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DSC #11 [Daily Song Contest]
Unbelieveable - I expected Top half finish, but to win the whole thing. Now that's a shocker even for me Smile

Anyway, see you next time, where Bulgaria will host the Autumn edition of DSC. And also Bulgaria will participate again
Damn :/ Close yet so far. We will get the DSC back to Antwerp at some point! Grin

Official Roelandts fan Wink
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close for Cyprus, very happy with 2nd place
Very good winner, but it's also a bit dull to see the two real ESC participants battling for the win. And I'm also sad for my personal favorite, Belgium.
Congrats ivan and Bulgaria! Sweden is very satisfied with third place. Smile

And thanks for once again hosting this competition in a brilliant way, Ewan!
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I'll take eight. Didn't have a bad day but not the best one either Pfft

Congrats Ivan Wink
Manager of Minions
Norway with the Cypriot flag Pfft

Congrats Ivan and thanks Ewan for the show. Sing Me To Sleep now

Congratulations to Ivaneurope and Bulgaria!! The Netherlands are in a good position, 6th. In the Autumm DSC i will pick a better song

Semi-Final FULL Scorecard

Last night drew a close to the 6th Daily Song Contest, at the Benadir Stadium in Mogadishu. Bulgaria emerged as the winners of this edition, but they didn't win their semi-final. Below are the full results of each semi-final with a a full rundown of the votes from each country.

Semi-Final 1 Scorecard


ACDC won the semi-final with a tie with Cyprus.

Rank Country Points
1st Australia 106pts
1st Cyprus 106pts
3rd Bulgaria 100pts
4th Norway 95pts
5th Estonia 81pts
6th Armenia 80pts
7th Denmark 64pts
7th Guatemala 64pts
9th Spain 63pts
10th France 60pts
11th Sri Lanka 57pts
12th Wales 50pts
13th Russia 49pts
14th New Zealand 36pts
15th Germany 35pts


Semi-Final 2 Scorecard


Belgium won this semi-final from performing last, just like Bulgaria in the final. Belgium went on to finish 3rd in the Grand Final.

Rank Country Points
1st Belgium 121pts
2nd Sweden 112pts
2nd England 112pts
4th United States 110pts
5th The Netherlands 96pts
6th Canada 93pts
7th Scotland 78pts
8th Finland 78pts
9th Iceland 72pts
10th Argentina 68pts
11th Albania 65pts
12th Czechia 41pts
13th Ireland 40pts
13th Jamaica 40pts
15th Italy 23pts


Edited by EwanWilson on 12-06-2016 10:42
Following Bulgaria's first ever DSC win in only its second attempt (it's third for me as in the last edition I managed Switzerland) I've made a shortlist of potential candidate venues for the Autumn edition:

Sofia - Arena Armeets (17 000)
Sofia - Vasil Levski National Stadium (43 230; lacks roof)
Plovdiv - Plovdiv Stadium (55 000; lacks roof, needs renovation)
Plovdiv - Kolodruma (7 500)
Varna - Palace of Culture and Sports (5 035)
Ruse - Bulstrad Arena (6 300)
Arena Armeets was where they held Junior Eurovision, wasn't it?
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I forgot to say this, but thank you all for voting Estonia!
And thank you Ewan for the great organization!

We Are Golden

Welcome to the 7th Daily Song Contest, coming to you from the world's latest gold mine, Bulgaria. For the first time ever, the DSC has reached the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and we are here to celebrate for the next couple of weeks on the streets of our host city, Ruse. After a fierce bidding competition between Varna, Sofia and Ruse, the city of free spirit won the competition bringing the DSC to the fabulous Bulstrad Arena. This arena is where the world's best musicians will battle it out under the name of their flag. 3 months ago in the African nation of Somalia, Poli Genova won the contest with her song 'If Love Were A Crime', which has ultimately brought us to Bulgaria. This season's theme is 'We Are Golden', meaning that we are all special and precious in every different way. Here are the details about this year's contest...


