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Be a Pro: Telefonica [Vuelta a Mallorca]
Ian Butler
GP Marseille

Our European debut, and a final chance to see how well we fare, with the upcoming Tour of Mallorca! Selection for today: De las Campos, Gomes, Garcia-Ramirez, Hatton, Castillo, Zoli, Lopez, Perez.


Boys, you're too much for me. Once again you manage to get into the attack, and you all know how much I love a rider in the breakaway! Great! Today it was De la Campos who made me a happy man!


But let's face it. It's good publicity but it doesn't go any further than that. When some semi-favorites attacked, Perez joined the ranks.


But it was a no-go. And then it was time for the sprint. You were like a bunch of ignorant schoolgirls, no offence. Well, it wasn't that bad, there were good intentions. But when I see 3 guys sprinting alongside each other like idiots... Well, you get the picture.


A French win in the French opening race. That's fixed!



1Sandy CasarFDJ3h33'27
2Riccardo ZoidlTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
3Sebastien HinaultIAM Cyclings.t.
4Geoffrey SoupeFDJs.t.
5Daryl ImpeyOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
6Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcars.t.
7Guillaume Van KeirsbulckOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
8Arthur VichotFDJs.t.
9RĂ©mi CusinIAM Cyclings.t.
10Kristof GoddaertIAM Cyclings.t.
11Luka MezgecTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
12Kevin RezaTeam Europcars.t.
13José PerezTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
14Valerio AgnoliAstana Pro Teams.t.
15Jens DebusschereLotto Belisols.t.
16Jaxi ZoliTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
17Lloyd MondoryAg2r La Mondiales.t.
18Francesco GavazziAstana Pro Teams.t.
19Josè GomesTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
20Nico SijmensCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
21Michael MatthewsOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
22Matteo RabottiniVini Fantinis.t.
23Oscar GattoVini Fantinis.t.
24Wesley SulzbergerOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
25JĂ©rĂ´me CousinTeam Europcars.t.
26Manuel BellettiAg2r La Mondiales.t.
27Pieter WeeningOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
28Aleksejs SaramotinsIAM Cyclings.t.
29Steve ChainelAg2r La Mondiales.t.
30Anthony CharteauTeam Europcars.t.
31Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
32Thomas LöfkvistIAM Cyclings.t.
33Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiales.t.
34Anthony RouxFDJs.t.
35Kenny DehaesLotto Belisols.t.
36Florian VachonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
37Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
38Matteo MontagutiAg2r La Mondiales.t.
39Zdenek StybarOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
40Nicolas VogondyAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
41Alexsandr DyachenkoAstana Pro Teams.t.
42Ricardo MestreEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
43Staf ScheirlinckxAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
44Franco PellizottiAndroni Giocattolis.t.
45Fredrik KessiakoffAstana Pro Teams.t.
46Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
47Jonathan HivertSojasuns.t.
48Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
49Miguel Angel RubianoAndroni Giocattolis.t.
50Francis MoureyFDJs.t.
51CĂ©dric PineauFDJs.t.
52Gregory HendersonLotto Belisols.t.
53JĂĽrgen Van De WalleLotto Belisols.t.
54Mathieu SprickTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
55Davy CommeyneAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
56Vicente ReynèsLotto Belisols.t.
57William BonnetFDJs.t.
58Christophe KernTeam Europcars.t.
59Giairo ErmetiAndroni Giocattolis.t.
60Mickael DelageFDJs.t.
61Mathieu DrujonBigMat - Auber93s.t.
62Egoitz Garcia EtxegibelCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
63Brett LancasterOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
64Fabio DuarteColombias.t.
65José GonçalvesTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
66Romain ZingleCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
67Romain SicardEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
68Julien SimonSojasuns.t.
69Cyril GautierTeam Europcars.t.
70Yannick TalabardonSojasuns.t.
71Juan Jose OrozEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
72Jens MourisOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
73Théo VimpèreBigMat - Auber93s.t.
74Jarlinson PantanoColombias.t.
75Danilo NapolitanoAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
76Pierre-Luc PerichonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
77Jan SokolTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
78Thierry HupondTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
79Mikael ChérelAg2r La Mondiales.t.
80Serge PauwelsOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
81Alessandro ProniVini Fantinis.t.
82Tristan ValentinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
83Julien BĂ©rardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
84Jempy DruckerAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
85Juan Pablo SuarezColombias.t.
86Federico CanutiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
87Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
88Travis MeyerOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
89Ruslan TleubayevAstana Pro Teams.t.
90Luis Angel MateCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
91Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.
92Carlos Moreno LopezTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
93Tony HurelTeam Europcars.t.
