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SIGN UP NOW Race Manager - Race Masters Evolved
Thanks The Rider. Unfortunately you didn't join, otherwise I'd call you The Driver. Pfft

I know you (and maybe other people) are thinking that Hot Wheels will quit, but it won't. I'm having exams at the moment (I know I didn't told it in the story thread, sorry for that) so it's on a break (exams are until thursday). I'll sure continue that story. This is a story which hopefully won't take too much time, but I already had the idea for months but Grand Prix 4 didn't work, until last friday, when I fixed it. But Hot Wheels will surely continue, don't worry about that. Wink
The Rider
That is good then. Wink

-- Well I would have a more 'exotic' name, but way back when I joined this website I thought I would only visit once for about five minutes ..... how wrong I was! Pfft
@The Rider: I'm happy you were wrong. Otherwise we wouldn't have TOTC and Qatar Optics Pfft (it's already one year ago when you started TOTC1 Shock).

I already have thirteen lists so I still need nine. Nice to see people reply very fast. I still need lists from:

Luis Leon Sanchez

Of course I don't want to push but the sooner we start te better. Wink
I wanted to say I still missed one, but I received it while writing this. Pfft

Using those lists I've tried to make a graphical diagram about it. Unfortunately I couldn't put all your requested teams in it, but everyone has at least one of the teams which was on their list. Some have another team as 'replacement'. This scheme will decide the contracts which teams will offer. I hope it's clear, but if it's not you'll understand when I post the picture. Wink

When I post the scheme the contract offers will start. You won't get the contract offers all at once. When you receive one or more offers, I'd like to have an answer as soon as possible. You can choose to sign the contract, to refuse the contract or to wait deciding about the contract. When you accept or refuse the contract, there's no problem. When you choose to wait the team will offer the contract to someone else as well. You can always decide to sign the contract if it no-one else already took it.

I won't send every driver their contract offer(s) at the same time, because it'll be very difficult to make contract offers. So some people will get their offer(s) earlier than others. Their advantage is that they can choose their seats earlier, but the advantage from the people who get their offer(s) later is that some tests has been there. There are four tests where you can see which teams are fast and which aren't. But of course the results could be misleading to how the teams will perform during the season.

When a driver has signed a contract at a team there will be a news report about it in this thread. Then you can see which seats are still free and which ones are already taken. For a complete lists of free and taken seats you could take a look at the fourth post.

I hope it's clear because it's maybe not explained very well. You could always ask a question and otherwise you'll see what happens. Wink (As long as I know what I'm doing Pfft)

For the people who haven't seen it yet: the third and fourth post are updated. There's not much information yet but then you can see the lay-out. Wink
MrUfo87 wrote:
I wanted to say I still missed one, but I received it while writing this. Pfft


classic exemple :lol:
Edited by SSJ2Luigi on 21-05-2014 20:50
@SSJ2Luigi: Almost a legendary example. :lol: Pfft
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Posted on 06-05-2021 22:12
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Looking forward to my offers Smile
I am really looking forward to the tests! Smile
The layout of posts 3&4 looks good, will be hard for you to keep it updated though, I think. Wink
@Luis Leon Sanchez: I hope everyone can 'live' with their offers. Wink There's a big chance that tonight the first contract offers will be send.

@Bikex: I'll copy the html and paste them in a Word document. Then it'll be easier to edit it. Wink
Tonight we'll start with the transfers and the first drivers will receive their offers. I've tried, using your lists, to make a transfer scheme, which you can see here. These are the teams of which you can expect a contract offer, so you'll know what you can expect when you refuse a team.

When you get an offer you have to answer as soon as possible. You can, as I already told, accept, refuse and wait. For example: you get a contract offer from Mohn Rennsport and Dunemonte, please answer this way:
Mohn Rennsport: Refuse
Dunemonte: Wait

You can also choose to let both teams wait, this is just an example. It doesn't have to be exactly like this as long as it's clear what you want to do with every offer.

The contract offers will go through PM. When a contract has been signed there will be a news report about it in this thread. At the fourth post you can see which seats are still available. When you forgot which contract offers you still have (f.e. when you choose to let a few contracts wait) you can always send me a message to ask about your current contract offers.

Well, I'd say check this scheme and wait till you get a PM! Wink


Shame, only 1/3. Will have to see the offers now.
@FroomeDog99: Sorry, it's not easy to make such a thing and make sure that everyone will get their Top-3. But of course I still have the lists so there's still a chance that you can get a contract offer from the other two teams on your list. Wink
I really hope that my driver's nationality will have the influence here. Wink
Manager of www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.pngTeam Nordeus www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.png
oh god a spiderweb Shock
@admirschleck: Well, let's see! Wink Mazzilionia seems like a very popular team.

@SSJ2Luigi: Yeah! You don't like it? Shock
Hope I didn't just make a decision I'll regret later... Frown
@SSJ2Luigi: Explains enough. Pfft Although I haven't seen the spider yet. Pfft

@Mresuperstar: Yeah, that's everyone's risk. Wink And otherwise you have to hope on a teammate who's technical. Wink
MrUfo87 wrote:
@SSJ2Luigi: Explains enough. Pfft Although I haven't seen the spider yet. Pfft

that's because it's gone now Cool
Race Masters Evolved - First contracts are signed

The first few contracts in the new race league Race Masters Evolved have been signed. The one who made history by writing the first contract of this race league is Timothy Raue. He has signed a contract at the Hungarian team Angelo Racing. He'll be the first driver at that team and he'll stay there for at least one year. The team is now looking for a second driver. Rumours say that they're interested in Moreno Costa and Kurt Jensson, although they've made clear that they have several drivers on their list as likely candidates. Raue is very happy with his contract. He has already been starting learning the language and he can't wait to start at the team.

The Italian Ricciardo Gambino has signed a contract at the Russian team Travinski Racing. He'll stay there for two years and will be their first driver. The 29-year old driver is happy with his contract, although it wasn't one of his favourite teams. Nevertheless he's looking forward to the season and who will be the second driver of the team. They haven't done an offer yet but they'll make work of it soon.

The Laotion driver Ounheua Khochaleune has signed a two-year contract at the British team Grove Motorsports. He'll be their second driver. Khochaleune has said that he's proud to be a driver of this new race league. Especially because he's coming from a poor country and he hopes that he could be an example for his country. Grove Motorsports is already contacting drivers for their first seat.

Francois Botha has signed a deal with the Dutch team De Rooij Racing. The 21-year old South African is very happy with his contract. De Rooij Racing was his team at the top of his list and he's very happy they offered him a contract. Without thinking he signed the contract, which says that he'll be the second driver at the team.

The only woman in this field, Autumn Keselowski, has surprisingly signed a contract at Dunemonte. The American will drive two years for the French team as second driver. Keselowski isn't a great talent but she's a very constant driver. It'll be interesting to see what she can do in her car for this season.

Justin Clark has signed a contract at the German team Mohn Rennsport. That's a surprise because it looked like Clark would go to Antlers, but apparently he didn't received a contract offer from them so he decided to go to Mohn Rennsport. Antlers has already said that they're not happy with the fact that Mohn Rennsport 'stole' 'their' driver, so they will be each others rivals this season. They have to fight on the circuit, where Clark will drive in the car of Mohn Rennsport. The driver from Great-Britain is very happy with his seat, so we'll see what he can do against Antlers.
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