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Tony Gallopin: Sprinter from the country side
Hi my name is Tony Gallopin, I am a french rider for team Radioshack-Nissan-Trek. I am 23 years old and I am writing this so you can see my journey as a French rider in the shadows of the Schleck bros and Cacellara.

(real me talking) Tony Gallopin is a great young talent for team radioshack. He started rideing in 2008 for team Auber 93 2 years later went to Cofifds and then went to Radioshack another 2 years later.

Database: PCM.daily's 2012 DB V1
Difficulty level: hard

Tony's Stats:

Flat: 71
Mountain: 63
TT: 68
PRL: 68
COB: 66
Sprint: 75
ACC: 74
DH: 63
FTR: 72
STA: 69
RES: 67
REC: 65

Was just in Luxemburg to shoot this photo:


Then we took solo pics:


The Schlecks are 2 cool guys they are just really nice, humble, funny,and laid back.

and here we are training:


Johan just gave me my January-April schedule here are the races:

30/01 Le Grand Prix la Marseillaise

09/02-13/02 Tour Mediterrraneen

15/02-20/02 Tour of Oman

06/03-13/03 Paris-Nice

19/03 Milan-San Remo

26/03 E3 Prijs Vlaanderen-Harelbeke

06/04 Scheldeprijs

03/04 Ronde van Vlaaderen

20/04 La Fleche Wallonne

24/04 Leige-Baston-Leige

This is an amazing schedule for me in these first 4 months because I get a month of training back in France to start and I have many races in France and to top it off I will have at least 2 races with Cacellara, because they think I could become a great hills and Cobblestone rider.

And by the way my contract is up this year and I want no questions about that!

and with that I will start my story on my life as a cyclist.
Edited by maxime86 on 13-06-2012 06:41
Teddy The Creator
Really nice rider choice, and a pretty big schedule. Will follow. Wink
Looking good. Yeah, i agree with Teddy, hectic first few months. Hopefully you don't plan on doing the Vuelta as well, you'll be completely wiped.
PCM rulezz
Great rider
I will follow
I like Gallopin, good luck Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
A lot of race days from January to April, Good Luck with it Wink
Great choice of rider. Good luck Smile
Ian Butler
Excellent choice! I think he ought to have more COB stat but doesn't matter Pfft
Good luck!
@Pinktay3- I dodn;t know hopefully he riders to his full potential. But a spot in Giro i very possible.

@Ian Butler-we agree but he has 4 star potential in Cobblestones.
t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHaxj19EVxNldgF7pi22KuyTxmRZmUpqjshIOO5HZQ4bCUfGKUgy2coOaTwQ[/img]<br />
<br />
This race has many hills but will probably end in a sprint.<br />
<br />

I will be riding with Giacomo Nizzolo, who will be our sprinter. Yarolsav Popvych, Ben Hermans, Jan Blakelandts, Hayden Roulston, Gregory Rast, and Laurant Didier.

Our tactic is to get in a mass sprint with all of our pacemakers. Then win the sprint with Nizzolo. I am the lead out man for Nizzolo.

The favorites are Nicolas Roche, Scheirlincks and Giacomo Nizzolo.

At the beginning of the race many no-name riders attacked. But we could not let the 15 riders who attacked, make a group so we got caught in. Then a group of 14 riders fromed and at one point they had a 5 minute lead but we then took control f the peleton. 10 killometers later we cought them with 78 killometers left. Eventually Didier got in to the escape group with a rider of saur-Sojasun. Then, Didier attacked and got a 4 minute lead on the peleton.


Then the favorites attacked but with Yarolsav Popvych, Ben Hermans, Jan Blakelandts, Hayden Roulston, and Gregory Rast, we ate them up. But with 15 killometers Didier was reeled in. Then a sprint was inevitable.


and with 1 killometer I was in charge of guiding Nizzolo to the line.


and the sprint wasn't even close as Nizzolo took it with me and Rast behind him a triple oh my gosh, this was a great race for us.