94Martin VelitsOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
95Will RoutleyAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
96Anthony DelaplaceSojasuns.t.
97Joe HattonTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
98Markus EibeggerTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
99Diego RosaAndroni Giocattolis.t.
100Stefan RuckerTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
101Clément KoretzkyBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
102Julien FouchardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
103Cameron WurfCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
104Franck BouyerTeam Europcars.t.
105Dalivier OspinaColombias.t.
106Geoffroy LequatreBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
107Tosh Van der SandeLotto Belisols.t.
108Frédéric AmorisonCrelan - Euphonys.t.
109Leonardo GiordaniVini Fantinis.t.
110Roy CurversTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
111Andrey KashechkinAstana Pro Teams.t.
112Matej MarinTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
113Michael Rodriguez GalindoColombias.t.
114Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
115Matija KvasinaTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
116Thomas RostollanTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
117Patrick GretschTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
118Filippe CastilloTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
119Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
120Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
121Franck VermeulenRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
122Lukas PöstlbergerTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
123Guillaume FauconBigMat - Auber93s.t.
124Michael HepburnOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
125Sander CordeelLotto Belisols.t.
126Warren BarguilTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
127Renaud DionBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
128Cristiano De las CamposTelefonica - Portugal Telecom+ 3'32IanButler
129Michele MerloVini Fantinis.t.
130Anthony RavardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
131Mattia PozzoVini Fantini+ 4'43
132Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantinis.t.
133Jesus GarcĂ­a-RamĂ­rezTelefonica - Portugal Telecoms.t.IanButler
134Fabio TaborreVini Fantinis.t.
135Juan Pablo ValenciaColombias.t.
136Erwann CorbelBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
137Alexandr PliuschinIAM Cyclings.t.
138Marcel AreggerIAM Cyclings.t.
139Sébastien DuretBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
140Jean-Lou PaianiSojasuns.t.
141Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
142Dmitriy GruzdevAstana Pro Teams.t.
143Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
144Romain LemarchandCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
145Fabien SchmidtSojasuns.t.
146Cyril BessyCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
147Kristof VandewalleOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
148Wilson MarentesColombias.t.
149Nicolas BazinBigMat - Auber93s.t.
150Dominic KlemmeIAM Cyclings.t.
151John MurphyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
152Tim De TroyerAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
153Rony MartiasSojasuns.t.
154Maciej PaterskiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
155Benoît DrujonBigMat - Auber93s.t.
156Christophe PremontCrelan - Euphonys.t.
157Thomas DegandAccent.Jobs - Wantys.t.
158Jean-Marc BideauBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
159Ricardo GarcĂ­aEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
160Morgan KneiskyRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
161Baptiste PlanckaertCrelan - Euphonys.t.
162Yoann PaillotTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
163Maxime DanielSojasuns.t.
164Michal GolasOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
165Christopher JenningsTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
166Koen De KortTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
167Jeffry Johan RomeroColombias.t.
168LoĂŻc DesriacRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
169Alessandro BazzanaUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
170Stijn SteelsCrelan - Euphonys.t.
171Thomas VaubourzeixTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
172Benjamin GiraudTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
173Tomas Aurelio Gil MartinezAndroni Giocattolis.t.
174Yan Dong XingTeam Argos-Shimanos.t.
175Justin JulesTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
176Jon AberasturiEuskaltel Euskadis.t.
177Kevin PeetersCrelan - Euphonys.t.
178Fabien BacquetBigMat - Auber93s.t.
179Daniel SummerhillUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
180Maxime Le MontagnerRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
181Frederique RobertLotto Belisols.t.
182Cyrille PatouxRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
183Luke KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
184Andrew FennOmega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team s.t.
185Rob BushTeam La Pomme-Marseilles.t.
186Antonino Casimiro ParrinelloAndroni Giocattolis.t.
187Joeri StallaertCrelan - Euphonys.t.
188Kevin ClaeysCrelan - Euphonys.t.
189Daniel LehnerTeam Gourmetfein - Simplons.t.
190Mattia GavazziAndroni Giocattolis.t.
191Omar BertazzoAndroni Giocattolis.t.
192Bradley WhiteUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 7'36
193Adrian HegyvariUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
194Julien DuvalRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
195Joeri BuekenCrelan - Euphony+ 9'14

