sweden 112pts
5th England 114pts
6th Estonia 110pts
7th Germany 95pts
8th Finland 92pts
9th Australia 85pts
10th Spain 84pts
11th Belgium 82pts
12th Slovenia 81pts
13th France 80pts
14th Israel 74pts
15th United States 72pts
16th Greece 32pts

Edited by EwanWilson on 21-03-2017 21:18
after being in the battles we can be very thankful to have taken the Top 10, finishing in 7th Smile congrats to our mates from the Netherlands, great job Kensington!

only one thing, please fix the 66 points in the final results into a 96 Smile
Landslide Smile

Thanks to everyone voting for us, is good to finally win, and even be on the podium since the very first DSC.
Manager of Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff in the PCM.Daily Man-Game
A great song won. I can't complain about that!

Personally, I need to rethink my strategies here. Once again, we do well in NQ voting, but not in the finalist votes. 15th is better than last I guess.

Thanks for hosting this again Ewan!
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Congrats from Canada to Kensington and The Netherlands, a brilliant song won the DSC!!!
It feels good to finish on the podium, we even came close to overhauling Wales for 2nd but couldn't quite manage it. No idea what I'll enter for the next edition yet but I know it will be hard to repeat this level of success again.
Damn we were so close, its by far the best performance from Wales to date so we will be happy tinted with a bit of sadness.
Congratulations to the Netherlands and we look forward to visiting your country for the next contest.
And last but not least, once again a massive pat on the back to EwanWilson for organizing and running another fantastic show.
I'm really happy that I got the second place in the Televoting, thank you very much! And now a new personal best for me. Amazing!
The winner is a really great song, the best winner since edition 1 in my opinion, so no problem for me that it beat their record Grin
Sad that France did quite bad, that's really an underrated song.
And of course, a big thank you for doing an amazing job Ewan!
Kirchen's second account according to Spilak23, 21-07-2016 17:16

Get ready to celebrate the 10th edition of the Daily Song Contest in a way never seen before in the contest's history. The tables will turn, the rules will be re-written, starting soon with the selection of the host city...

We of course hope to continue the latest success of Germany's recent DSC history in contrast to their ESC success...
New Zealand won't have it rigged against them? Pfft
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Host City - YOU DECIDE

With just 4 days to go until the launch of the 10th edition of the DSC, the first twist has arrived. For the very first time the host city will be decided by the fans through a vote. The winning city will host all 4 shows and will be the hub of the DSC world for the next month. You have the choice of 3 cities and arenas to choose from: Amsterdam, Arnhem or Eindhoven.


Proposed Arena - Amsterdam Arena [53,000]
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and lives on the mantra of 'live and let live'. Amsterdam is known for its canals that trail through the city, the beautiful districts of the Jordaan. Amsterdam is a city full of diversity and culture making it an ideal place for the world of DSC to meet.


Proposed Arena - GelreDome [41,000]
Arnhem is the capital of the Gelderland and its name literally translates to 'the eagle's home'. It is a city that has undergone serious change during the last 50 years after WWII when Arnhem was a key battleground before being liberated by the British. In the city centre there is still a cathedral from the 15th century as well as one of the rivers that forms the famous Rhine River flows throuigh the city


Proposed Arena - Philips Stadion [35,000]
Eindhoven sits in the Brabant region and has a population of around 200,000, of which 30% are foreign born. The city has played host to many major swimming championships through the years, showing that Eindhoven has the experience to welcome the DSC in June.

Just choose a city in this strawpoll

Edited by EwanWilson on 03-06-2017 17:11
How do we vote?
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"... Because he(me)has a sound tactical mind in general..." jandal7, at 9:30 am GMT on 12th May 2016
weirdskyfan64 wrote:
How do we vote?

By voting in this strawpoll [https://www.strawpoll.me/13103619]
From the first teaser I thought we were going to host this edition in Deventer and I was surprised because there's just nothing in Deventer Pfft

Voting for Arnhem because it's closest to my home and therefore easiest to visit. Eindhoven doesn't have a roof and Amsterdam is too big for my liking
Manager of Minions
I'm so rude and take Sweden due to having a song in mind already.
Kirchen's second account according to Spilak23, 21-07-2016 17:16
The voting for the host city has now closed; with a 45% share of the vote, Amsterdam will host the 10th DSC! The contest will be opened later today...

Can I already take Belgium even before the official announcement? Rolling Eyes

Official Roelandts fan Wink
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