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Really no easy season planning?
Hi guys,

after spending many years with PCM 2009 - I still have my career going there, now in the year 2032 - I decided to update to the new version. But after reading through the whole forum and the tips and tricks it really seems that even a semi-decent season planning will take forever.

Here is what I figured out with the 2009 version, might in parts even be helpful for this version. Concentrating only on WT races: Basically, just three groups, one stage racing team of 8 riders for the first half of the season - starting with a preparation to Tirenno-Adriatico, finishing with the Dauphine - and another with 9 riders for the second half of the season (just prep for the Tour de Suisse, then TdF and Vuelta with a few one day races in between to keep the form up. Everybody else goes into the third group, basically the weakest guys (the young hopefuls) have to do the remaining stage races (Tour down Under, Eneco, Poland) and fill in the rest when needed while the best tackle the hilly classics, one o them will do the early classics and join the Giro and is pretty much done for the season. That's 60 to 70 days of racing for all 30 riders, so none are ever tired from too many racing days.

And all I really needed to do was make three season training plans for these three groups, no fatigue problems and good/great form for all WT races. At the start of each season I'd quickly decide (with pen and paper) who goes into which group (with some small annotations for the third group), then I select one of the three training plans for each rider and I'm done.

But now I can't save training schedules? I have to go into every rider's season objectives every year and delete the presets and select my own? And even worse, then make specific changes to the training of every rider because the automatic training is a bit odd? For example, I selected the objectives for a rider of the second group, just Tour de Swiss (secondary) and TdF and Vuelta and yet there is a weird training peak even before my first objective? I have to change that for every rider individually every year?

Or will "my" objectives at least be carried over to the next year (if the rider is still with my team)? Have I missed a way of setting objectives for a whole group?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. For example, the most radical approach, can I just leave things the way the game sets them up for me without being penalised too much? So far I only made it into April with that tactic but by the looks of it most of my riders will be very tired in the second half of the year. And their objectives don't match up with my sponsor's objectives most of the time. Only three riders have the TdF as an objective, for example, which isn't promising.
You can still use my season planner to copy and paste training schedules, if this is all you want to do.

The latest version of my planner was released for PCM13 but should be working for PCM14 still. It can be found in the PCM13 forum: https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=30725
Edited by Lachi on 25-11-2014 12:41
Thanks for the quick reply. I remember trying a season planner with the 2009 version and while it was good for planning a season in detail I found my quick&dirty method was way faster. But it all boiled down to using custom, saveable training plans and I'm quite frustrated that they've vanished. If anybody from Cyanide is reading this: Please include that function again!

I've downloaded your planner and found the way to copy and paste training schedules. Cool. Maybe I'll actually go and use the full functionality now. What happens to the riders' individual objectives, do I need to set the right ones (=the objectives I want) beforehand? I'll find out myself.

Five years since my last version and some things never change. As long as a season lasts (even when simulating the vast majority of races/stages), the reason I stop - often for months - before grudgingly continuing my career, is the start of the season. Setting the right training and trainers, planning the season even in my simple groups, having to select my own racing schedule every season though mine is always the same (Why isn't that the standard setting? Why isn't that at least optional?)... it can take hours.
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In PCM2014, the season will be planned automatically, so the planning is optional already.

If you only make fitness plans, there might not be any objectives in the game. But I am not sure if it does matter at the end. I asked in this forum what the consequences would be if the cyclists are not happy with the objectives but I never got an answer.

Yes, it takes time to make the season planning but doing it at the start of the season means that you don't have to assign the cyclists before each race. And if you do it in my planner, my planner will mark the sponsor goals as objectives automatically.
I just posted this as a comment in a PCM14 season planning tip in the tips&tricks section, but since I asked this question, here's my own answer as to how to plan a season as quickly as possible. Not using Lachi's season planner, sorry.

Here's my quick and dirty season planning for the World Tour, a bit strict, but at least it can be done in 20 minutes.

Make 4 groups or even just three: Stage racing team #1, stage racing team #2, hills and cobbles (with overlap, essentially one large 1-day-racing group).

Team #1, 9 riders. They basically only race the Tour de Suisse, TdF and Vuelta, are also in good shape for the national champs and WC. 8 of the 9 ride the Luxemburg Tour and the TdS, the last rider goes into the Dauphine cold (could also prepare with, say, the Bayern Rundfahrt, see below).

Team #2: 8 riders. They do most of the stage races in the first half of the season, starting with Tirenno-Adriatico, then Catalunya, Pais Vasco, Romandie, Giro and (7 of them) the Dauphine. Room for preparation with, say, Langkawi, though only 6 riders are allowed there. The Giro needs an extra rider, picked from the next group (I choose whoever has the highest recovery). In September, take the whole team to the Tour of Britain for form for the WC.

Hills and cobbles, 13 riders (with the full squad of 30, can be done with less, 27 minimum I'd say): Select 7 to do the TdU, throw them in cold with terrible fitness, you can still win the race in 3D mode. Then get the whole group of 13 into rhythm and fitness in mid/late February. Your hill specialists then race Paris-Nice. Book a couple of races, 19th and 20th of March to improve the rhythm again for the other riders, select the best of the bunch for Milan-San Remo.

Then your 8 best on cobbles race the WT northern classics, the others use the Circuit Sarthe or a few small one-day races to get into form for the spring classics. All of them rest after LBL except for the one rider you need for the Giro. Book the Ster ZM and Slovenia Tour in June so they have rhythm for the national champs, though fitness will be low.

In August, the best on hills race San Sebastian and the Tour of Poland - try and book the Tour de Wallonie as preparation - while the better on cobbles (and thus flat) go to the Eneco Tour and then Hamburg and GP Quest. Prepare with the Tour of Portugal.

Then book the Settimana Lombarda in early September for those you want to race in Canada. Book pretty much all the one-day races after the Vuelta for form for the WC.

With that planning, nearly everbody gets a decent amount of racing done, 70 days for team #1, up to 80 days for team #2 (no problem with the long break between Dauphine and Tour of Britain), 60 days for the hilly specialists. Only the pure cobblestone riders might feel a bit underused, so you can book extra races for them - like, say, the Bavaria Tour.

Chooosing objectives and adjusting the training for each group:

Team #1: Objectives just TdS (minor), TdF and Vuelta. Take out the peaks in July and September, they don't guarantee the best form (1) but cause tiredness towards the end of the Vuelta.

Team #2: Objectives, make them all minor, T-A, Catalunya, Pais Vasco, Romandie, Giro. Add fitness training in August and September to lead up to the WC, but no objective. Freshness should be great for the Dauphine, Tour of Britain and WC even though you didn't select them as objectives.

Hills: You have to pick and choose a bit for the objectives, you can't cover them all. Paris-Nice, all the spring classics, San Sebastian, Poland Tour, the Canadian races... You'll have to keep them all major or the riders will complain they have too few objectives (not that it matters, I believe). Since they'd be exhausted later in the season without adjusting the training, you have to manually adjust things, take out all the peaks, shave off a week here and there, after a season or two you'll know how to have a fitness level of 2 for all the WT races with a lot less training than the game automatically assigns.

Cobbles: Select the northern classics starting with GP E3, select the Eneco Tour and Cyclassics and GP Quest (well, that'd be 7 objectives and you can only have 6, so you need to decide what to drop). Again, keep them all as major objectives and manually adjust the training. Having done it once it is easy to reproduce again and again. Though I sure wish you could save and load training plans as you could in older versions of PCM, that would save a lot of time.

Milan-San Remo is a bit of a sore point, you will need to select it as an objective for a rider to have the necessary freshness, though that means you have to drop something else.
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