This is our venue for the next weeks, Bulstrad Arena. Someone will walk out of here a champion...

Selection Process & The Contest

This part is the same as usual, but for any newbies here's the low down: you have to choose a song which is affiliated to a country (it can stem out to grandparents), post it here, and then you are signed up! All you need to do then is watch the shows and vote for your favourites. You have until TBD to sign up for the contest. Read below to find out more rules about the submissions.
Regarding the contest, we will have semi-finals, so the we will be running on the same format as the Summer Edition. These will take place in the week building up to the Grand Final on Saturday -th September. The semi-finals will split the competitors in 2, and then they will compete to make their way through to the final on Saturday (the amount of finalists is to be determined when the sign up is complete). Here is a full break-down of the changes.


Here is a montage of some of the angles of our stage here in Ruse.


So the rules are the same as usual,so semi-final voting is done anonymously (but will be published after the all the shows and results) and the qualifiers will be revealed in a random order. The finalists countries, and the world jury, will have their points read out by a spokesperson, but the other votes will be combined together to make up the Apart from this, the rules have stayed the same 2nd half of the vote.

Rules for Participation:
1. The singer/band MUST come your respective nation, but with a band, a single member can be enough, and some affiliation via parents or grandparents.
2. The songs can be in any language, doesn't have to be in English.
3. The songs MUST be under 10 minutes long.
4. Voting will be done privately via PM to me (EwanWilson), using the usual Eurovision system (1-7 + 8,10 & 12) within the voting period.
5. The following countries can enter on their own as I have declared them autonomous enough England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland etc. (PM me if you have a proposal for a new country)
6. Winning songs of the actual Eurovision can NOT enter (F.E Jamala - 1944), but all other Eurovision related entries are welcome (F.E Sergey Lazarev - You are the only one or Margaret - Cool Me Down).


The Monument of Liberty is one of Ruse's most beautiful attractions.!


Event Date
DSC #7 Launch Sunday 28th August
Entries Close/Semi Final Draw Friday 2nd September
Semi-Final 1 Show Sunday 4th September
Semi Final 2 Show Tuesday 6th September
Semi-Final 1 Qualifiers Wednesday 7th September
Semi-Final 2 Qualifiers Friday 9th September
Grand Final Show Saturday 10th September
Grand Final Results Thursday 15th - Saturday 17th September


Emil Conrad, a YouTube star in Bulgaria and the reigning DSC champion, Poli Genova, will be hosting the shows.


Edition Nation Song Artist Host City
2015 Spring Iceland Little Talks Of Monsters of Men Glasgow
2015 Summer Sweden Heroes Måns Zelmerlöw Reykjavik
2015 Autumn Belgium Reality Lost Frequencies Stockholm
2015 Winter Finland Yellow House Softengine Antwerp
2016 Spring Somalia Wavin' Flag K'NAAN Helsinki
2016 Spring Bulgaria If Love Was A Crime Poli Genova Mogadishu

Best Scoring Entries

Rank Nation Edition Song Artist Points
1st Iceland Spring 2015 Little Talks Of Monsters & Men 161pts
2nd Finland Winter 2015 Yellow House Softengine 150pts
3rd Iceland Winter 2015 From Finner Of Monsters & Men 148pts
4th Scotland Winter 2015 The Mother We Share CHVRCHES 144pts
5th France Spring 2015 Changes Faul & Wad vs Pnau 132pts
6th Bulgaria Summer 2016 If Love Was A Crime Poli Genova 130pts
7th Sweden Summer 2015 Heroes Måns Zelmerlöw 128pts
8th Rwanda Summer 2015 Papaoutai Stromae 127pts

