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General questions from a PCM veteran
I've played quite some PCM but not as much as I used to when I was little, especially the last 2 years I've played next to none. So a few questions.

- The finances, do you get a huge amount of money at the end of the year aswell or is the monthly sponsor money really all you get?
- How important are the main goals? I'm playing with Colombia es Pasion and the goals are ridiculous, top 10 Tour of Qatar, mountain jersey Giro..seriously?
- Can you still edit the finances easily. I can barely keep a positive balance and don't have a scout anymore since the one I had was useless (I want to create a South American powerhouse team and I want international scouts who can go there) but at this rate I certainly won't be able to hire even one.
- Is the dot still the way to go in mountain stages?
- If you eventually need a new sponsor, does the AI look at the squad in terms of nationality? So if I have a SOuth American team and Colombia es Pasion quits that I won't get offers from Warsteiner or Gazetta Dello Sport?
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Its just monthly for finances but starting the next season you might have a larger budget.
The goals are always crap in PCM Wink

You can edit finances easily, yes. (shouldn't be too hard to search and find your answer.)

Dot is the way to go.

Cant answer as PCM 11 doesn't work for me.
valverde321: You should not answer if you don't have to game. There were some changes from pcm2010 to pcm2011 and the finances are part of it.

The sponsors pay a monthly amount, you will not get more at the end of the year or in the next season. The only way to get more money is by finding a better sponsor or edit it.
You cannot sign new riders or search for a good sponsor if you have a negative bank account, so better prevent that.
(I always edit the contracts of my staff an riders to a reasonable value and then fix the sponsor payment to reflect it.)

The sponsor will quit your team eventually. During the last season you are able to search for another sponsor. As mentioned above, you need a positive bank account, but if you have, you can decide in which country or region you want to search for sponsors.
The sponsors have to be in the database, so if you playing a unbalanced DB, you might need to add some South American sponsors first.

Sponsor goals:
In PCM2011 the sponsor happiness is totally irrelevant. You will not get more money or can prolong contracts, therefore the goals are unimportant as well.
(I edit them as well to give me some reasonable goals to aim for.)

I never checked South America but generally the scouting regions are smaller in pcm2011. Therefore you need special scouts for each region. If there are none in you career, you can edit the nationality of some. (the scouts are auto-generated at the start of the season only.)

Finally about the racing itself:
With the new AI the dot is not needed anymore, but it might depend on the difficulty.
(I always considered the dot cheating and found it stupid to raise the difficulty and then dot your riders up the mountains.)
Hmm well ok what I meant with easy editing is that I can easily do it with a PCMDaily save without taking a risk that it won't be able to handle such a DB? (What editor do you use then Lachi?)

EDIT: OH wait I see you've uploaded your own editor on the site, I'll check that one out to up the money a bit so that I atleast have some room to make realistic signings to build my South American powerhouseSmile
Edited by JustinWK on 06-10-2011 09:57
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
Also another question (sorry for the doublepost), where can you edit who's the national champion of lets say Bermuda or Uruguay in the editor?
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
The sponsors are in the table DYN_sponsor. This is where you have to edit the budget.

The national and other champions can be edited in DYN_cyclist. There are different editors and the Fast editor is way easier if you want to edit the champions.
Yes but if I want to edit save games it's better to edit with your editor correct?
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
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Posted on 17-04-2021 03:33
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I know 4 editors which can edit save games:
- Full editor (also called Advanced editor) which comes from cyanide
- Fast editor
- My normal editor
- My excel editor

All have their specialties (except maybe the editor from cyanide which is really slow).
My editor has a filter function to show only team related stuff and all tables are linked, which makes it easy to edit the contracts of a rider or the stages of a race for example.
The fast editor has advances input functions (you don't need to type the ID but can select from a list or in case of the champions can select all championships he has or had).
My excel editor is good for mass edits, like moving tables from one DB to another. Or raising the age of all riders by one year.
Thanks for the answers, I just downloaded your editor and it looks really good. Managed to up my budget alot so I could hire some quality trainers and scouts.

However the budget for my salary where exactly can I fix that? And when I tried to edit my sponsor budget it gave me an error that I couldn't edit that value so could you tell me which table exactly do I need for both the salary budget and the sponsor budget?

And I'll download the fast editor then for the national champions, that one is just as compatible as your editor right with savegames and such, it won't do any harm right if you do it correctly?
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
Sorry I do not understand.
You said that you raised your budget, then you ask where to fix it???? Are you talking about the salary cap (the maximum allowed money for next years rider salaries)?

What gives you the error? My editor, the game, somebody else? In my editor every column in every row can be edited.

I really cannot tell you how good or bad the fast editor is. Why do you ask that often, anyway? Just look at the downloads and you will see how many people downloaded it and how they rated it.
Oh yea my mistake I meant salary cap Wink

And well I'm sorry but just when I hear the name fast editor I think of some very simple editor that is prone to screw things up I'm sorry Pfft As said I dont really have experience with editing when it comes to the past 2/3 editions but before that period I remember there were quite a few editors which couldn't handle it when you edited big databases like those from PCMDaily or PPDB thats why I ask it so often Wink

Well the editor gave me some sort of error when I was trying to edit the value_i_sponsor_future table but I quickly came to realize that has nothing to do whatsoever with the sponsor budget nor the salary cap. I've now found the table to edit the sponsor budget but again it gives me an error as it says the following:

----An error occured----
De aangevraagde waarde LINKS is niet gevonden.

Translated it means something like: The value asked for called 'LINKS' cannot be found.
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
The budget of the sponsor (so the monthly money you get x12) can be changed in DYN_Sponsor.

Your current money can be changed in DYN_Manager if I remember correctly.

The latter gives you immediately more money while the first increases the money you get per month.

Also, regarding the National champions (don't know how it works with Lachi's editor), this might help.
Thanks for pointing that out, well never mind Lachi I finally got it to work now think I messed up somehow and that it therefore gave an error. Apart from that a very good and userfriendly editor if I may say so Smile
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
The problem with the LINK is a know Microsoft bug: https://support.mi...4373/en-us

I think you can edit the salary cap in DYN_team in the column value_i_sponsor_future. At least this does raise the sponsor budget for the next season I think the game considers this money for the contract negotiations.

You would need to do some calculations:
Say you want to raise your yearly budget by 500000, then you need to add 500 to the amount which is in that column in the row of your team.
Yearly budget raise divided by 1000 added to the actual amount in value_i_sponsor_future
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