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SIGN UP NOW Race Manager - Race Masters Evolved
We keep trying hard, but despite our promoise, we just can't go forward on the grid so far... It's dismotivating, but we know we can improve. Race day tomorrow, and we'll use strategy to our advantage
Race 9 - Italy - Adria - Race

Number of laps: 40

The race has just been finished and the results are in! Sebastian Schumacher is the first ever driver in the Race Masters Evolved to take pole, victory and fastest lap in one race weekend! It's an amazing result for the German, who sees his countryman Paul Rosanski finishing second and his teammate Joe Armstrong taking third place. They take many points back from championship leader Antonio Panico, who only finishes fifth and was visibly annoyed by the fact that his teammate Miljenko Vuckovic finished in front of him, taking away important championship points. Schumacher may be very happy that his teammate finished in front of Panico, something which Clark failed to do for Rosanski. With five races to go the championship will be very exciting.

Adria Race Results
1.Sebastian SchumacherAntlers44:58.79015
2.Paul RosanskiMohn Rennsport2.97012
3.Joe ArmstrongAntlers12.79810
4.Miljenko VuckovicMazzilionia Racing15.8328
5.Antonio PanicoMazzilionia Racing23.7406
6.Justin ClarkMohn Rennsport29.6065
7.Kurt JenssonAngelo Racing39.3214
8.Autumn KeselowskiDunemonte41.3993
9.Dominic De ForestDunemonte46.9682
10.James DayTravinski Racing49.8151
11.Ricciardo GambinoTravinski Racing54.615
12.Timothy RaueAngelo Racing1 Lap
13.Martin LloydGrove Motorsports1 Lap
14.James HardenWolf Motorsports1 Lap
15.Seamus DohertyWolf Motorsports1 Lap
16.Jakab ZoltanYaktutoka1 Lap
17.Arie DePalmaYaktutoka1 Lap
18.Francois BothaDe Rooij Racing1 Lap
19.Ounheua KhochaleuneGrove Motorsports1 Lap
20.Gilberto CoutinhoRantosa Racing Team1 Lap
DNFJohan van de BergDe Rooij RacingTransmission
DNFNick van der ValdeRantosa Racing TeamEngine

Fastest Lap
1.Sebastian SchumacherAntlers1:05.9591

Drivers Championship
7.De Forest42
17.van de Berg0
21.Van der Valde0

Constructors Championship
1.Mazzilionia Racing171
2.Mohn Rennsport138
5.Wolf Motorsports39
6.Travinski Racing24
7.Angelo Racing20
8.Grove Motorsports3
9.De Rooij Racing0
11.Rantosa Racing Team0

Team Duels Race
van de BergBotha4-5
De ForestKeselowski4-5
van der ValdeCoutinho2-7

Manager of Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff in the PCM.Daily Man-Game
After another retirement, Van de Berg was furious. He blamed everything and everyone but his own driving skills for the mechanical failures.
Manager of Minions
"My pace was there, and I'm kinda sad to not have won the race, but I am happy, that I'm now only 1 Point behind in the drivers standings. We can still do it, after Panico's early season domination. No problem, that Justin couldn't beat Panico. We don't need the pressure on us yet."
@fjhoekie: He didn't finished last. Pfft

@Marcovdw: He has a shared record with three other drivers with the most consecutive DNF's!

@Paul23: He's nine points behind first, one point behind second. Wink
Calendar 2015

After the race in Adria the drivers asked the organisation of the Race Masters Evolved to not put this circuit on the 2015 calendar. They were unhappy about it, because "overtaking is almost impossible" and "the only position swaps happened at the start and during the pitstops". The organisation replied that this isn't the only circuit where overtaking is difficult and that overtaking here is a challenge and it shows the ability of the drivers. The organisation is currently setting up the calendar for next season, but it's not sure whether they listen to the drivers' appeal or not.

To our fans, drivers and their managers: which circuits would you like to have on the calendar for next season? And which circuits have to organise the opening and the final race of the season?
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Race 10 - Spain - Valencia - Preview

Only five races left this season and we go back to Spain for the race in Valencia. The Valencia street circuit is well known because of the beautiful weather and hot ladies sunbathing around the circuit. Hopefully it won't disturb the concentration of the drivers too much, because the circuit is very challenging. Close walls and many corners make the circuit quite tough, but there are enough places to overtake. Turns 1/2, 6/7/8, 11/12 and 15/16/17 are ideal places to attack. Will this race be more spectacular than the one on Adria? We'll check out soon!

You can now post your drivers expectations of this weekend. And don't forget to give your favourite circuits for next season.