1 Giacomo Nizzolo RadioShack - Nissan 4h09'59
2 Tony Gallopin RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
3 Grégory Rast RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
4 Pieter Vanspeybroeck Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
5 Nicolas Roche AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
6 Mathieu Sprick Project 1t4i s.t.
7 Pieter Jacobs Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
8 Hayden Roulston RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
9 Jan Bakelants RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
10 Thomas Bonnin Project 1t4i s.t.
11 Preben Van Hecke Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
12 Guillaume Levarlet Saur - Sojasun s.t.
13 Jurgen Van Goolen Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
14 Johan Mombaerts BigMat - Auber 93 s.t.
15 Aitor Galdos Caja Rural s.t.
16 Ben Hermans RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
17 Lasse Bøchman Glud & Marstrand - LRØ s.t.
18 Staf Scheirlinckx Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
19 Yaroslav Popovych RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
20 Tomasz Nose Adria Mobil s.t.
21 Lloyd Mondory AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
22 Oleg Chuzhda Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
23 Sebastian Lander Glud & Marstrand - LRØ s.t.
24 Florian Guillou Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
25 Julien Bérard AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
26 Javier Francisco Aramendia Caja Rural s.t.
27 Anthony Ravard AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
28 Laurent Didier RadioShack - Nissan s.t.
29 Julián Sánchez Pimienta Caja Rural s.t.
30 Pawel Cieslik Bank BGZ s.t.
31 Johannes Fröhlinger Project 1t4i s.t.
32 Steven Van Vooren Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
33 David De la Fuente Caja Rural s.t.
34 Sébastien Minard AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
35 Steve Houanard AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
36 Manuel Cardoso Caja Rural + 1'40
37 Danail Petrov Caja Rural s.t.
38 Fabrice Jeandesboz Saur - Sojasun s.t.
39 Davide Mucelli Utensilnord Named s.t.
40 Florian Vachon Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
41 Jarl Salomein Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
42 Sven Vanthourenhout Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
43 Thierry Hupond Project 1t4i s.t.
44 Nicolas Rousseau BigMat - Auber 93 s.t.
45 Mathieu Delaroziere La Pomme Marseille s.t.
46 Reinier Honig Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
47 Florian Le Corre Roubaix Lille Métropole s.t.
48 Renaud Dion Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
49 Geoffroy Lequatre Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
50 Robert Vrecer Adria Mobil s.t.
51 Edoardo Girardi Utensilnord Named s.t.
52 Thomas Vaubourzeix La Pomme Marseille s.t.
53 Simon Pavlin Adria Mobil s.t.
54 Dirk Bellemakers Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
55 Sven Vandousselaere Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
56 Tom Van Asbroeck Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
57 Toms Skujins La Pomme Marseille s.t.
58 Jean-Marc Bideau Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
59 Fabio Piscopiello Utensilnord Named s.t.
60 Aljaz Hocevar Adria Mobil s.t.
61 Julien Simon Saur - Sojasun s.t.
62 Amaro Antunes Carmim - Prio s.t.
63 Adrian Kurek Utensilnord Named s.t.
64 Pavel Gorenc Adria Mobil s.t.
65 Jean-Marc Marino Saur - Sojasun s.t.
66 Niki Østergaard Glud & Marstrand - LRØ s.t.
67 Pierre Drancourt Roubaix Lille Métropole s.t.
68 Patrick Gretsch Project 1t4i s.t.
69 Eric Berthou Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
70 Joeri Stallaert Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
71 Egidijus Juodvalkis Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
72 Gregor Gazvoda AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
73 Romain Hardy Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
74 Grégoire Tarride La Pomme Marseille s.t.