Best Performing Nations


Rank Nation Players Average Finish
1st Finland marcovd, Luxemburger 3
2nd Iceland trekbmc 6.4
3rd Somalia sammyt, lakebeach 7
4th France Scattershot Will 7.4
5th Denmark Clyn1234 8.75
6th Scotland EwanWilson 9.2
6th Sweden nathancouw, DiCyc, THDC, lakebeach, emre99 9.2

These include countries who have appeared 2+ times

Edited by EwanWilson on 31-08-2016 13:28

Participating Countries

Scotland EwanWilson
Belgium handsball1
France Scattershot Will
Italy BenjiNaesen
New Zealand jandal7
Bulgaria Host ivaneurope
United States matt71br
Sweden TheManxMissile
Colombia emre99
Germany Croatia14
Australia lakebeach
Turkey Azerbaijan
Canada jsaedog1
Slovenia ziga007
England namtheman928
Denmark nathancouw
Netherlands Spilak23
Greece sammyt93
Ireland baseballlover312
South Korea Bst222
Czechia weirdskyfan64
Spain jesusdecastro2
D.R.Congo luis22
Wales Ste117
oi51.tinypic.com/24ffuqh.jpg Friesland fjhoeckie
Japan marcovdw
Morocco Alex Sörensson
Switzerland TusenTakkTV
Ukarine Егор Кравець
Estonia Luxemburger


Scotland Netsky & Emeli Sandé Thunder
Norway Alan Walker Sing Me To Sleep
Belgium Lost Frequencies Beautiful Life (ANGEMI Remix)
France Madeon Finale
Italy Twenty One Pilots Heathens
New Zealand Flight Of The Conchords We're Both in Love With a Sexy Lady
Bulgaria Elitsan & Stoyan Water
United States Wu Tang Clan Bring Da Ruckus
Sweden AronChupa Little Swing
Colombia Uriel Henao Nairo Quintana
Germany GLORIA Das Was Passiert
Australia The Temper Trap Love Lost
Turkey Tarkan Şıkıdım
Canada Shawn Mendes Treat You Better
Slovenia MC Yankoo feat. Melicia Toderovic Moje Zlato
Guatemala Elton Amador Rodriguez Gasparotto
England MUSE MK Ultra
Denmark Kamikaze
Netherlands Ran-D Living For The Moment
Greece Arianna Savalas No Diggity
Ireland Snow Patrol Chasing Cars
South Korea EXO-K_중독 Overdose
Czechia Aneta Langerová Tráva
Spain LFAM Madrid Burlaos
D.R.Congo Jessy Matador Allez Ola Olé
Wales Feeder Buck Rogers
oi51.tinypic.com/24ffuqh.jpg Friesland De Kast Eltse Grins Foarby
Japan Masatoshi Hamada なんでやねんねん
Morocco Loreen We Got The Power
F.Y.R Macedonia Daniel Kajmakoski Autumn Leaves
Switzerland Daughter Human
Ukraine Max Barskih Last Day Of Summer
Estonia Würffel Burdened Sky

DSC.tv Articles

Edited by EwanWilson on 02-09-2016 13:11
I am belgium boys Grin

Official Roelandts fan Wink
La nostra nazione ha scelto.
Il brano che rappresenta l'Italia è: Twenty Two Pilots - Heathens

Buona fortuna a tutti i partecipanti.

(If u doubt about the Italian origin of this setup. This photo is utter proof.)

Edited by BenjiNaesen on 28-08-2016 21:40
NZ as per
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[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
I confirm that Bulgaria will indeed return and will probobly feature pre-qualifying to determine which song will represent the host country

EDIT: After the success of the RW Eurovision song that took DSC by storm 3 months ago, I've decided to do it again with another successful Bulgarian ESC song from 9 years ago.

YouTube Video

Edited by ivaneurope on 28-08-2016 21:29
Dibs on USA


YouTube Video

Edited by matt17br on 28-08-2016 21:49
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Representing Belgium will be...

Lost Frequencies - Beautiful Life (ANGEMI Remix)

YouTube Video

Official Roelandts fan Wink
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