Message from the DS

Like I already said, there were good things and bad things.

Hatton - You will be a priceless rider in a few months if you keep this up. When the break was over, you went to the front and tore the peloton to shreds. Well done!
Zoli - You did good, trying to set up the sprint for Gomes, but you made some mistakes in the progress. In the end, you could've launched him in a 5th place with 150 meters left to go.

The rest, you had good training and did good, but you lack experience, that's for sure!


Finished 1st race (+1 FL, +1 STA)

De las Campos

Breakaway (+1 SP, +1 FGHT)

De las Campos
Good performance from the guys in France Wink
That second to last picture :lol:

And nice to see that I did well in San Luis.
Mobil - Aeropostal Ciclismo Manager at the Man-Game

Mobil Aeropostal HQ

Well done to the team in San Luis, a great start to our season and you all put us on the maps!

Marseille didn't quite go as planned it would seem! Well except for me that is, clearly I did as I was told. What's the excuses from the rest of you?! Shocking! Pfft
Weared a jersey already Banana
Team did good in San Luis, unfortunately we weren't able to escape from the peloton and to finish in a Top 10. Anyway the 13th place is a good result for Perez considering this was his first race.
Edited by ste_18 on 03-09-2013 18:12
Good first try Wink
Ian Butler
Glad you all like your results Wink
I'll be releasing our sponsor goals soon, too!
But first, the next two races!

Vuelta a Mallorca


Tour Med

Da Costa
De las Campos

I still have to figure our how will lead what race. Though Martinez (sprinter) will probably lead Tour Med alongside Calle (TT) since it's all flat stages and one time trial!
Yay, Calle will make his debut!

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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Posted on 24-05-2020 23:51
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About Rodríguez, Zuñiga is his last name, people in Spain have 2 last names (Rodríguez Olíver, Valverde Belmonte, Contador Velasco etc.)
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Ancient Aliens
Isn't an hilly race Tour Med?
Mallorca, oh well, gaining shape to Algarve.
Mobil - Aeropostal Ciclismo Manager at the Man-Game

Mobil Aeropostal HQ

Ian Butler
ste_18 - Oh yes, of course, sorry, I had it confused with Besseges! Well, so Martinez is sprinter for the flat stage and we'll see for the other stages, then Smile

Selwink - Okay, sorry. I wasn't sure because I see a lot of Spanish riders also have 2 first names. I'll change it!
Looking forward to Mallorca! I will be happy to work for the team, but would be nice to stretch the legs on the later stages in the breaks Smile
.: Manager of :.
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De las Campos in the breakaway in France... didn't even know he had to race there. Used to other names for my riders. Pfft

It's obvious the team doesn't have any experience yet. Also, not many hilly riders going to next race in France. Wink
Edited by mvhoogdalem on 03-09-2013 20:07
TT and hills/climbs in Tour Med!! I see a potential TOP 10 for Joe 'You Can Leave Your' Hatton; specially given he had the decency to listen to your instructions last time out unlike others Wink
Looking forward to Mallorca, Lopez's first race Smile
owen10ozzy wrote:
Joe 'You Can Leave Your' Hatton

You get your coat as you leave after that joke! haha
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Hoyle - Our creator Mr Butler was first to crack it earlier in the thread, I was just going along with it! After all he is the DS! Wink
Perez could help Joe there and maybe go in the break once or twice, since he doesn't have a hope gc wise due to the bad tt stat.
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