75 Samuel Caldeira Carmim - Prio s.t.
76 Pieter Serry Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator s.t.
77 Yukihiro Doi Project 1t4i s.t.
78 Joel Zangerle Leopard - Trek Continental Team + 3'24
79 Julian Kern Leopard - Trek Continental Team s.t.
80 Denis Flahaut Roubaix Lille Métropole + 4'46
81 Etienne Tortelier Saur - Sojasun + 5'04
82 Joeri Bueken Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
83 Johan Le Bon Bretagne - Schuller s.t.
84 Filippo Baggio Utensilnord Named s.t.
85 João Pereira Carmim - Prio s.t.
86 Anthony Colin Roubaix Lille Métropole s.t.
87 Oleg Berdos Utensilnord Named s.t.
88 Morgan Kneisky Roubaix Lille Métropole s.t.
89 Yannick Martinez La Pomme Marseille s.t.
90 Thomas Damuseau Project 1t4i s.t.
91 Albert Timmer Project 1t4i s.t.
92 Francesco Lasca Caja Rural s.t.
93 Gianfranco Visconti Utensilnord Named s.t.
94 Baptiste Planckaert Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.
95 Matteo Fedi Utensilnord Named s.t.
96 Evaldas Siskevicius La Pomme Marseille s.t.
97 Maxime Méderel Saur - Sojasun s.t.
98 David Livramento Carmim - Prio s.t.
99 Wim De Vocht Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
100 Kristijan Durasek Adria Mobil s.t.
101 Fabio Polazzi Wallonie Bruxelles - Crédit Agricole s.t.
102 Fabien Schmidt Roubaix Lille Métropole s.t.
103 Ronan Racault BigMat - Auber 93 s.t.
104 Kasper Linde Jørgensen Glud & Marstrand - LRØ s.t.
105 Christian Moberg Jørgensen Glud & Marstrand - LRØ s.t.
106 Amid Zargari AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
107 Alex Kirsch Leopard - Trek Continental Team s.t.
108 Eugenio Alafaci Leopard - Trek Continental Team s.t.
109 Jonathan Thiré BigMat - Auber 93 s.t.
110 Lucas Euser SpiderTech powered by C10 s.t.
111 Adam Stachowiak Bank BGZ s.t.
112 &#321;ukasz Bodnar Bank BGZ s.t.
113 Arnoud Van Groen Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
114 Andy Cappelle Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
115 Stefan Van Dijk Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
116 Thomas Degand Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's s.t.
117 Pawel Brylowski Bank BGZ s.t.
118 Robin Steenuit Wallonie Bruxelles - Crédit Agricole s.t.
119 Kevin Thome Wallonie Bruxelles - Crédit Agricole s.t.
120 Fabio Silvestre Leopard - Trek Continental Team s.t.
121 Mathias Gade Jacobsen Glud & Marstrand - LRØ + 8'34
122 Christophe Premont Wallonie Bruxelles - Crédit Agricole + 9'00
123 Boris Dron Wallonie Bruxelles - Crédit Agricole s.t.
124 Benoit Drujon BigMat - Auber 93 + 9'38
125 Giorgio Brambilla Leopard - Trek Continental Team s.t.
126 Igor Romero Caja Rural s.t.
127 Konrad Czajkowski Bank BGZ s.t.
128 Steven Tronet BigMat - Auber 93 s.t.
129 Luis Silva Carmim - Prio s.t.
130 Henrique Casimiro Carmim - Prio + 15'38
131 Zachary Bell SpiderTech powered by C10 s.t.
132 Laurent Evrard Wallonie Bruxelles - Crédit Agricole s.t.
133 Anthony Delaplace Saur - Sojasun + 16'13
134 Stefan Cohnen Landbouwkrediet - Euphony s.t.

Today was an amazing race for me I helped Giacomo win and I finished second, what more can you ask! so now I am off to spend some time with my familly and thank for reading

PCM rulezz
Great start of the season Pfft
Ad Bot
Posted on 29-07-2021 00:09
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Woo! Are you sure you're playing on hard? Pfft
Ian Butler
A 2nd place for Gallopin, what a way to start your season!
Vien I am playing on hard but I realized there were no good sprinters at all
A great start with a 1-2-3 Wink
I will need to stop this Tony Gallopin story as I just got PCM 2012 but I will make a new Tony Gallopin story for PCM 2012
maxime86 wrote:
I will need to stop this Tony Gallopin story as I just got PCM 2012 but I will make a new Tony Gallopin story for PCM 2012

But I will post the link to my new PCM 2012 Tony Gallopin story. I am way to far in my Cofidis story to switch to PCM 2012 in that one though.

here is the link: https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=23646
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