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SIGN UP NOW Race Manager - Race Masters Evolved
Sounds great, I'll happily take part. Here's my entry:

First Name: Dominic
Last Name: De Forest
Birth date: 18/05/1992 (22)
Nationality: French
Positive characteristic: Results Behaviour
Negative characteristic: Technical
Driver character: Normal
I usually don't like F1 at all but this sounds like fun so I will take part. Smile

First Name: Gilberto
Last Name: Coutinho
Birth date: 01/01/1984
Nationality: Brasil
Positive characteristic: Resistance
Negative characteristic: Technical
Driver character: Tolerant
Well, I'm interested.

First Name: Nick
Last Name: Van der Valde
Nationality: Canadian
Birthdate: 24/07/1983
Positive characteristic: Technical
Negative characteristic: Media behaviour
Driver character: Leading
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Wow, this is going fast. Smile Only six spaces left!

@Bikex: This isn't Formula One, this is an alternative race league. Wink

@Miguel98: You forgot his birth date. Wink
First Name: Seamus
Last Name: Doherty
Birth date: 17/3/94
Nationality: Ireland
Positive characteristic: Media Behaviour
Negative characteristic: Technical
Driver character: Leading
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Oops, forgot that. Edited and added now. Smile
fjhoekie wrote:
First Name: Ounheua
Last Name: Khochaleune
Birth date: 15/07/1985
Nationality: Laos
Positive characteristic: Media behaviour
Negative characteristic: Results behabiour
Driver character: Tolerant

I'm not the only one to ever make a Laotian for something. Shock
First Name: Arie
Last Name: DePalma
Birth date: 18 May 1992
Positive characteristic: Technical
Negative characteristic: Resistance
Driver character: Tolerant
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Edited my application post. Smile
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Manager of www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.pngTeam Nordeus www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.png
First Name:Jakab
Last Name:Zoltan
Birth date:1993.03.16
Positive characteristicPfftrofessionalism
Negative characteristic:Technical
Driver character: Leading
Soo, that means we're having eighteen drivers and managers so far. We still need four. But anyway, this is going way much faster than I thought. Nice to see there are many people interested in it. Smile
First name: Johan
Last name: van de Berg
Birth date: August 24th, 1992
Nationality: Dutch
Positive characteristic: Results behaviour
Negative characteristic: Professionalism
Driver character: Tolerant
Edited by Marcovdw on 18-05-2014 17:23
Manager of Minions
First Name: Sebastian
Last Name: Schumacher
Birth date: 03.07.1987
Nationality: Germany
Positive characteristic: Technical
Negative characteristic: Professionalism
Driver character: Leader
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

And of course the race league isn't a race league without a Schumacher. Pfft Still two places remaining.

What will happen after this? I will post the list with the eleven teams. Without any information you have to send me three teams where you'd like to see your driver ride for (through PM). That's a base for the negotiations. After that the team tests will start. There are a few tests and the team ranking on that test will be placed here. Then you can see which teams are fast and which teams aren't. But watch out: not every team is as fast as it looks like. During the tests your driver will get several contract offers from teams. You can choose to do three things: accept, refuse or wait. When you choose for wait you can still accept the contract offer, but watch out: the team will also negotiate with other drivers for that seat, so someone else could take it.

Meanwhile the calendar and the race information will be announced as well.
Still having two free spaces so if you'd like to join us you still can.

I'm also looking for a graphic artist who can help me. I need a logo for the race leaque and I'd like to have logo's for the teams (eleven). I've tried it but it wasn't very successful. So if you are interested you can contact me through PM.
First Name:Joe
Last Name:Armstrong
Birth date:28/2/65
Positive characteristic:Results behaviour
Negative characteristic:Technical
Driver character:Tolerant
My Stories


My Teams

ICL - Project Cumbria Powered by Thomas Graham Steel & Industrial Supplies
And that makes 21. Interesting to see an 'old' driver (49). Just one space left now.
First Name:James
Last Name:Harden
Birth date:26/8/89
Positive characteristic: Results Behaviour
Negative characteristic: Professionalism
Driver character: Normal
And this means that we're full! Wow, took less than 48 hours to have 22 managers. Thanks for joining guys and enjoy!

Here is the list with the teams. You now have to sent me three teams which your driver would like to join. I don't give any information on purpose, because otherwise everyone wants to join the fastest team. Please sent it through PM. After I received all your lists the pre-season will start with all its transfer rumours. More information about that will come after I received your lists. Here are the teams in alphabetical order:

Team NameCountry
Angelo RacingHungary
De Rooij RacingNetherlands
Grove MotorsportsGreat-Britain
Mazzilionia RacingItaly
Mohn RennsportGermany
Rantosa Racing TeamSpain
Travinski RacingRussia
Wolf MotorsportsUnited States

The Rider
Good luck with this MrUFo, will be interesting to see how far it goes. Wink
But what does this mean for the Hot Wheels story?
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