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well at least the Yaktutoka drivers are all tied up in quali and race
Not in points though Pfft

Edit: Oops lol, even in points. Thought your teammate was Lloyd, but it's Zoltan xD
shame on you for not knowing the teams Pfft
Are we staying in Europe next season or will the calendar see us racing on other continents?

It would be helpful to know for thinking of circuits to add in.
Sorry Luigi Embarassed

@sammyt Good question! Most of them will be European races, but we might have a race or two across the ocean.
Race Masters Evolved open for applications for its second season

The Race Masters Evolved is coming to the end of the first season and some managers will quit at the end of this season, so there are free spaces for next season. To be precise, there are 9 free spaces. If you want to join, please choose one of the following drivers.

What's your task as a manager?
After you've become manager of a driver you have to talk about contract negotiations. It's your task to keep the story up to date with information about your driver. Once you've signed a contract you have to officially announce it here. After every qualification or race it'd be nice to see a post-session reaction from your driver and/or his manager (you). It's not required to do it after every session, but try to do it once in a while (and it doesn't need to be very long).

It's also possible to influence the story in which way you want. F.e. when you see a seat is free for next season you're allowed to create transfer rumours yourself, when you didn't finish a race you're allowed to blame another driver. And you can react on other's press releases as well. It'll make the story more interesting and fun.

Drivers Characteristics
- Technical: Your driver knows a lot of things about cars and he can help to improve the car
- Media behaviour: Your driver can handle the media. This will make him popular amongst the teams and will increase his popularity.
- Resistance: Your driver has a good resistance and won’t be ill and miss races.
- Results behaviour: Your driver can handle disappointed results. This will increase his popularity and teams will like it as well. It slightly helps improving the car.
- Professionalism: Your driver is a real professional. Team bosses will like this and it’ll also helps a bit on improving the car.

- Technical: Your driver isn’t technical and can’t help improving the car. Teams don’t like this, but it’s not a big problem.
- Media behaviour: Your driver can’t handle the media. This won’t make him popular amongst the teams and will decrease his popularity.
- Resistance: Your driver will become ill easy and then he could miss races on critical moments.
- Results behaviour: Your driver can’t handle disappointed results. This will decrease his popularity and teams won’t like it as well. It doesn’t help improving the car.
- Professionalism: Your driver is a real party guy. Team bosses don’t like this, although fans could like it.

Driver character:
- Leading: Positive: Your driver is a real team leader and that helps improving the car. Negative: Two leaders at one team won’t go well, so there’s a chance your driver will drive for smaller teams.
- Tolerant: Positive: Your driver is a real team player and his chances are bigger at the best teams. Negative: He’ll almost always will be second driver.
- Normal: Positive: Your driver can drive for many teams. Negative: Your driver doesn’t get a bonus.

Avalaible Drivers
Moreno Costa, born 1988, pos: Resistance, neg: Media Behaviour, Character: Normal

James Day, born 1990, pos: Media Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Normal

Francois Botha, born 1992, pos: Media Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Normal

Martin Lloyd, born 1990, pos: Professionalism, neg: Technical, Character: Leading

Kurt Jensson, born 1992, pos: Resistance, neg: Media Behaviour, Character: Tolerant

Autumn Keselowski (f), born 1988, pos: Resistance, neg: Media Behaviour, Character: Tolerant

Dominic De Forest, born 1992, pos: Results Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Normal

Seamus Doherty, born 1994, pos: Media Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Leading

Sebastian Schumacher, born 1987, pos: Technical, neg: Professionalism, Character: Leading

Joe Armstrong, born 1965, pos: Results Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Tolerant

James Harden, born 1989, pos: Results Behaviour, neg: Professionalism, Character: Normal

Ginno Albatrone, born 1980, pos: Results Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Tolerant

Heiko Anderson, born 1989, pos: Media Behaviour, neg: Professionalism

Miljenko Vuckovic, born 1992, pos: Media Behaviour, neg: Technical, Character: Leading

Changes for next season
- I'll use a race editor which will make it easier to give visible influences of some of the characteristics
- Technical character: The driver's positive technical character will have more influence in making the car faster/more reliable.
- Professionalism character: The driver's ability will slightly be better.
- Age will have influence on the experience of drivers and their ability. The older, the higher the drivers' ability.
- Managers have to be more active. They have to post their drivers' expectations and reactions themself. They're allowed to react on each other and create rumours, f.e. about transfers. If a manager is more active then it'll influence the driver. The driver becomes more motivated which results in a better driver ability.
There are still some free places for next season, sign up now! Results for Valencia are coming soon, don't forget to post your drivers' expectations. And which circuits would you like to see on the calendar next season? Most races will be in Europe but there might be one or two races on other continents.
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