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Can't simulate West-Vlaanderen
Now I've been trying, both to simulate the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen, and to run it in 3D, but everytime the game has crashed, and the 'Bug Reporter' showed up. I can't skip the dates either.

I'm using the PCMDaily DB, and I do have the stages in CM_Stages, so I can't see what the problem could be. Can somebody helt me? Smile
When it crashes? While loading the stage? If it does, at what point?
When I'm trying to run the game in 3D, it crashes while loading, yes.
It crashes halfway through Road Geometries.
One thing you could try is to replace the stage file with a working one.
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Well, could anyone upload a working one for me then? Smile
Any other file from your computer, obviously. For example the previous stage.
Lachi wrote:
Any other file from your computer, obviously. For example the previous stage.

Okay. Thought it would have to be the same stage. So I should just take another stage, copy it, and then rename it to the not-working-stage's name?
It only has one stage...
rogvi97 wrote:
It only has one stage...

It actually has a prolouge and 2 stages
Just tried to replace the stage with the TDF prologue, but the same problem appears.
Don't know what the problem is, then. Well didn't knew it well before either Pfft
rogvi97 wrote:
It only has one stage...
Why did you have to post at all?

purepasd wrote:
So I should just take another stage, copy it, and then rename it to the not-working-stage's name?
This. Just keep the original file(s) in case the file is not the problem.
Lachi wrote:
[quote]rogvi97 wrote:
It only has one stage...
Why did you have to post at all?

I thought about A Travers Les Flandres... You made me feel bad for a sec Pfft
If the file is not the problem, then I guess the only solution is to skip the day in an editor.
I explained it many times before for previous games but I cannot remember 100%. You might want to try using the forum search. It is about editing GAM_config: gene_i_date, fkIDstage_current
Well, I'm not exactly good known with the editor, but I can try.. Thanks for the help so far, Lachi!
If someone would help me skip a day with a editor i would be veeeeery happy. Smile
Would anyone help me skip a day? Smile
Please, someone heeelp me Smile
I had similar problem with PCMdaily database to PCM 2011. It looks like that something is messed up with the database file. Now I dont remember how to skip a day but I know it's quite easy to do.
How to skip a day using an editor:
1. Extract your save (my documents\pcm12\users\your name\database\solo\name of db\)
2. Open the table GAM_config
3. Change the date in column gene_i_date (details see below)
4. Copy value from column fkIDstage_current to fkIDstage_last
5. Adjust the stage in fkIDstage_current (details see below)
6. Build CDB using another file name in case you messed up
7. Load the newly build CDB in the game

How to calculate the date:
1. Copy value in column gene_i_date
2. Open this page: https://www.online...x_time.htm
3. Paste copied value into field marked 'UNIX TimeStamp'
4. Click the submit button
5. In the box below, fill all 6 fields with the output from above but adding one day
6. Click the submit button
7. Copy the output
8. Paste the copied output into the column gene_i_date

How to find the next stage:
1. Write down the new value from gene_i_date (see above)
2. Open the table STA_stage
3. Sort the table on the column gene_i_computed_date
4. In the column gene_i_computed_date, search for the value you wrote down
5. When you found one, write down the value in the first column (IDstage)
5.a) In case you find more then one stage, write down the lowest ID
5.b) If there is none, take the lowest ID from the next day (compare gene_i_month and gene_i_day)
6. Open the table GAM_config
7. Write the ID into the column fkIDstage_current
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