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Wrong season stats (UCI)
Hi everybody, new to this great forum, already catched a few useful tips and workarounds here and there.

I am having following problem with PCM2012: I'm currently in season 3 (2015), using PCMDaily's All in One-Database. Now while my last 2 seasons (2013, 2014) all UCI World Rankings and the World Tour worked just fine, they don't do in this third season...
The Season Statistics are totally messed up in the Archive (Gilbert listed in season 1 with his UCI points from season 2) or Saxo Bank on top of 2013 and 2014 two times (meaning, first and second place Saxo o_O, I did fairly good in both seasons but not good enough to support two Saxo-Teams Wink )! This is only in the Season Archive but it's kinda... annoying.

Another problem I'm having with the UCI points, one that is particularly annoying as I love to browse through pages of riders: On the rider info page there is nothing listed for last season in terms of UCI Ranking. One can still see the victories and so forth, but some (not all) riders don't display their ranking when you open their window... e.g. Gilbert - 2014 - Lotto Belisol - 1 (ca. 700 points), or Breschel - 2014 - Saxo Tinkoff UCI Ranking 2 (ca. 650 points). This information is missing. Other riders still work though.

Is this a known problem and is there a workaround or fix for it?
Okay, I just found out that this problem has been fixed with Patch apparently ("- Fix: recording of yearly rankings visible on the stats page no longer worked.
"Wink. Downloading right now, I thought I had already had honestly. Does it work with my Career though (so that it fixes the past problems?) and can I continue my normal career stuff? Hope so

EDIT: Still doesn`t work though. :/
Edited by Shonak on 07-08-2013 17:58
Sometimes you have to start a new career after installing the patch. What does the patch notes say?

You said that it was OK in 2014 so you could try it again with the last backup from 2014 in the weeklysave folder. Copy that file from the weeklysave folder to your save game folder. Then load it in the game and go to the next year to see if it works.
The saves are here: My documents\pcm12\users\your name\database\solo\name of db\
Thanks Lachi! This actually works (using Weekly Save-Method and the new Patch). I'm pretty far into the new season already but I'm glad to know that the issue will no longer be a problem in future seasons as it works in this "new" season 3 (at least I looked at some riders and they all had the ranking displayed).

I had no problems continuing the career although I had to reinstall the PCM Daily Update as some of the stuff got overwritten by Patch 1.4.
I rather believe that it remains messed up once it is messed up. You can test it by making a copy of your messed up third season and simulate to the next year to be sure.
Oh man, that would be something... I guess it could work in both ways and I'll just have to see. The tip with the extra game surely could come in handy, might use it. But as I said, I'm already pretty far into season 3, so even making a new copy does not resolve much. I will just have to hope for the best, and if it doesn't work... well, then I have to decide if starting from scratch is worth it (I won with Matti Breschel Paris-Roubaix and I don't think I can pull that one off again... Wink ). Thanks again for your help. Smile
Edited by Shonak on 09-08-2013 14:47
It didn't mess up, Lachi. Smile The season stats (top 5 ranking of single riders & teams) are still messed up though, but I guess I have to live with that.
Edited by Shonak on 12-08-2013 00:58
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